Saturday, January 30, 2010

French president calls for preferential treatment for non-whites.

Says the French have a duty to “metissage” (miscegenate).

Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president, announced plans to aggressively force white ethnic French to integrate with Arab and African immigrants. Sarkozy, who ran on a conservative platform, is France’s first non-Frenchman to serve as President. He is Hungarian and

Sarkozy won the presidency by campaigning as a right-winger and promising to crack down on immigrant crime. Now he is advocating policies that mimic Vladimir “Lenin” Ulyanov, the first dictator of the Soviet Union.

From Brussels Journal

Recently Nicolas Sarkozy announced plans to pursue a vigorous policy of diversity and métissage. Concretely, this means giving preference to minorities in job hiring and prosecuting those who do not comply. In other words, affirmative action as a government policy from which none are exempt.

In his message Sarkozy insisted that the French people must change, that there will be dire consequences if they don’t, and that not to intermarry racially is bad for the survival of the country. Thus he amalgamated the concepts of preference for minorities in job hiring with that of the need for the French to intermarry racially.

These are two separate things. But in the mind of Sarkozy they go together. Last December he chose a highly successful Algerian-born businessman, known as an impassioned advocate of diversity, Yazid Sabeg, to be his “high commissioner on diversity and equal opportunity”, and to implement these government orders.

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Anonymous said...

Typical thing one could imagine the
French president to say, considering the fact that he is a Jew.

Anonymous said...

"Sarkozy won the presidency by campaigning as a right-winger and promising to crack down on immigrant crime. Now he is advocating policies that mimic Vladimir “Lenin” Ulyanov, the first dictator of the Soviet Union."

Basically he lied to get into office and now is abusing the trust placed in him by the voters.
He has since his election done an about face and is actively pursuing his true agenda of Marxism.

The West should create safeguards against lying bastard politicians, whom lie to get into office and once they are in office chance and pursue a totally different agenda.

Obama is another example with his slogan of: "Vote for change"

All the voters have is verbal promises from politicians. This is obviously not enough as deception is at the order of the day.

Politicians should be held accountable. Their promises should be in a document form. Basically like a business plan. If they try to deviate and it becomes clear they took office by deception, they should be impeached and jailed if found guilt.

For to long the whites have naively trusted that their fellow man is also good at heart like he is.


Anonymous said...

This is unbelievable! This guy has an agenda and someone needs to find out what it's about. The French people had better have their second revolution quickly!!

Anonymous said...

Most (all) politicians in the West today are NOT representing the people that voted for them.

These politicians belong to a Marxist cell and they have totally different goals in mind that what they ought to have if they were truly representative of their people.

Unfortunately these Marxists hate the white man and his Western civilization.

As long whites don't wake up and realize that they are under attack, they are doomed as a people.

Immigration was created by these Marxist leaders and exits solely to try and wrestle control away from indigenous European and American populations. If not through political means, then through out breeding the whites.

The whites have been propagandised to think that any criticism is racist.
Through they media the white men have been turned into sensitive METRO men, who would rather chat about their feelings, than take control of their destinies.

I am not a religious person, but I can most certainly see the Biblical book of Revelation being acted out.

One has to ask yourself:
"What has the white people done, to deserve all this hatred from the Marxists? for this type of hatred is Biblical in it's intensity"

Dachshund said...

Maybe he should practice what he preaches? Swop his white beauty queen wife for a duskier model?

Anonymous said...

Time to sharpen the guillotine blade.

Exzanian said...

A Frechman will fuck anything, and loves above all a big fat mama from Africa...

Anonymous said...

The attack on the West happened on more than one front. You had the cold war which might have escalated into a full blown war. Then you had the subversive attack in which Marxists infiltrated the various pillars of the Western societies like education, politics, economics, religion and the mass media.

When the Berlin wall fell and the USSR crumbled, the West thought that the threat was over, not realizing that the Marxist strategists had merely changed tactics. They realized that full frontal attack was useless, because each side contained the means to destroy the earth many times over.

The so called fall of the Berlin wall was deliberately planned. This happened because the Marxist plan B of infiltrating the pillars that constitute the building blocks of Western societies was fulfilled. They could afford now go to plan B, because plan B had all the pawns and ingredients of success in place and was better than plan A,(fullscale war) because it had less risk.

After the Berlin wall fell the West promptly went to sleep, but the Marxists in positions of power in the Western societies continued with their goal of subverting the West from within.

They continued to teach their Marxist ideologies at the Western universities to their Western students. The rise of liberalism was not an accident. This was intentional and liberalism and all that goes with it like multiculturalism, egalitarianism, pacifism, racism, sexism, etc. is just a form of hidden Marxism and it was this hidden Marxism was taught to white students.

These white students lapped up these foreign ideologies and as students mostly blindly trust their masters, they believed that what they were being taught was the truth.

Today a lot of these students are in positions of power as well and you'll find them fighting to implement those ideologies that they were taught in college.

Liberals believe in egalitarianism because they grew up in white societies. They think that the black man is their equal, BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT THEY WERE TAUGHT. They however had no personal exposure to the black man to use as a reference, because they grew up in white societies.
So as a trusted teacher you could have taught them anything about black people and they would have believed you.

The height of liberalism came when Apartheid SA was losing it's public relations war with the now decidedly marxist West. The people of the West believed that the white South Africans were monsters, because they were taught by those that they trust, that blacks are identical to whites on all levels, but for the colour of their skin.

So apartheid SA was forced to capitulate to the Marxists by the white brain washed Western people.


Anonymous said...

This is why the controlled Western world made such a big deal over the fall of the apartheid government, BECAUSE This was the first complete voluntary capitulation of a white society to the Marxists through the implementation of plan B.

At this time the Marxist people in power in the West also instigated policies of mass immigration into traditionally Western countries, because their goal of subverting the West from within had not changed.

At this point I need to make the distinction between the stupid liberal whites who were brainwashed into supporting these Marxist ideologies and the true Marxists who implemented these ideologies to destroy the West from within.

Unfortunately for the Marxists their faulty ideologies of egalitarianism became more and more pronounced for the fraud that it was, because as the immigrant levels in the European nations rose,the whites realized that what they had been taught(programmed to belief) is a lie.

Even with the Marxists suppressing all black on white racist attacks through their stranglehold control over the mass media, a lot of the whites begun to wake up to the truth that egalitarianism was a myth.

At this point in time you found sites like ILuvSA springing up worldwide. People started to realize that their leaders had turned decidedly anti-white/West. They started to question what they were taught. They are waking up to the fact that the multi party system is also a myth.

They started to realize that the myth of egalitarianism was being ENFORCED (eg.Sarkovsky) by the political leaders and that the media was not neutral.

Every single white today knows that there is an decidedly anti-white agenda worldwide, but most whites do not know why and as they cannot identify the enemy, they belief the Marxist enemy when the enemy tells them through their controlled mass media that it is all really because the whites are racists at heart. The guilt and racism card are continuesly being played.

As more whites wake up to the truth, the Marxists are being exposed to a greater extend and the systems of guilt and control that the Marxists established has over the whites like "you are a racist" are losing its power.

The Marxists know that their time is at hand. The people have woken up and finally are realising that the leaders that they elected are not representing their best interests.

The gap between the white people are their non-representative representative leaders are beginning to widen and we will see more events like the US tea parties in the future.

The scary thing is that if plan B fails -at this point in time it may very well fail- then the Marxists will have to revert back to plan A.

In fact you might have noticed that plan A has been reactivated and this is why it is no co-incidence that the Marxists countries are re arming.


Anonymous said...

Fascism will come to the West disguised as anti-fascism.

Sakkie de Kok said...

Anonymous said...
Fascism will come to the West disguised as anti-fascism.
01 February 2010 3:51 AM


It already has. Just ask the BNP. They are attacked and beaten up by a group calling themselves the anti Nazi league (ANL). They claim to oppose fascism, and by calling themselves anti Nazi, they immediately create the impression of being anti fascist, whereas in truth, they are out and out commie fascists themselves. They totally disregard the fact that the BNP are a legitimate party and advocate violence to prevent them spreading the word about the dangers of multiculturalism and unchecked immigration. The sad part is, they have wide support and even the police seem sympathetic towards them.
Here´s another lot. Just check them out.

Tim Johnston said...

thanks for the link, Sakkie, and you are 100% correct in my opinion.

note the pic of Che Guevara - everyone's favourite fascist! .. who was only lucky not to live long enough to cause immense suffering.

I recently posted a link in support of Geert Wilders on Facebook and already attracted criticism for it - from one Dutch friend of mine who declared Geert is a racist and should be shot!
Such tolerance from liberals...

Anonymous said...

Viking, good post.

This is an 'outre' statement from Sarko. Gratuitous, and wholly unacceptable.

Would he give his own people this advice? They would soon tell him where to get off.

Nonetheless an interesting admission of naked fear at what is now guaranteed to happen in Europe, as a result of mass immigration of unassimilable people.


Anonymous said...

All the sane Europeans will eventually flee to other Western countries. Take for example the English (UK) - they are the highest number of people being accepted into Australia (followed by the Indians@!!!) and then Chinese @!!!.

Anonymous said...


France is fucked!!!

When is the white race going to wake up to the fact that their "leaders" are slowly killing them off.

Vive la Revolution!!!

(or is it le revolution?)

eduard said...

Why always the mentioning of "marxists"? Karl Marx's real name was Mordecai. Politicians are puppets to these communist inspired puppet masters. These puppet masters hate the white race with a passion. Boas, Freud, Lenin, Stalin, Bronstein, They all jumped to the whims of the Rothschilds. We the whites are destined to be wiped off the face of the earth by these puppet masters. They are pitting the muslim/islam/buddist world against the white christian world so that these factions can wipe each out. Who is the victor in this situation?
Sarkozy is not French, he is first and foremost a Jew. He could'nt care two hoots about France or the French.

J Kulkarni said...

That is why NS Germany was right, you idiots. Democracy as we know it cannot fight Marxism and communism as these ideologies supported by powerful and wealthy hidden groups would use the freedom provided in democracies to take over power. Once that is done, they subvert democracy. You White people are very naive to have been so tolerant all these years. For example, when the universities began their anti-White/ anti-Western propaganda, people should have stormed the universities and beaten up the guilty professors in the name of nationalism. I remember an incident where a Western lefty professor insulted a Maratha king named Shivaji from Western India. A right winged group called the Shiv Sena stormed the university and made the asshole apologise and retract his statement. Intolerance pays. Thanks to the media, universities etc... you have an entire generation of useful idiotic White people and by the time they wake up, it will be too late like South Africa. The Third Reich was a water tight system formed to make it impregnable to communism. But you idiots destroyed it, now repent on your foolishness.
Survival of your people is everything folks. If for that you have to become immoral, racist, intolerant etc..….. all justified.

FishEagle said...

@ J. Kulkarni. I am all of those things you mention but when it comes to freedom of speech - NOTHING tops that. Everyone must have a right to say anything and at the same time everyone must have a right not to listen.

Anonymous said...

Fish Eagle:

Just appreciate how 'freedom', which was a common rallying cry on campus about 30 yrs ago, has morphed into one of the most extreme forms of thought control and speech restriction.

It is imposed by a gang of leftwing crypto-fascists posing as "lecturers" and whatnot, essentially stealing taxpayer money to run an indoctrination camp masquerading as academia.

These people need to be pushed back robustly; but those on the center-right are more usually to be found in wealth-creating faculties like engineering or business, and are too busy with real education to waste their time on what they would rightly regard as BS. But it was a mistake to have ceded control of the campus to these leftwing parasites, since they have and will continue to poison the minds of thousands of impressionable young people, eager to do good in the world, and so easy to sucker into self-hatred.

Witness the result: the profound endangerment of the West.