Friday, January 29, 2010

Feminists Are At It Again: Look, But Don't Look

Apparently we men sexually objectify women, and it is wrong. Well, at least the feminists tell us it is, despite women financially objectifying men. Also, hello, what about the obvious? We are biologically hard-wired to want to procreate. Nothing like sharing our selfish genes with a nice piece of ass, as long as we can pay the bills. No, seriously, read the following article.

Are women objectified? We hear it everyday. We hear it so much that for some, the statement simply goes in one ear and out the other. It has become common knowledge that women are being objectified in commercials, billboards, movies, and everywhere else an attractive woman just happens to be standing and men just happen to be looking.

Why is this common knowledge? Well, if there was anything anyone could possibly claim feminism is solely responsible for, this is it. There is little need to revisit the past to examine the cause and effect of this issue as there is plenty of evidence right now of the inherent bigotry against men and women feminists are still spreading through endless propaganda.

Basically, if an attractive woman, and only an attractive woman, one with the figure of say, a swimsuit model is posing for a picture in any kind of provocative clothing then she is being objectified. Forget the fact that this woman chose to do this knowing that her looks would sell whatever product she was posing for, forget the fact that this woman more than likely takes care of her body by working out and eating right keeping herself fit and healthy, forget everything that makes sense, forget logic, and forget reason. Now that every rational explanation as to why women are not objectified in the media has been set aside, let’s look at the feminist reasoning as to why every woman that is attractive is being objectified. Those reasons being; because men are in charge of the photo shoot, commercial, or movie where the woman has to parade herself around in front of the camera and patriarchy, their fall back reason on any issue for blaming men.

Men are in charge: This is a flat out lie. A rather pathetic lie if you really think about it. Maybe seventy years ago men were in charge of the majority of photo shoots, commercials, and the like but this, the famous feminist attempt at using the past to justify bigotry in the present even though they usually lie about the past and what really happened in no way justifies anything done today, is irrelevant as the fashion industry right down to who is telling women what color scheme to wear is heavily populated by…that’s right, women. Yes women and the new age sensitive men are the ones snapping the shots, tucking in waste lines, and hiking up models’ dresses in order to flash more leg for the camera. Women run the fashion world and women set the standards for what models look like. While there are still a larger number of men in control of movies the fact remains that women are right there behind the cameras with them. There are plenty of female screenwriters, directors, and costume designers. Karyn Kusama, director of Jennifer’s Body is one such director who is considered to be a feminist by many. This movie, written by, Diablo Cody another woman that puts shame to the feminist men control everything propaganda didn’t seem too angry about the attractive Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried making out and dry humping in their night attire on a bed while young boys gazed wide eyed in theaters. Kusama didn’t seem too upset about the focus of the movie being Megan Fox in as little clothing as possible and fondling with teen boy fun parts. Granted the movie did actually have a plot but oh how feminists were in an uproar about this one. First they conducted their usual bashing of Megan Fox making sure to in some way link every insult about her intelligence and acting ability to her looks and not surprisingly professing that the only reason she is so popular is because of her looks. Whether this is true or not matters little to me, however, wasn’t it feminists who said that women should not be ridiculed for being attractive and wearing provocative clothing? I guess they are the only ones allowed to do the ridiculing. Anyway, yes, as one would imagine, the accusations of objectification was made even though men in film making had nothing to do with the plot, little to do with the cast, and vaguely any interest in regards to the creation of this film. However, the whole men are the root cause of all women’s problems stereotype shined bright throughout the film. That one feminists had no problem getting behind.

Male dominated audience: Another lie. Women spend $4 trillion annually, accounting for 83% of all U.S. Consumer spending – or, an astounding two-thirds of the nation’s gross national product. This figure probably wavers but the point is still the same; advertisers know that women are the dominant majority buying their products and thus model their advertisements to appeal to women. Most of the commercials on television from make-up and lingerie, to computers and medicine are targeted towards women. Regardless of whether men, women, or both are behind the camera telling young models to dance around in bikinis does nothing to change the fact that the products sell and women are the ones buying. Women watch television more than men. The fact that almost any sitcom or drama on television today simply must have at least one female character that can outwit, outfight, and out joke all of the male characters is a testament to that fact. Also every crime drama is littered with these characters and all adhere to typical misandric stereotypes such as men are the only ones who commit rape and domestic violence and courts view all female rape accusers as liars and lawyers are bombarded with hardships in getting convictions.

Yet even with all of the proof that women are the primary targets of media advertisers and that even feminist directors and female writers have no problems with having their actresses show some skin and make out to sell tickets, the majority of feminists still claim that whenever a woman puts on shorts and walks down the street be it on TV, in a movie, or in real life that woman is somehow being objectified by men. They even go as far as claiming that women are exploited by men and only men throughout the media, especially in pornography. Speaking of pornography, let’s bust another feminist propaganda bubble.

Pornography: One of several professions where pay gaps show women making more than men but pay gaps are for another article. Feminists claim that half of the women who enter the porn industry do it out of desperation and poverty. The other half are forced in by abusive boyfriends. As comical as this sounds this is their belief. Well I admit it is the growing anti-porn feminist belief. The pro-porn feminists believe that women are empowering themselves by taking control of their sexuality for money. Some would claim this had been done over a millennium ago through prostitution but I digress. There is one common agreement between the pro-porn and anti-porn feminist camps though, women are being objectified and exploited.

Why? Because of the same debunked claims as above, men are in charge of all porn.

How? Because of some of the things that are done in porn such as fake rapes, domination, urinating and the like. Granted there is, in my opinion, some pretty sick things done to women in some pornographic videos. However, it isn’t sick to everyone and I realize I do not have the right to decide what is and what is not decent for everyone. Feminists can not comprehend the idea of not forcing their opinions on others and they constantly ignore the fact that all of the things that are done to women in porn are not only done to them by men but women as well. Also all of the things done to women in porn are done to men as well by men and by women and just as with the models in commercial advertisements, these men and women choose to do these things. Some even enjoy the idea of people watching them. Also women, feminist and non-feminist, are no strangers to watching porn.

When the issue of objectification is analyzed on all sides one will find that women are not the only shirtless models posing in front of products on television and in magazines. When one analyzes the reasons why feminists are so angry about attractive women being the center of the advertisement world the true nature of their protests reveals itself rather simply. While I cannot say what the standard for attractiveness is for everyone, what we see on television is what the majority believes to be attractive or they wouldn’t be the ones in lingerie and diet commercials. Now the stereotype that all feminists are unattractive can be thrown out the window, which is why I believe the inherent anger they feel when a woman makes money off of her looks goes deeper than simple jealousy. You rarely see feminists protesting against physically fit men advertising for exercise equipment, beer, cologne, and an assortment of other things. To them that is just fine. However, whenever a woman dares to put on a bikini and stand or dance in front of anything then the patriarchy has reared its oppressive head and the model has somehow been indoctrinated since birth to believe that her looks are what matters most in life and the only way she can make money is by showing her tight stomach rather than being the CEO of Better Than Men Industries and breaking the glass ceiling. Feminists are angered by beauty pageants, Playboy, and America’s Next Top Model but are fine with Mr. Universe, Playgirl, and…America’s Next Top Model. This article could have fit right in with my recent Double Standard Supporters piece because as always, feminists dig their own graves with their advocacy for ending what they believe to be discrimination against women but ignoring the exact same circumstances with men. The goal of feminists, I believe, is to make the public disgusted with seeing women dancing in music videos and wearing provocative clothing in commercials and movies, only attractive women of course, because they want parents to teach their daughters that it is wrong to use your beauty to get ahead in the world. How can women dominate the business industry and all of the high end corporate positions if a lot more women than men prefer to just take their clothes off and walk up and down a stage for a few minutes? Since feminists know they can’t force every individual man and woman to do what they want, they will endlessly spew their lies in order to make people believe that what feminists want, is what they want. They cannot accomplish their overall main goal of ousting all men from any position of power if women don’t feel like trying to take them. I have no real positive or negative opinions towards the fashion industries or the practice of taking pictures of pretty people and I don’t think it is my business or the business of anyone else what a woman or man chooses to do with their life. Feminists, digging their own graves, believe otherwise.

Those who really degrade women: When feminists attack pageants and commercials they go full force. Lingerie and swimsuit models become anorexic little boys. Yes, feminists make the claim that beautiful women who keep themselves healthy and physically fit in reality look like small 13-14 year old boys that no man would ever want. Their advice? Eat…eat fast and eat a lot until the jiggling roles on their sides illustrate the true beauty of the female form…on the inside of course because that’s all that matters. While it is true that not many would want a relationship with an attractive person that turned out to be a jerk, the fact remains that the word attractive has nothing to do with being better than someone else, it is simply what attracts one person to another. People look before they speak and everything else falls in line. Feminists know this and the attractive women I have seen amongst them have no shame in shaping their bodies to the same proportions of those 13 year old boys and dressing in the same manner of those exploited porn stars. What is their programmed defense when asked why they choose to wear these things? I can wear what I want. Oh but as we already know there is a double standard with any feminist claim. For once I would like to walk down the street without hearing cat calls. The comedy never ends with them. Women will dress themselves in clothes advertised and sold with the intent of attracting men and then get enraged when men are attracted. This is another feature in our daily television line-up. While there are male and female feminists, the female majority takes the cake with this blatant double standard and they hold no shame. Why should they? Just as men compete with other men, women compete with other women and feminists are no exception. Since their organizations have immense political influence they run their media campaigns damning women who dare choose to model their looks. At the same time, feminist women will strut their stuff in clubs and bars, eager to fill their anger/pity quota for the day by scoffing at any male who attempts to even talk to them. After a hard day of turning down any man that doesn’t grovel at their feet, feminists will return to their blogs and support groups asking questions such as why are men always staring at my chest? As if having their breasts sticking out had nothing to do with it.

The stereotypes I have been pumping out may seem a bit far fetched but as with my recent revelation that feminists deny and are genuinely ignorant of the obvious double standards within physically demanding professions, I have noticed that when it comes to stereotypes, feminists deny them but embrace them at the same time.

I personally do not believe in objectification based on the simple fact that everyone who is supposedly objectified be they a man or a woman chooses to do whatever it is someone else feels is objectifying them. Claiming that you know what’s best for someone is a job for parents, not feminists, and should be directed towards children, not adults. When men and women who are supposedly objectified deny their objectification, feminists will be the first to tell the women that they are being objectified but don’t know it. Basically feminists feel they have become the authority on what women can and can’t do. Furthermore they feel that whatever they claim is a form of male oppression, even when it makes absolutely no sense, is nonetheless male oppression. While I don’t believe in objectification, for those who do it is obvious that if women are indeed being objectified, then so are men as they are subjected to the same performances as women.

However, since I don’t feel anyone is being objectified or exploited, unless they truly are forced to do these things, the whole notion, created by feminists, is ludicrous.

3 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

I'm a woman and these feminists need to sit down before they hurt themselves. These women know what they are getting into when they pose - be it as in the picture or in porn. Of course men are going to look and do some thinking. But, it's the women's choice to do it. They need to live with their choices - alas too many don't think.

FishEagle said...

The issue of porn is quite a difficult one. There is so much at stake for a woman when she puts her body up for sale. I could honestly say I would NEVER go down that road, even if it meant that I had to starve of hunger (hypothetically speaking). There is simply no turning back after a porn movie is made and the stigma stays with the person for the rest of their life. More so with women because they are no longer considered worthy of pursuing as a conquest.

I always feel a tinge of guilt on behalf of the women.

Exzanian said...

This is a question with so many shades of grey it's going to be difficult to draw a line. I think feminists are examining the issue superficially and finding an easy scapegoat: blaming men. It can be said that beautiful woman as sex objects (Bridgette Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna etc) wield a far greater power over men than men over them (don't take issue with my specific examples, you get my point)
Then you get sex workers who earn a living by selling their bodies, either as prostitues or porn stars. Should they be deprived of that livlihood? And offered, what exactly? in return...