Thursday, January 28, 2010

Challenge to Pretoria Name Change

Name Changes = Erasing History

Ethnic-cleansing of Pretoria name raises ire of Afrikaner ratepayers

AfriForum civil rights activists have plans ready to oppose the ethnic-cleansing of Pretoria

27 January 2010 – ‘Legal protest actions will be launched before, during and after world cup if the ANC ‘s ethnic-cleansing plan goes ahead…’

Pretoria stays Pretoria Music concert Voortrekker Monument Afriforum 14 November 2009 The legal team of Afrikaner/Boer civil rights activists of AfriForum is all set to oppose in any law courts the ANC’s one-sided efforts to unilaterally change the name of their beloved city of Pretoria. And this civil rights group, representing the 3-million-strong Afrikaner-and Boer minority’s pride in their their historic capitol city, says they will also launch ‘major protest actions before, during and after the World Cup Soccer Tournament if the name were to be changed.’

Pretoria 'whites’ pay 80% of all city rates -- and 90% of all the city’s municipal service costs…

Background: The Afrikaners represent the single-largest group of ratepayers in greater Pretoria and together with English-speaking white ratepayers, also contribute more than 80% of the municipality’s entire annual budgetary income. These ‘whites’ also subsidise most of the city’s service-delivery -- with the black residents, while consuming more than 70% of all of the city’s water-, electricity- and sewerage reticulation services; only pay 10% of their own electricity bills and 12% of their own water- and sewerage reticulation bills. The ANC provides most of these services for free to the country’s black residents in order to buy their votes: White ratepayers subsidising black Pretoria dwellers

AfriForum's reaction follows in response to the news report that the ANC in Pretoria has started secret discussions with the Jacob Zuma government to have the name of Pretoria changed before the World Cup Soccer Tournament – despite the ongoing, and massive opposition from all the Afrikaans ratepayers.

  • Kallie Kriel, CEO of AfriForum, says the ANC ‘s move to ethnically-cleanse the name of Pretoria off the South African map before the World Cup 2010 tourists start arriving, does not comply with the legal requirements for public participation. "The courts have already ruled on the same grounds that the town of Louis Trichardt's name-change process was invalid -- and AfriForum will ensure that the same will happen to any effort to change the name of Pretoria too," Kriel added.

3 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

Withhold all rates and taxes on a massive scale. Nationwide if possible.

Anonymous said...

The ANC will force this through. They won't be happy until every last Afrikaans city/town name has been changed and the Afrikaners seen as a nothing people. We need to remember who we are and were and the great things we did in this country. Keep reminding people of our real history and not the contrived crap being forced on us.

Anonymous said...

Afrikaners are septic, whining parasites, always have been, always will be.