Friday, January 29, 2010

Caption Competition

OK peeps, time to get your thinking caps on and dazzle us with your wit and intelligence. I'm looking for a caption to the above pic. Let your imagination roam a bit and let us know what you think 1) the dog is thinking 2) the cop is thinking 3) The "suspect/s" is/are thinking or any combination of the above. Whatever. The best submission will receive a POB award (Pat On the Back) and no doubt our admiration.

8 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

There was a black cat burglar involved. They've got the wrong suspects. The dog is thinking.

Anonymous said...

Dog saying: "Yes dudes, this is how you stand."

Anonymous said...

Rover: but officer...I can explain!

or alternatively

Rover: up against the wall like this you idiots! OK officer, frisk 'em.

or maybe

Rover:this is so embarrassing - to be treated as a common criminal with these criminals!

and finally

As can be seen, it is simply not true to only accuse blacks of crime in the new South Africa!

Anonymous said...

Cops says "obviously a kaffir dog"

Tim Johnston said...

Only one out of five is innocent - guess which one?

FishEagle said...

Policeman says - What's next? Will we have to train dogs to show the blacks how to pick their noses too?

Exzanian said...

OK, no winners yet I'm afraid LOL. My own would be a headline:
Dog cons criminals in wall prop up parody...

Anonymous said...

Cop: Jeez - This oke smells worse than the dog!
Perp: I hope that mutt hasn't swallowed the stash.
Dog: This doggie chow tastes G-o-o-o-d.


Dog: But officer - it wasn't me. Leroy made me do it. He threatened to rape my sister.