Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Canada: Excercise Caution on Haiti Immigrants

A question to liberals: Will you give up living space in your home to house Haitian refugees? Of course you won't. Yet you will effectively expect others to do it, proving again that libs are exceptionally generous with everyone else's money. Only 55,000? Why not 255,000? You're not racist are you?

The same people who want an open-door policy for Haitians are the same people who have always wanted an open-door policy in general, and are taking advantage of yet another humanitarian crisis to force their worldview down the throats of others.

The Quebec government has taken it upon itself to extend the "right" of immigrants' families to "re-unite" with them to include extended families as well. One who is wise to these things may well predict that suddenly all Haitians in Canada will find themselves with a lot of "cousins", from a country where most family records are probably lost, if they ever existed in the first place.

The answer to the refugee crisis is, of course, to set up camps for refugees in Haiti itself, or even on Cuba. But then, the liberal agenda would not be served, would it?

If Canada must take in another 55,000 Haitians - and who believes they will limit themselves to this number? - they could at least give priority to women and children. For as we know the bulk of immigrants are always the physically stronger younger males, the ones who find it easiest to travel long distances and fight their way to the front of any queue.


Haitian immigration: Caution justified

IN A SENSE, the debate over whether Canada should loosen its immigration criteria to allow more Haitians into the country is moot.

The Quebec government has already decided it will. It plans to invoke its "power of selection" clause in a 1991 immigration deal with Ottawa. Since 90 per cent of Canada’s 100,000-strong Haitian community lives in Quebec, the die is cast.

Under the federal family reunification program, the immediate family of a Canadian sponsor — spouses, parents, grandparents, adoptive children and brothers and sisters — can be admitted on a temporary or permanent basis. But extended families — nieces, nephews, cousins, aunts and uncles — cannot. In response to the humanitarian catastrophe in Haiti, as well as to pressure from the local Haitian community, Quebec will extend sponsorship eligibility to the latter category.

The federal government has already fast-tracked applications for thousands in the first group and expedited the adoption process for 150 orphans, some of whom arrived over the weekend. Sensibly, federal Immigration Minister Jason Kenney is also permitting 1,000 temporary Haitian residents to remain in Canada a while longer, rather than repatriating them to a disaster zone.

But Mr. Kenney has been taking heat from the Liberals and NDP, who want him to make an exception for extended families, given the magnitude of the homelessness problem in Haiti and the inability of the Haitian government to cope with the crisis.

They point out the rules have been bent in the past, most notably for Vietnamese boat people. On the other hand, they weren’t for victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004.

So should Mr. Kenney go the extra mile in this case? Apart from the fact that Quebec has, in large part, taken the decision out of his hands, we agree with Mr. Kenney’s more cautious approach.

No one can accuse Canada of failing Haiti — the prime minister even hosted an international conference on rebuilding Haiti on Monday — but Ottawa’s first responsibility is towards Canadians. And rubber-stamping as many Haitian applications as possible is not in the best interests of Canadians, nor of applicants from other parts of the world who will remain stuck in the queue as a result.

Even the Quebec government, which talks up the importance of being flexible in times of crisis, concedes it will limit the influx. Quebec Immigration Minister Yolande James says that even with increased Haitian immigration, the province is not prepared to exceed this year’s total target of up to 55,000 new immigrants. "We have to be able to respect our capacity to integrate and to welcome Haitians here," she said.

She also said there’ll be delays. "I understand the frustration that a lot of people can feel … (But) in terms of security (and) in terms of health checks, there are some things that need to be looked at — we don’t want to create another problem."

Ultimately, Ottawa has struck the right balance here. While welcoming helpless Haitians, it is still exercising due diligence on behalf of Canadians.

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Anonymous said...

I give up. Really I do. I fucking just give up.
If the left are so stupid and the right are so weak, how can we survive? I want a war against liberalism. Lets sort them out once and for all. Death to fucking liberals.

Anonymous said...

Black anonymous

It seems liberalism is destroying us both. You are being over-run in your countries (especially eurabia). Meanwhile for us blacks, the never-ending AID, handouts, and the "all cultures are equal" stupidity which gives permission to backward regressive cultures to continue that way and not change for the better.

For me, TRUE liberalism ended at the Rowe vs Wade 1970s abortion debate. Todays liberalism is a combination of "feel-good and white guilt". Having spent some time in europe, I was so amazed to discover that the dumbest and most idiotic people there were female left-leaning liberals.

They would go out of their way to support anything islamic, in the name of "equality of cultures", and yet when asked about what sharia was, they knew very little, if anything at all. What was so ironic about their stupidity was that they are the ones who like wearing tanktops and are sexually liberal and yet in a sharia society they would stand to lose the most rights.

Frankly, I dont feel sorry for europe anymore. Neither do i advocate blatant RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION. What i totally support is a country allowing in immigrants who share a similar culture and values of Freedom and individual responsibility. I don't think an aging europe would reject letting in Koreans, japanese, Budhists, Shintoes, or educated christians from other lands. But becoz of cultural relativity, you let in ISLAM - TOUGH LUCK EUROPE.

I hold the same view for South Africa. There are good, educated whites and blacks who share the same values of hard work, education, helping thy neigbour instead of robbing him, compared to the MASSIVE MAXIST - COMMUNIST Movement that seeks to enslave all thought.

However, from my experience, those blacks are very few in number. I fear the only way that "true utopian BLACK-WHITE" society will ever come about in South Africa will be after a massive blood-shed. As an external observer, its easy to see the delusion of a rainbow nation. It does not exist.

What I see in the future is 3 main states.
1). ZULU
3). Multiracial society with like 60%, 20% black, 20%colored/indian.
Unfortunately #3 would have to be like Israel, constantly vigilant because after #1 and 2 realize the impending failures (filled with many uneducated people), they will use the tried and tested method of blaming whitey for everything and hence start encouraging the illegal immigration of their peoples to #3.

What's so funny is say in another scenario, after the civil war whites are all banished to the desert NOrthern Cape, believe me, after a few years they will be growing apples and banana's there, while the most productive green lands in Kwazulu and Western Cape will begin to slowly deteriorate.

I really dislike these liberals. However what I dislike even-more is the huge span of black people who do not want to learn, change and actualize to something better than just being the but of every racial joke and stereotype known to man.

Anonymous said...


3). Multiracial society with like 60% WHITE, 20% BLACK, 20%colored/indian.

Dachshund said...

Fuck this. Time to take a stand.

Anonymous said...

@Black anonymous - I enjoy your comments. You are one of the few who recognise what we are about on this blog.

The article states:
"No one can accuse Canada of failing Haiti.." - yes, but the Haitians have failed themselves for years and years. When does anyone think they're going to get it?? How much more money should be thrown at this problem. Canada and the USA are going to pay for this down the line with their feel-good policies. It's going to come full circle eventually and bite them on the rear. History has taught us this but no one listens.

Anonymous said...

Tempting to leave Haiti, etc, to their own devices-or vices-but in reality we cannot. If we abandon them, they will soon be occupied by external and manipulative forces; terrorists, narco-gangsters, whatever.

The only real solution, imperfect as it is, is to take over via a mixture of local surrogates and right-wing NGO's and impose a disciplined, fair and paternalistic custodial state.

At the very least, financial probity and population control MUST be enforced. Unacceptable? Think China for the second and Singapore for the first.

Come to think of it, I know exactly who might be entrusted to run these places properly.