Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Body language 101 – Dominance Gesture in Greeting

Another Picture that Paints a thousand words

Viking quoted the phrase “Liberals are the true white supremacists”.

Can they hide it?

Well, did anyone catch the pic of Bill Clinton arriving in Haiti and greeting one of the locals? One might think Bill’s outstretched hand signalled warmth and compassion. A “reaching out” to a brother in a time of need, holding a promise of support and help.

Nope, nothing of the sort.

You see, us humans are primates. We are pretty much slaves to dominance hierarchies. You've heard of the “pecking order” right?

That’s what we’re all about.

In every little social interaction, we size each other up, and after a remarkably short time are able to decide actually “whose da boss”

It reveals itself in body language of course. And this is where the pic of Bill Clinton, appearing so innocent at first, is actually quite arresting. It exposes this relationship between the Alpha dominator and the receiver.

Once you understand it, it becomes quite clear what is happening:

Palm down indicates dominance and a feeling of superiority ('I am on top').

The arm is extended and placed down firmly on the wrist, elbow, arm or shoulder of the recipient. It is not compassion, it is dominance. And it is almost totally unconsciously done (now YOU know better of course)

It cannot be faked. Once you are involved in this asymmetrical greeting, you are either: Dominant/ Weak.

Even responses to the dominant greeting such as counter-touching, thrusting, pulling away or laughing, only signal your recognition of the superiority of the other party.

In short, if you ever find a hand on your shoulder, you are doomed.

You are the weakest link, live with it…

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