Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Beware of Barbarism" in SA

Johannesburg - Two political parties on Tuesday expressed outrage over the killing of a Midrand man for a laptop and cellphones, saying the murder scoffed at attempts to crack down on criminals ahead of the World Cup.

"It is time that capital punishment is re-instated. It is the only real deterrent to murder and the only appropriate punishment that will rid our country of elements that infect society like a festering sore," Christian Democratic Party leader Theunis Botha said in a statement.

He was reacting to the "cold-blooded" murder of 42-year-old Kobus Snyman in his home during a robbery in which a laptop and cellphones were stolen.

The murder, he said, made a "mockery" of Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa's vow to track down two criminals who, during an interview with, threatened to rob foreigners during the soccer tournament.

"We hear of new incidents of violence every day ending up in people being murdered and maimed by these predators. Yet they roam our streets with impunity... When will the government realise that its first priority [is] to its citizens?"

'World should take note'

Freedom Front Plus leader in Gauteng, Jaco Mulder, said there was an "element of barbarism" in South Africa. Robberies such as these showed that the police could not control them.

"The world should take note of this barbaric element of the South African life, during the 2010 football,"

Mulder said in a statement.

Beeld reported that Snyman was shot in front of his family on Friday night after two robbers entered their Midrand property and held guns to the heads of his twin daughters, aged 10.

Snyman's other daughter, 16-year-old Lenika, called out to her father, who was asleep in front of the TV at the time.

One of the men shot him in the heart before he could open the glass sliding door to get out onto the veranda.


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Anonymous said...

After the murderers committed their foul deed, they calmly WALKED away, chatting to each other as they went.

Anonymous said...

Haiti shows you what the real negro is all about. Left to themselves, they turn into machete wielding barbarians, looking for their next kill. SA would look much the same were the whites to leave en-masse....

Anonymous said...

Only in RSA will government erect road signs like this, proving in effect that they have no plan to control or stop crime. maybe the think that they have now done their duty...stupid idiots.