Tuesday, January 26, 2010

BBC HardTalk - Alison Evans and Dambisa Moyo

This was just sent in by a reader, and is worth 22 minutes of your time. Watch how the liberal aid-industry rep Alison Evans ignores and "knows better" than smart cookie Dambisa Moyo.

As haikutastic says:

"Dambisa Moyo is a very interesting person, an outspoken opponent of foreign Aid to Africa. Particularly illuminating about this debate is the attitude taken by development agencies towards Africa. On one hand they profess to care a great deal about alleviating poverty (same old tired line), and then on the other are in fact furthering their own interests as an industry. Because, in fact if development agencies were doing their job properly, they'd be aiming to put themselves out of work eventually?"

Says Evans, Africa's crisis is "not of Africa's own making". Hmm. Must be ours, then. And her justification for giving more free stuff to Africa seems to be that, well, 'we' gave insurance companies millions so why not them too?


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Anonymous said...

Love D. Moyo. I would marry her just to have the opportunity of making love to her mind. Hate the white chick. here is an african black woman telling you about where she comes from and how to make it better, and yet the white liberal chick presumes she knows better. talk about superiority complex. It really is true that white liberals are the true racists.

FishEagle said...

Moyo stuck to her guns. Bravo! Wow.

FishEagle said...

She demands respect.

The white woman is just typcially ignorant.

50 years and a trillion dollars.

"Let's not be clever here.." HAHAHAHAHA. Brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Liberals real hate reality.

Unknown said...

I saw the interview, it was amazing... The other guest at the BBC HardTalk episode, debating Dambisa Moyo was Allison Evans, a professional fundraiser, the tango ‘dancer’ in need of someone needy to partner with and keep her dance going (and her job).
I watched that debate and it made me puke: while Dambisa reported facts, Allison Evans displayed the typical mock smile of superiority, “legitimate concern for the disadvantaged” look in her face and choice of words, of the snobs, arrogant and patronizing liberals that claim to be so full of compassion for the needy.
In reality, the likes of Alison are the cause for so many poor to remain that way: the message they receive is “it’s ok to be poor, we understand you, just stick around while we loot the people of the money they earned and give it to you. This is your salary for remaining poor and still”.
The dark side of the ‘generosity’ of the liberals (with your money of course), is that they doom the poor people and communities, to stay that way.
Hunger is the best motivator. Need is what makes us get up early in the morning and go to work hard, or to work hard in finding a job or creating a product or service other people need to buy. Kill the motivation with gifts of ‘generosity’ and you take away the main incentive for people to become self-sufficient, grow as a consequence of it and improve themselves.
During that TV interview, Alison gave us a lesson on how these liberals operate. She dared to debate an amazing woman (Dambisa Moyo) who dared to ask the rest of the world to stop giving to Africa, based on sound evidence and against the popular belief that giving is good for the recipient. How dared her!
Alison’s patronizing attitude is fully illegitimate and uncalled for. She is not better, does not know more, is not more compassionate and does not help more the African people than Ms. Moyo. Quite the opposite. This is just a pathetic example of the same exact attitude of our progressive liberal ‘benefactors’ and ‘compassionate people’ in the USA.
In another example, we sent Peace Corps volunteers to Africa for generations, teaching them how to grow their own food and become independent, only to have the same ‘compassionate’ liberals follow up with tons of free grain (USAID) that put the incipient independent growers out of business and back into accepting handouts.