Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Another blonde celebrity brutally killed by black predator. Media flushes story.

These stories have gone from media sensations to media hush ups in an instant. Why? Because in both cases it was eventually discovered that the perps were black. According to the Department of Justice, blacks are nine times more likely to commit murder than white. Between 1976-2000, blacks accounted for 59% of all felony murders despite being only 13% of the population.

From Sarah Maid of Albion

Last week in America the news sites were full of stories and speculation about the gruesome murder of playboy model Paula Sladewski, who’s body was found, burnt beyond recognition, in a smouldering trash container in Miami Florida. The Los Angeles-based model had travelled to Miami with her boyfriend Kevin Klym, however, the couple had argued in a nightclub, apparently over Sladewski’s drinking, with the result that the Klym was thrown out. Having been told by the bouncers that his girlfriend wished to stay in the club, Klym states that he returned to their hotel, but when Sladewski did not return he reported her missing. Paula Sladewski’s brutalised and charred body was found sometime later.

The media, and indeed the comments sections beneath the news stories were buzzing with speculation, and that speculation was all going in one direction. The victim had argued with her WHITE boyfriend. The victim and her WHITE boyfriend had a volatile relationship. The victim’s stepfather was not surprised that the police had stated that the WHITE boyfriend was a ‘person of interest’ and reporters were blazing a path to his door seeking further dirt in the white man.

If you were to read the reports last week it appeared that the very white Mr Klym’s involvement in his his girlfriend’s tragic and violent death was not only very likely, but it was, as the American’s might say, a slam dunk.

Then everything changed. Surveillance film was released showing Paula Sladewski leaving the night club some twenty minutes after the argument with Kevin Klym, and she was not alone, she was apparently in the company of a black man, with whom she was holding hands.

In newsrooms across America the story was dropped like a hot brick, although not quite like a hot brick, that would make too much noise, the story was dropped very quickly and very quietly, so as not to attract any further attention to it whatsoever. As of the time of writing this posting for instance, CNN have not updated their report on the killing since January 8th, and have not reported any of the latest developments.

The US media did not have their much prized “Evil white man kills woman” story, instead they had yet another “Black man kills white woman”story, and as we know there are far too many of those for the press to report them.

I am reminded of the equally brutal murder of equally blonde television Anchor Anne Pressley in Arkansas in October 2008. Ms. Pressley was attacked by an intruder in her own home, raped and then battered to death so brutally that she also was left unrecognisable. Anne Pressley’s body was found by her own mother the next morning when she arrived to check on her daughter who had failed to answer an alarm call.

Anne Pressley’s murder was also headline news for a short while, until the inconveniently non-white Curtis Lavelle Vance was arrested. Immediately the story became non-news, barely mentioned at all until the press had to briefly report on the trial and Vance’s subsequent conviction. In fact so desperate were the news media to suppress the more unpleasant details, the fact that Pressley had been raped was not even reported until one commentator accidentally let this slip out on a live television show.

On both sides of the Atlantic, violent interracial crime is only news worthy if the if the race of both of the victim and perpetrator fit the desired narrative. The fact is that the vast majority do not fit that narrative and therefore become non-news stories.

The full facts of Paula Sladewski’s murder are not yet known, but already the story is being buried, and unless the story takes another turn and a white man comes back into the frame, it will become quietly suppressed and forgotten, as will poor Paula, another sacrifice to the multicultural lie which the dishonest Western media so cherish.

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Anonymous said...

Well, if she was seen leaving the club holding hands with a nigger twenty minutes after arguing with her boyfriend, she was obviously a slut who got what was coming to her. Fuck her. She´s white trash and deserves ending up in a dirt bin.

Anonymous said...

Have to agree with anon 1:10. As sad as this is, if these girls aren't going to learn then they only have themselves to blame. What should happen is to warn females what's happening so they can OPEN their eyes, but the MSM won't.

Viking said...

It's hard to not agree, Anons.

I suppose she isn't responsible for actually being murdered, but if I were the boyfriend, I wouldn't be shedding any tears over a woman who left a club with someone else.

Anonymous said...

If... If... If she left willingly with some shit dumb fuck, her demise is on her own head. There is always the possibility of her drink being tampered with...

You can fool All of the people SOME of the time...

You can fool SOME of the people ALL of the time...


You can NEVER fool ALL of the people ALL of the time!!!

There is a BIG backlash coming and it is not going to go the way the liberals want it to go.

Hold onto your hats! A little more financial pressure, a little more immigration pressure, a little more useless Democrat government pressure and America is going to POP like a ripe fig.

Which is EXACTLY the result the framers of the Constitution were after when they said that all men had the right to bear and keep arms to protect the REPUBLIC (not some democratic crap-hole) from enemies both foreign and DOMESTIC.

I wonder how long before Yankee-Doodle-Dandy decides to take up his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to rebel against his TYRANNICAL government and force them from power by weight of arms.

The constitution was designed to protect Americans from exactly what is happening to them today.