Saturday, January 30, 2010

ANCYL moots radical plans

The ANC Youth League has urged government to consider the expropriation of mines "with or without compensation". The youth league also wants its mother body to ensure that the mineral wealth is controlled ''by the people".

CHARTING THE WAY FORWARD: ANC deputy president Kgalema Motlanthe and ANC Youth League president Julius Malema at the NEC lekgotla this weekend Picture: SIMPHIWE NKWALI
CHARTING THE WAY FORWARD: ANC deputy president Kgalema Motlanthe and ANC Youth League president Julius Malema at the NEC lekgotla this weekend Picture: SIMPHIWE NKWALI

In its radical discussion document on the nationalisation of mines, the league argues that ''all South Africans should share in the country's wealth and mines, monopoly industries and banks should be transferred to the ownership of the people as a whole".[Then they can buy shares, they are ENTIRELY FREE to do so]

The document was tabled yesterday at the league's national executive lekgotla at Misty Hills Country Hotel, Muldersdrift, on the West Rand. It says nationalisation should be accompanied by a "thorough transformation" of parastatals and should assist the government to "build strategic capacity" to unlock resources for development and a growth path that is more inclusive and equitable.[Julius did NOT write that sentence-two many polysyllabic words]

On the models of parastatals, the league proposes that government should consider expropriation, with or without compensation. "The manner in which nationalisation will be approached will neither be generalised compensation nor generalised expropriation without compensation. Expropriation without compensation should apply for mines that are not profitable, laying off huge numbers of workers and in financial crises," the document says.

The document argues that nationalising mines would enable SA to "attract industrial investors" who would contribute to the growth of the economy, and the transfer of skills, education and expertise to South Africans.[huh??]

The ANC NEC has previously requested the league to put together a discussion paper on nationalisation after its president, Julius Malema, repeatedly called for the state to take control of mines.

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Dachshund said...

True, Viking: if the ANCYL was serious about "the people" having a share in the mines, all they would need to do would be to ask the mining houses to split the shares so the poor could buy them too.

But what's really at stake is the shares the members of the ANCYL want for themselves. Like 100%.

Africans are a very foolish race, never thinking of what lies ahead after the party's over. Haiti has once again proven that they can't be allowed to govern themselves for security's sake. Everything they touch turns to ruin.

Anonymous said...

There goes da neighbourhood ya'all!

Anonymous said...

I guess most people by now are aware that AA and BEE were created by rich white South Africans, in order to compensate the blacks for the wrongs of apartheid, without the elitist, rich whites losing their economical power.

The Broederbond is a classic example. These white people sold their fellow whites down the river in order to protect their economic interests.
To say that they are self serving is putting it mildly.

These whites are the architects and inventors of AA and BEE. Not the blacks, as blacks struggle with inventing anything not involving their cocks and babies.

OK, so my point is.

1) The elite whites in SA created AA and BEE to appease the ANC and to prevent the ANC from going the route of nationalization.

2) These elitists were also instrumental in bringing about the fall of the apartheid government.

Now I would be correct in saying that all of you folks here at ILuvSA (and similar sites) have been awake concerning the true situation in South Africa for a long, long time. You were, like myself, also quite frustrated at the average white South African that still believed in the pipe dream of the rainbow nation, all whilst a low level genocide against whites was underway.

The press was always full of praise for South Africa and blah, blah, blah carried on and on and on about the great and wonderful rainbow nation.

Then suddenly it changed. I don't know if you guys caught it, but the mood changed from optimistic to nagative in a few short weeks.

We have always been realistic as to the future of this once great country, but suddenly it felt as if everyone is waking up to the truth.
The turning point came when motor mouth Malema started mentioning "nationalization" without serious reprimands from his superiors. At this point the elitists were asking each other: "He can't do that can he?" Speculative, unsure, but still mocking Malema, not realizing that Malema is doing what the ANC(Zuma) requested him to do. Effectively Zuma has been gagged from doing what he wants to do,(think nationalization) unless he wants to end up in jail.

He has been warned that to not comply will have ramifications. The elitists always gets their way. If they can't buy you,(FW, PW) they will blackmail you, or even threaten you(Zuma)

What we experienced were the elitist whites realizing that their pact with the Marxist blacks are not going to work. They hoped that by creating a black middle class the black capitalists would forget about trivial matters such as nationalization.

Unfortunately as was the case with Zimbabwe the Elites forgot to factor in what happens when an ex Marxist, now Capatalist political party(Zanu PF, ANC) is faced with falling popularity from it's supporters. In Zimbabwe Mugabe had to get back to his Marxist roots of being anti-white in a hurry or face expulsion by his people. The ANC has noticed the initial signs of discontent by the people and are now only being proactive.

These white people that conspired to bring the apartheid government to a fall and then conspired to bring about AA and BEE to protect their own interests suddenly realized that they made a pact with the devil.


Payback is a bitch and it brings me great merriment to listen to their despair. They have fawked everyone over and now finally it has become their turn to be a bitch.
"Kry vir jou" and
"Wat jy saai sal jy maai"
are two Afrikaans sayings that springs to mind.

If only these stupid, stupid arseholes would have realized right from the start where their stupid actions would take us, a lot of innocent lives would have been spared.

And the loss of live curve is still on an upward slope.

(Black Marxism isn't pure Marxism. For them it is more about being anti-white, as the masses associate whites with capitalism)

Anyway we live in interesting times, although the latter sentence is a Chinese curse.


Anonymous said...

Dachshund said:
"Africans are a very foolish race, never thinking of what lies ahead after the party's over."

Now that is an understatement.

First thing these bafoons would do is to equalise salaries. In other words a cleaner at Anglo is suddenly going to find that he is getting a lot more and the salaty same as an engineer etc. Of course the engineer is going to find that suddenly he earns a lot less.

So the engineer isn't going to go to work and why should he?
You are going to see a lot of toilet cleaners trying to operate the plants. To say that the shit will hit the fan.(plants) Needless to say the wheels will fall off almost immediately.

The mines will grind to a halt.

Strangely enough the Boer prophet predicted exactly this scenario of the mines shutting down for an extended time.


Anonymous said...

I agree with A4 - Malema is voicing Zuma's sentiments as he can't do it without repercussions. That's why he doesn't get into trouble. He tests the water and then once Zuma sees everyone has given up the fight, he'll implement his plan. This has been coming for a while - where there's smoke there is fire. Another ANC success for the "people".

Sakkie de Kok said...

Anonymous 4:06
I wish I had written that.
Nail, hammer, head. Well done.

PS shouldn´t that be, ""Wat jy saai sal jy naai"? LOL.

Anonymous said...


"Wat jy saai sal jy naai"

Maybe it should read

"Wat jy saai sal JOU naai"

I think the old NP government was nothing more than an extension of the British empire for all the time they had been in power. They handed it over to the blacks on direction of their masters more likely than not with the promise of a payback.

Time will tell and the truth will surface.

Exzanian said...

A4 - Great analysis and mostly spot on. The change came shortly before "Polokwane" when certain elements in the ANC began to realise that their precious "freedom charter" was being shafted by the Mbekites. Pro Business and investor friendly, Mbeki became an intolerable threat to the ANC's stated vision, he attempted, with white capital backing, to hoodwink the left. They attempted to revert to type by ousting him and what a purge it was! Now the shoe is on the other foot and this left wing rabble have absolutely no idea what to do. How to implement these policies, they have no fucking idea, which is why their is no policy, just a lot of squabbling and crazy ideas. But give it to Julius and his black and white view, and SA would be a disaster inside of 5 years. Julius is the biggest threat to SA right now...

Anonymous said...

I say let them do it do know how many blacks will get killed in the mines due to mismanagement by the new black bosses running the show. And I wonder if there is much gold left anyway.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech in South Africa

Bantsijang said...

Nationalisation is overdue.

Dachshund said...

Oh wow, look at this wannabe tenderpreneur Bantjisang, yo, he has 4 blogs, all of them total boolsheet. In case da beeg nashunilasheen with beeg construkshun tenders doesn't come his way, he offers the following services:


Don't give up those hairbraiding and pap kiosks, Bantjisang, or your day job as a taxi driver!

Viking said...

Bantsijang -

Nationalisation is just for other people, isn't it?

Dachshund said...

For all that anti-white nationalisation tough talk, and professed interest in strictly negroid music on his Facebook profile, Bantjisang is a huge fan of John Wesley and the Methodist Church, he's a member of the Wesley Guild big time, mentions it FOUR times, in case anyone has attention deficit disorder.

Wake up, black man! John Wesley was WHITE! As WHITE as your communist soul is BLACK!