Thursday, January 28, 2010

ANC to blame for 'greedy Marogas'

Cape Town - The Congress of the People warned on Thursday that the ANC's unscrupulous governance will continue to produce the "greedy Marogas of this world".

Cope had noted former Eskom CEO Jacob Maroga's outrageous and regrettable R85 million law suit against the financially ailing state power utility, Cope spokesperson Mlindi Nhanha said.

"The public is currently terrified by the anticipation that Eskom is going to be granted the 35% tariff hike on electricity by Nersa (National Energy Regulator of SA) while the public will unfortunately have to foot the bill," he said.

Maroga was really taking South Africans for a ride considering that the report by former Eskom chairperson Bobby Godsell had on record confirmed that the parastatal "perished" under Maroga's guard with a list of no fewer than 40 tasks left undone.

"Cope, however, believes that Maroga's behaviour is perpetuated by the precedents set by ANC government that senior executives of state-owned entities and other public institutions can continuously loot the public purse despite non-performance.

"Our view is that Maroga's actions are also encouraged by the ruling party's undesirable status of player and referee with Chancellor House' stake in Hitachi Power Africa through which the ANC benefits from Eskom."

According to media reports, the ANC is set to earn billions of rands through tenders given by Eskom to Hitachi.

The ANC's investment arm Chancellor House owns 25% of Hitachi.

Nhanha said under Maroga's leadership, Eskom had failed to develop and present a clear plan to deliver affordable, safe and cleaner energy for the country.

"Yet he has the audacity to claim R85m, for what?

"The Congress of the People views Maroga's law suit to be fed by nothing but greed and indiscretion.

"We are very displeased by his... attempt to milk blood out of the SOE [state owned enterprise] well knowing that he left the power utility in a sorry financial state for which he is partly responsible."

Cope supported UDM leader Bantu Holomisa's call for the energy portfolio chair to summon Eskom to appear before the committee on the Hitachi deal, he said.

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Dachshund said...

This is the kind of entitlement that causes poor black people to throw what little money they have at witchdoctors for wealth muti.

And this is why little black boys and girls are now called "amaLotto".

Anonymous said...

Interesting to read that the government owns 25% of Hitachi....who they just gave huge tenders to. Where are the libs? Hello!! Libs, where are you??? Why aren't you jumping up and down about this blatant corruption??