Thursday, January 28, 2010

Afrikaans a 'Goliath in iron clothes'

Bloemfontein - A complaint of hate speech has been lodged at the Human Rights Commission against the Young Communist League, the Federation of Governing Bodies of SA Schools (Fedsas) said on Wednesday.

This was in response to a memorandum sent by the Young Communist League to the Christiana Combined School in North West.

Fedsas said the YCL had asked for a "revolution against Afrikaans" and the language was described as a "Giant Goliath in iron clothes" that denies the "right to education in the Freedom Charter".

The memorandum, which was also sent to the North West education department, suggests the use of Afrikaans in public schools be abolished in favour of English.

Chief executive officer of Fedsas, Paul Colditz, reacted with shock to the memorandum.

"These kinds of memoranda are a serious cause of concern because blame for the serious problems in the education system is placed at the wrong door," Colditz said in a statement.

'Don't disrupt schools'

Fedsas said it was a pity that schools were disrupted by political parties and political organisations.

"For years we've been pleading that politics be removed from schools. The Schools Act is very clear on the fact that parents should go to the department if schools are not available.

"In terms of the Schools Act, the state is required to provide for learners," said Colditz.

He urged political parties to become involved in a constructive way by taking part in debates through the proper channels and guarding against disrupting education.

The school governing body indicated it had already won several court cases regarding the right of a school's governing body to determine the school's language policy.


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Anonymous said...

Par for the progressive history and vilify your enemies. They have to blame someone and take the heat off themselves.