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The Right Perspective on Rhodesia & South Africa


TRP on Rhodesia & South Africa by islandshark

The good folks at The Right Perspective regularly have a few gems on the truth about Apartheid South Africa and Africa in general.  Here they speak to Paul from Florida:

  • Rhodesia going from bread basket to basket case.
  • South African government can’t protect the citizens.
  • Inept South African Police.
  • Continuing murders of the most brutal kind.
  • Why aren’t things going better?  It was supposed to after the end of “evil Apartheid”.
  • Jimmy Carter and other communist inspired liberal idiots’ role in the demise of South Africa.

It is good to know that the word is getting out!

Whites Out, and more

Whites Out, Blacks In from Orwellian Culture, with an interesting reference to a Facebook group here called September National Imbizo.

According to the nice folks at SNI,

a few have benefited from fruit of democracy
Which is very revealing of the attitude in many quarters in SA. "Fruit of democracy" is freedom, right? that's what it means to most people. Not so, say some. Democracy must mean my material circumstance must improve, they think. Why? You guys were seriously lied to if you thought freedom meant more free stuff without having to work for it.

According to the minutes of the SNI meeting "Blacks can't be racist!" in other words their efforts to fight racism are geared towards... guess who.

SNI is related in some way to the black consciousness group Blackwash, also still on Facebook despite being an overtly racist organisation. According to their info page:
Blackwash is a collective of blacks, by blacks and for blacks only! We stand for liberation of black people, who want to be liberated. This means amongst others self governance and equitable sharing of our natural resources. But it also means we need to find collective and democratic practices to define and arrive at our final destiny. We understand white supremacy to be at the very foundation of the world capitalist system. White supremacy organizes everyday racism, exploitation, women oppression and destruction of the life. You can’t fight white supremacy without fighting against patriarchy, capitalism, homophobia and self hate at the same time.

We shall walk as we talk. We shall make our own mistakes; we shall learn and improve on our practice. Blackwash stands ultimately for the love of black people and the end of our suffering. We hope to oppress no one, but we shall not dialogue with forces which perpetrate our oppression. It’s a new day Vuka darkie…
Coz 1994 changed fokol!

We focus on South Africa as our immediate challenge, but we won’t stop there. We carry the spirit of Haiti’s slave revolt of 1884 in our souls and as an antidote to white supremacy. We believe what white supremacy has done to Haiti in the past 200 years is the story of black people the world over.

Blackwash’s first project is a counter-culture initiative that will uses unapologetic and vulgar T-Shirts to scream these truths from the margins. We scream that the honeymoon period of senseless t-shirts, music and other culture platforms is over. The Fuck project uses these accepted youth culture arenas to fight back.
Any group that holds up Haiti as a model to imitate must have a screw loose, but it must not be forgotten that the Haitian slave revolt - which took place in 1791, by the way, not 1884 - resulted in the slaughter of most of the whites in the colony. Ok, maybe the slave owners deserved their wrath, you may say, but surely not their wives and children too.

Given their complaints, it's hard to know what groups like Blackwash expected when the New South Africa came about. Did they really think - particularly given their massive numbers - that SA's blacks would become middle class and have cars and houses and TVs and everything else? Reading sites like that, it's hard to believe they didn't. Which of course justifies crime and theft on the grounds that others have taken the share of the pie that's due to them.

Given their hostility to Capitalism, it's hard to imagine from whence they believed this wealth was to come. In fact, it's hard to believe groups like this are doing anything other than stirring up hatred, and they may well succeed. Beware, South Africa.

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SA Police anti-white racism and brutality

from Censorbugbear

Police anti-white racist attack against Van Wyk family, Dec 25 2010, Brits – Van Wyk couple dumped in Brits SAPS cells, racially abused, threatened with rape:

VanWykcouple racistabuse BRITS SAPS cells Dec 25 2010 ELSA LOURENS GOT THEM OUT OF JAIL Statement by Brits Freedom Front Plus councillor Elsa Lourens

On December 25 2010 Jaco van Wyk, his wife Mona, their three children and adult family friend Lee Mark left their home at Sonop to spend the day together for a family Christmas outing. They didn’t have an inkling that the Van Wyk parents would be dumped in the Brits SAPS cells at 6pm that evening, racially abused by crude-mouthed black police officers in front of their small children - and the father threatened with gang-rape in the holding cells.

Freedom Front plus councillor Elsa Lourens – who spent many hours trying to get the arrested Afrikaans couple released from the Brits police cells – has issued a detailed statement with visual evidence. After her intervention, the Brits police dropped the charges against the couple. However the party has initiated proceedings to lodge formal charges against the police- and traffic-officials involved in the incident. Ms Lourens condemned the racist abuse this defenceless family was targetted with by government officials. She released evidence in the form of pictures and video material taken of the incidents.

Know your Rights

The Freedom Front Plus says they have received a stream of complaints of racist-abuse and police-aggression against their electorate this season - and today posted a statement on their Facebook page, ‘Know your Rights” , in Afrikaans. VIEW THE VIDEO on the FREEDOM FRONT PLUS FACEBOOK PAGE


Ms Lourens said the Van Wyk couple were first pulled over in a police roadblock because their numberplate was not attacked to the front; however it had fallen off enroute and Mr Van Wyk had put it in clear view in the front window and told the officials at the first roadblock that he would have it re-attached upon their return home. In that first roadblock the police official also assured the family that it would not be a problem as long as the numberplate was clearly visible – which is was...  (picture below)


However when the Van Wyk family car was  stopped at a second roadblock, a black police officer started cursing Mr Van Wyk for a ‘white bastard’ and cursed the entire Afrikaner family with foul and very crude language while writing a ticket. Mrs Van Wyk, angered by these crude insults, tore up the ticket and they drove on. A few kilometres further down the road, the Van Wyk vehicle was suddenly surrounded by a large number of police vehicles and forced off the road. Mr Van Wyk was physically dragged from the car after he told the police he did not want to abandon his family in such an unsafe place and would rather follow them to the police station. Mr Van Wyk was then assaulted, and forced at gunpoint by a police officer to lie down,” wrote Ms Lourens.

“You have killed my daddy…’ shouted the weeping child

Ms Lourens continued: ‘One of the small Van Wyk children then jumped from the car, thinking that they had killed her father, and beat at one of the officers with a small plastic toy golfing stick, shouting that they ‘had shot her daddy’. Mrs Van Wyk was in hysterics and tried to get out of her seatbelt while the officers were assaulting her, trying to drag her out of the car. Mr Van Wyk then jumped to his wife’s defence, shouting for them to leave his wife alone. Family friend Lee Mark was meanwhile sitting inside the car, holding the little Van Wyk boy close to his chest to protect him. Another police officer then stuck a gun inside the car, and held it to Lee’s head, ordering Lee to ‘shut the children up’. An eye-witness at the scene who was taking photos and videos with her cellphone also was threatened that they would confiscate her phone: and they broke her keys when trying to rip them out of the ignition while Mr van Wyk was still being beaten repeatedly in the face before he and his wife were handcuffed and taken to the Brits police cells. He was there forced to undergo blood-tests which will only be available in July, the police claimed at the charge-office. Mr Lee then took back the family car to Brits with the three Van Wyk children, taking them to a family-member for safekeeping,” wrote Mrs Lourens.

She spent hours on Christmas Day, trying to get the Van Wyk couple released from the Brits police cells.  Initially the SAPS even denied that the Van Wyk’s were arrested and inside. It took her three hours before she could reach officials at the cells by phone.

Police officers told 14 black detainees in the Brits holding cell: ‘we have brought you a Paulina to rape…’

Lourens wrote: “While driving the cells, one official had pushed Van Wyk’s head outside the window while other officers were constantly beating him against the ear and his head while cursing him constantly. He then was taken to Cell 11 of the Brits police station where the black officers told the 15 black detainees inside that they had brought them a ‘Paulina’ for the weekend and that Van Wyk would be raped until he had ‘learned some manners’ . Van Wyk said he then was subjected to a constant stream of threats of rape and also called “Paulina’ by the detainees who demanded that he send out for cigarettes for them or he would be gang-raped. Meanwhile Mrs Van Wyk was also accosted in the female-section cells because the black women detained there tried to rob her jewellery. She hid her earrings underneath her tongue.

SAPS at Brits denied any knowledge of the arrested Van Wyk parents:

The Freedom Front councillor said that she tried to reach the police station at Brits from 8pm to 11pm by telephone that night and finally obtained some confirmaiton from officials at the cells after the complaints-officials had repeatedly denied that the Van Wyk couple were inside the police station and had denied all knowledge of the incident. However, the official at the holding cells told Ms Lourens at 11pm that the ‘Van Wyks had already been released and were in the complaints office’.  The Van Wyk couple denied this, saying they were held until well after 11pm and that throughout their arrest and incarceration, they were not informed under what charges they were being held. The Brits police also vehemently denied they had carried out acts of brutality and had shouted racist abuse at the couple. Early the next day, the councillor went to the Brits magistrate’s court where Mrs Van Wyk had been ordered to appear purportedly to face charges of ‘interfering in an arrest’ and ‘malicious damage to property". While she waited in court, Mrs Lourens obtained the video material and photographs from an eye-witnesses there -- and went to the Brits police station commander with it.

“A person in civilian clothing at the Brits police station then tried to convince me that the Van Wyks were  ‘distorting the case’ and that there had been ‘no police  brutality,’ she said. “However, when I informed him of the visual evidence he fell silent,’ she said. “I informed him that it even looked from the videos as of an article was taken from the vehicle and placed inside the pocket of an official. I also told him that when Mrs Van Wyk was plucked from the car, her cellphone had fallen out of her pocket, and that an official, dressed in black civilian clothing, then put it in his own pocket. Mrs Van Wyk then demanded her cellphone back and fought with this man who then returned it”. The official then left. Within ten minutes the Van Wyk couple phoned Ms Lourens – informing her that the case against them was dropped. The Freedom Front Plus councillor said however they are not letting this incident rest - they have in turn already initiated proceedings against the traffic officials and the police officers. “What is so worrying is that whenever there is a real emergency, the police claims that they have no vehicles available or officers to respond to the scene. However it was clear that there was no shortage of officials nor vehicles. And the racist comments coupled with the brutal behaviour of the police is not in line with the official “Batho-pele’ policies of the SAPS, which claims that they ‘put people first’. Clearly these  Batho Pele principles posted above the door of this police station, hold no meaning for those officials’.  She called on the community to inform them of any police violence and racist actions by officials. 

PHOTOGRAPHS AND VIDEOS:!/video/video.php?v=477503396215&oid=187645864452&comments

Know your rights:!/notes/vryheidsfront-plusfreedomfront-plus/wat-is-my-regte-/10150114994464180

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Merry Christmas from ILSA!

Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas from all at ILSA.  I hope to be posting more in the new year about interesting developments in South Africa.  News which you won’t hear from the Ministry of Lies.



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Land Redistributed - To Chinese

h/t A.Stuijt.

""Eastern Cape's abundant agricultural land has seen China survey the province for farming business opportunities to supplement its scarce land resources," spokeswoman Ikhona Mvaphantsi said in a statement.

The Yebo Africa Trading Hall (ATH) in Shangai, China, had entered into an agreement with the Alfred Nzo district municipality to use land in the area for pomelo citrus fruit cultivation."

Read more.

Hang on, weren't we against the idea of selling land to foreigners??

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The Apartheid Dialectic.

There was a debate concerning Apartheid on this blog a few months ago often going along a general pro / con dialectic but I would submit that there is another perspective because that approach misses the larger picture of investigating why Apartheid was promoted & sold as a "solution" during the 1930s onwards in the first place because those that pushed it as a solution were basically ensnared into a confidence trick [ as the Apartheid example as set by the British Colonial power all over the world in fact was then starting to unravel ] because the long term viability of such laws were doomed due to changing trends & especially shifting demographics within the greater State. Consequently the loud proclamations of local governments asserting control over & expanding the existing Apartheid only led to the vilification of the macro White population in general.

Such an over ambitious & teleocratic agenda had great difficulty in obtaining its stated goal growing ever more illusive as time went on but only served as convenient fodder against the general White population as much of the world was conditioned to blame them for the system in place - but what role did the average White person play in the adoption of the system? There are those who are quick to lay blame on White people in general while overlooking just how the system was imposed in the first place. Most average folks within a given population often do not follow let alone participate in government & politics therefore to lay blame on an entire population group for government policies can be displaced.

Part of the erroneous Apartheid dialectic asserts that local White peoples imposed Apartheid laws onto the region when in reality there was never any grass root movement among the White population to adopt such laws & the adoption & imposition of the Apartheid laws was done in a top down manner. Those laws were initially implemented by the British Colonial regimes in the Cape & Natal during the late 19th cent modeled on the policies employed on the mines of Johannesburg. The Apartheid laws were never subjected to a referendum or plebiscite as they were formulated by bureaucrats & politicians. While White people were recruited to fill the role of a surrogate Colonial power within the government of the new macro State - it would be a considerable stretch to blame White people in general for its various policies as governments are notorious for following their own agendas / for being autocratic & for disregarding populist concerns among the general population.

Since Apartheid was never put before the White population in a referendum or plebiscite - it is not fair nor accurate to presume that most White people supported those measures. It is not as though the local White population clamoured for Apartheid laws on some sort of grass roots level or started political movements with the express purpose of implementing Apartheid because the old Apartheid laws were in fact instituted from the top down by various REGIMES without consulting the electorate in any sort of a vote. The only sort of vote which was interpreted as a public endorsement of Apartheid was the 1948 election of Daniel Francois Malan & his Reunited National Party but few bother to scrutinize the matter to discover some telling facts.

First of all the National Party victory at the polls during that election was illusory as they did not win the popular vote: only just barely enough seats to form a government. This is known to happen from time to time in Parliamentary based democracies. Therefore construing that election as a mass endorsement for Apartheid [ as many political pundits do ] would be intellectually dishonest. Next: the governing United Party was in fact PERPLEXED by the National Party's election campaign [ 1 ] & its proposed "emergency measures" aimed at strengthening & reforming Apartheid as the UP saw the NP position as nothing more than a dressed up version of their own policy & believed that the existing Apartheid laws on the statute books were sufficient. The National Party had to later co-opt the Afrikaner Party in the early 1950s [ of which its leader N C Havenga was Malan's preferred successor when Malan announced his retirement but the post ultimately went to Hans Strijdom ] just to increase the National Party's base of support to go into further polls. Then: when the next election cycle came up for 1953 the National Party made sure that the White population of South West Africa could vote in South African elections so that they could increase their representation in Parliament. Not until the 1958 election did the National Party receive a majority of the White electorate: [ 2 ] after most of the Grand Apartheid laws were already passed. Furthermore it should be pointed out that Afrikaner Nationalists simply extended & stregthened previous segregatonist laws that were inheritied from & passed by the earlier Brtitish colonial regimes prior. They did not invent anything new - only made it more organized & later granted independence & self government to various mini States. What had come to be known as Apartheid was in fact in practice since the begining of the South African macro State [ & indeed if it were not then the White surrogate Colonial regime could never have been brought to power in the first place via the universal franchise adopted as the means of electoral law as per the governance of South Africa ] & was IMPOSED onto the region via political decisions from the top & not from popular mass organization. The main purpose of Apartheid [ as it was enforced ] was to secure the State from the British & the intial use of the term Apartheid was used in relation to the separation of Afrikaans speakers from English speakers. The author P Eric Louw notes [ 3 ] that the National Party's version of Apartheid got started as a means to prevent Anglo domination.

This new expansion & reorganization of Apartheid was driven by the then secretive Afrikaner Broederbond which was using the Apartheid issue to bolster their influence & power. The membership of the Afrikaner Broederbond was small in numbers but wielded a lot of influence & power as virtually every single National Party cabinet member was a member of this elite semi-secret group which formulated the Grand Apartheid laws WITHOUT large scale or mass public consultation.

Prime Minister J B M Hertzog who started the original National Party in 1914 stated in November 1935 that: "there was no doubt that the secret Broederbond was nothing more than the National Party operating secretly underground, and the National Party is nothing more than the secret Afrikaner Broederbond operating in public". [ 4 ] Therefore this public admission demonstrates that the mass public were by & large kept in the dark & can not honestly be held accountable en mass for a system devised in secret [ initially ] by the political establishment.

The only reason why the old Apartheid laws appeared to have any support [ of which was never much more than 30 % solid hard core support of the electorate coupled with a slight "swing vote" section of which swung against Apartheid by the late P W Botha regime ] was because after the regimes dangled Apartheid in front of the White electorate as a means to safeguard their security & what little representation they had [ remember politics is the art of pretending to represent the people while really just implementing a semi-secret agenda aimed at securing the interests of the elite ] within the dispensation - they effectively frightened the White electorate into supporting the Apartheid doctrine as the only method to prevent what they cynically called the Black Threat. Cynical because they exploited those fears among the White electorate to great political benefit which was evident in how the National Party was able to hold onto power for over four decades. Though the opposition political parties' lack of submitting a viable alternative also played a large role in National Party dominance. Other options to Apartheid were purposely sidelined because of the establishment's desire to maintain their dominance of the macro State as created by the British Imperialists with an act of legislation passed in the British Parliament in 1909. The various Apartheid laws were just the various regimes' way of attempting to deal with the monstrous macro State that the South Africa Act created without losing control of the said macro State via its institutions & government. Wherein the Boers [among others] were denied their right to self determination in a total betrayal of Article 7 of the Vereeniging Accord not to mention the Sand River Convention & the Orange River Convention.

The Separate Development phase of Apartheid was often viewed as an expression of ultra right wing or conservative politics yet its basic premise of decolonization [ which was limited & never quite got off the ground as they never devised a viable method of reversing the macro State structure ] & of granting ethnic based self determination [ limited once again of course ] could hardly be considered as such & in fact this policy had opponents on the ultra conservative Right. The Separate Development stage of Apartheid as instituted by the National Party from the 1950s onwards was viewed as too liberal by ultra conservative figures such as Albert Hertzog [ who later founded the HNP ] as he was against the granting of Bantu homeland independence as he feared those independent states would become infiltrated by communism. [ 5 ] Though ironically the initial Apartheid policies which became institutionalized in law was a direct result of the high finance Capitalist [ which is not the free market ] influence in the region as a result of the labour policies employed on the gold mines near Johannesburg stemming from the racial segregation policies enforced on the mines.

Furthermore liberal icons such as Alfred Hoernlé was advocating for a system of partition in order "to protect the Black population from White economic exploitation". [ 6 ] Therefore it was one dimensional to view programs aimed at obtaining ethnic partition as "racist" when the very aim of those policies is to prevent racism from being possible by developing a dispensation whereby the various ethnic groups are no longer under the suzerainty of a racially or ethnically exploitative or dominant system. Which is not to say that the manner in which the past attempts within the old dispensation were enacted was desirable nor even practical as it was lopsided & the surrogate Colonial regime was attempting to maintain control over the major portion of the macro State & allocate it for the general White population - but such an aim of authentic ethnic / national group emancipation from macro State & surrogate Colonial regime suzerainty should not be a disparaged goal because the desire of authentic national group independence is a natural outcome of politically mature groups who want to get out from under oppression or ethnic marginalization & the dictates of a centralized system of government.

Conclusion. I will conclude on an interesting note: the Country Studies series available at the United States Library of Congress notes that prior to the arrival of the British & particularly before the era of the Anglo-Boer War - there was a balance of power in the region [ 7 ] thus if that politically stable situation could have prevailed & have been left alone: there never would have been the implementation of the later Apartheid laws on such a grand scale because this balance of power would not have been disturbed & there would not have existed the macro State which was the centralized enforcement mechanism of the Apartheid laws of the past & present.


1. Apartheid Revisited by Gavan Tredoux.

2. Paper presented to the Inaugural Conference of the Harold Wolpe Memorial Trust. The Political Economy of Social Change in South Africa University of the Western Cape.

3. Page 33 of The Rise / Fall & Legacy of Apartheid. P Eric Louw.

4. Alistair Boddy-Evans. Afrikaner Broederbond. What was the Afrikaner Broederbond.

5. Chapter 4 The Afrikaner Broederbond: From ‘Devil of Apartheid’ to an Actor of Change in the Transformation Process of South Africa? Annette Knecht Introduction.

6. R F A HoernlĂ©, South African Native Policy and the Liberal Spirit, Witwatersrand University Press, Johannesburg, 1945, pp 168–178. See also P N Malherbe, Multistan: A Way Out of the South African Dilemma, David Philip, Cape Town, 1974.

7. The Library of Congress Country Studies.

Post Script. Which is not to say that State devised programs attempting to manage growing racial demographic complexities [ exacerbated incredibly by the British mines owners ] would not have arisen but it is clear that it would not have been on the scale of what later unfolded due to the nature macro State centralization.

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2010 per meus oculus (through my eyes)

And the picture?

Because I think it is funny….

I know that the posts on this blog has dried up to a trickle of what it previously were, and that made me think that I should at least make an effort to wish all our readers a festive Christmas and new year.

So without further ado: A Happy, Merry, and Blessed Christmas to all, and May the New Year be what everybody wish for.

I am taking off for the rest of the year and will only start to be productive again early next year. I am going to spend this time with my family, fixing the little things around the house that needed fixing, and generally just try to recharge my batteries.

This then is the ideal moment to reflect on the last 12 months.

So many things has happened for and in South Africa, that it will be impossible to recap all, so I thought I will reread all my posts for the last 12 months, to try and figure out what has grabbed my attention.

I am listing the links to my postings below. I am actually amazed with myself. For somebody that is really busy with his work, I actually posted a lot. 39 posts!

What pissed me off the most?

The black on white racism, with the associated murder, torture, and mayhem. And to add to that, people like the Braaihoender that for some or other reason feels that it does not exist, or is OK because of the history of South Africa.

I truly believe that anybody that does not acknowledge the truth about the South African genocide of white people is as responsible for the deaths of these people, as the murderers themselves.

It is inexcusable.

The second thing that pissed me off?

I have read comments in other blogs where this blog is mentioned, and we as contributors on this blog is singled out as Nazi’s, Klux Klux khan, racists, idiots, fascists, etc.

I, personally takes exception to this, because, believe me, I do not see myself as any of these.

The third thing that pissed me off?

Amazing that the ANC is only 3rd on my list? I can’t believe it myself, but believe me they, the ANC have nothing to be proud of. If I look and think back on all the reports of non service delivery, poor governance, dishonesty, and in general to poor government, then I can only despair.

And I think I am going to stop here.

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SA White Refugee May be Sent Home

h/t Ozzie Saffa

The subject of Brandon Huntley has been raised on this site a few times and the latest news is that a Canadian judge has largely rejected his story of racial prejudice in South Africa. This is something of a travesty, because as all of us at ILSA know well, racial prejudice has official status in South Africa, and for a foreign judge to deny it is simply a rejection of facts.

Now, whether or not you believe Huntley's story is largely irrelevant - and I've made it clear that I have my doubts - but the facts to which he alludes are incontrovertible. Victimisation of white people in South Africa, both at an officially sanctioned level and on the streets, is a reality and the goal of this blog has been, in no small part, to gather and present evidence of this reality.

If Huntley is sent home, this represents a huge kick in the teeth for South Africans, and reveals the entire concept of refugee status as a sham intended to favour only certain "victim groups". While Huntley has been living in Canada, a boatload of Sri Lankan "refugees" has pitched up in Vancouver and stated their intent to live off the state for the rest of their lives. Similarly, other claimants plead "poverty" in their homelands as a reason for their refugee claims - as though Western countries have a duty of care towards those whose cultures and societies create only poverty and need.

White South African fights to stay in Canada

Brandon Huntley had been granted refugee status because he claimed persecution in his homeland, South Africa. (Tony Caldwell, QMI Agency file photo)
Brandon Huntley had been granted refugee status because he claimed persecution in his homeland, South Africa. (Tony Caldwell, QMI Agency file photo)

OTTAWA - A white South African who was granted refugee status in Canada after claiming racial persecution may yet be sent home.

On Wednesday, the Federal Court granted immigration minister Jason Kenney's request for a judicial review of the refugee board decision that allowed Brandon Carl Huntley to stay in Ottawa.

In his 2008 application, Huntley said he'd been stabbed three times in seven robberies at the hands of black South Africans. They called him a "white dog," he told the refugee board.

Huntley presented "clear and convincing proof of the state's inability or unwillingness to protect him," the board found. It granted him refugee status in 2009.

Kenney had argued evidence presented on Huntley's behalf was irrelevant. Another woman had testified that black South Africans had tortured and shot her brother, showing the country was powerless to prevent black-on-white violence.

The board decision had also been blasted by South Africa's governing African National Congress as "racist."

Huntley's lawyer, Rocco Galati, told the court the South African government had twisted the immigration minister's arm to review the case, calling the review application an "abuse of process from outside pressure."

Federal Court Justice James Russell didn't buy it.

Russell's decision sets aside the earlier refugee board decision, and sends Huntley's refugee claim back to a "differently constituted" board for consideration.

Huntley first came to Canada in 2004 to work as a carnival attendant. He returned the next year, staying illegally until making his refugee claim.

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SA Rape Stats Get More Depressing

IT was one in four last year.

A new survey says that one in three SA men admits to raping a woman, with a quarter of women saying they have been victims.

One in three South African men admit to rape, survey finds

South African survey in province of Gauteng finds 37.4% of men confessing to rape, while 25.3% of women say they are victims

Read the rest here.

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Govt proposes salary caps

No doubt the "previously disadvantaged" and friends of the ANC will be excluded....

Creeping Communism....

H/T Ozzie Saffa

Cape Town - The government tabled its new growth path in Parliament on Tuesday, part of which proposes a cap on salaries and bonuses for senior managers and executives earning more than R550 000 a year.

The document, unveiled by Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel, also suggests a cap on increases for all those earning more than R20 000 a month.

It proposes "moderate wage settlements" for those earning between R3 000 and R20 000 a month, "possibly to inflation plus a modest real increase", with "inflation-level increases for those earning over R20 000 a month".

Patel said the document also called for a broad pact between business, labour and government.

Such a pact would include commitments on wages, prices, savings and jobs.

There was a proposal, for discussion with business and labour, for moderate wage settlements linked to clear commitments by business to save jobs, create new jobs and address inequality, he said.


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Township Thugs Torch Bus for Disabled

Here are a collection of stories revolving around the Western Cape faux "service delivery protests" which, as usual, have descended into violence and destruction.

The first is Helen Zille's reaction to the "protests", in which she wonders why those wanting more services are busily destroying those services in the process. This criticism is flawed only that it assumes an underlying logic exists in the minds of the thugs involved, when it doesn't.

Last week, three vehicles were burnt during a so-called ‘service delivery' protest in Khayelitsha. Ironically, each of these vehicles was busy delivering a service to the community. One was delivering matric exam scripts to the marking centre. Another was fetching disabled people (for whom the City provides a special, subsidized transport system). A third was transporting children to a camp for abused children. The fourth vehicle escaped the blaze, but was stoned. It was an ambulance responding to an emergency call in the community.

It is beyond irony that services are destroyed in the name of service delivery protests.

Beyond irony for sure, but also deeply uncaring and revealing of a mindset that says, if I can't get what I want then those freeloadind disableds and abused kids aren't either.


The second, by Cape Minister of Public Safety Albert Fritz, supports the right to protest but characterises the destruction as "nothing short of anarchy".

In the Mail & Guardian we read how the ANCYL is piggybacking the protests although it will not admit to organising them. Alright, but there's little doubt that unseating the DA is part of the agenda of the criminals who are destroying the townships. Someone might want to point out the irony of protesting service delivery in the only province where services are, more often than not, actually delivered. Says one activist:

"We had better service delivery under the apartheid government," said Lili. "At least it built our people covered toilets. Now, we're given open-air toilets and a new bucket system. We’re going backwards."
Well, yes you are. And relying on the government to build you a fucking toilet is part of your problem, not the solution to it.

R29M to "Defeat Imperialism".


Solidarity With North Korea?!?!?!?!?!?

The DA is “astonished” the presidency has granted an extra R29-

million to the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) for it to host a nine-day student festival themed “Let's defeat imperialism”.

“The National Youth Development Agency is a public entity, mandated to act in an impartial manner, to advance the interests of all of South Africa's youth,” Democratic Alliance parliamentary leader Athol Trollip said in a statement on Thursday.

“Instead, it is now going to be spending nearly R30-million on a conference being hosted by a radical global youth organisation, of which the ANC Youth League are members.”

The World Festival of Youth and Students has previously been held in Pyongyang, North Korea; Havana, Cuba; and Caracas, Venezuela.

Member parties who made up the event include the Zanu-PF Youth League from Zimbabwe, and the youth league of the Workers' Party of North Korea.

The event would host 60 000 around delegates.

The theme of the year's conference, to be held from December 13

to 21, is “Let's defeat imperialism”, and topics for seminars include “The builders of the anti-imperialist media are fighters against lies and manipulation” and “Solidarity with (North) Korea”.

According to the event's programme, President Jacob Zuma will be attending activities on day four of the event.

“That the state, the presidency and President Zuma himself should be legitimising an event of this nature, and ploughing state resources into it beggars belief and constitutes electioneering at the state's expense,” Trollip said.

The agency's R400-million annual budget could be used to fund initiatives that promise to make a much greater impact on youth development, such as implementing the wage subsidy proposal or instituting a zero-rating of VAT on books.

“President Zuma should disband this R400-million entity, whose only purpose seems to be to placate the ruling party's Youth League.” -


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Abducted Tourist Found Dead in Cape Town

H/T Sarah

This whole thing stinks worse than Gugulethu. Tourist arrives in Cape Town on Thursday and goes on a township tour within two days? I've been advising people against going on these tours for years..

Who is the male companion?

Hopefully more details will emerge soon.

British Tourist Found Dead In South Africa

A British tourist has been found dead after being abducted by armed men in Cape Town, according to South African police.

Google map highlighting Cape Town, South Africa

Google map highlighting Cape Town, South Africa

The 28-year-old victim and her male friend were kidnapped on Saturday when a group stopped their taxi near a major township, officers said in a statement.

The attackers forced the driver out of the vehicle and sped off with the tourists. The 31-year-old man was released an hour later, the statement continued.

But the body of the woman was found later in the Lingelethu West area, southeast of the city centre.

We would like to issue a stern warning to visitors in our province, and locals alike, to exercise caution and be vigilant.

Western Cape Provincial Management

"An extensive search for the vehicle and the female victim resulted in the discovery of the hijacked vehicle in Lingelethu West, with the female victim's body on the back seat," the statement said.

It added a post-mortem to establish the cause of death was set to take place.

Police did not release the identities of the tourists, who arrived in South Africa on Thursday.

The country has one of the highest crime rates in the world, with about 46 murders a day.

The statistic led to a massive increase in security during the June-July World Cup.

Authorities in the scenic Western Cape, one of the country's top tourist destinations, urged visitors and locals to be "prepared for potential danger".

"The Western Cape Provincial Management would like to issue a stern warning to visitors in our province, and locals alike, to exercise caution and be vigilant when entering an unfamiliar area and always be prepared for potential danger," it said.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Does Affirmative Action work?

If you read the bullet points below, you will be forgiven for thinking that this might be something that some white South African racist dreamt up.

It is in fact a study done by The Council of the Great City Schools, in the United States, called “A call for Change: The social and educational factors contributing to the outcomes of black males in urban schools.”

How can I, a white South African even start to read this publication, without some radical, bigoted thoughts? It is actually impossible.

It is useless to even try and compare it with what we have today in South Africa..

So I started to think along the lines of, yes, sure, there are many factors that contribute to the poor performance of black males in this specific study, but surely this is the land of milk and honey for any minority group like for instance blacks. They have the benefit of affirmative action that makes sure that they as minorities are protected.

I am again struggling to come up with some logical reason for this, without calling it what I think it is.

Read the full publication here. Be warned, it is comprehensive, and a lengthy read.

• Black mothers had infant mortality rates at least twice as high as White mothers between 2003 and 2007.

• Black children, 17 years old and younger, were 50 percent more likely to be without private or government health insurance than White children in 2008.

• Between 2006 and 2008, the percentage of Black males 0-4 years of age in families without health insurance was higher among those who were classified as near-poor than those living in households identified as poor or non-poor. However, there was little difference between Black males living in metropolitan areas and all Black males at various income levels (poor, near-poor, or non-poor).

• In 2008, Black children ages 18 and under were nearly three times more likely to live in single-parent households than White children. Nearly two-thirds of all Black children lived in single-parent households.

• In 2007, the majority of Black children under 18 lived in single-mother households. Approximately six out of 10 Black children lived with a female parent, no spouse present; compared with three out of 10 Black children living with married parents.

• In 2005-2006, three out of four Black children at age 4 were likely to be enrolled in a non-Head Start child care program. At least one-third of Black children participated in home-based care or had no regular nonparent arrangement.

• In 2008, the highest level of education attained by parents of Black children ages 6-18 was similar among mothers and fathers. At least one-third of these children had a parent with a high school diploma, 24 percent had a parent with some college, and less than 15 percent had a parent with a bachelor’s degree.

• Black children ages 18 and under were twice as likely as White children to live in households where no parent had full-time or year-round employment in 2008. Four out of 10 Black children lived in households where no parent had full-time or year-round employment, compared with two out of 10 White children.

• One-third of Black children under age 18 lived in poverty, compared with 10 percent of White children and 27 percent of Hispanic children in 2007.

• In 2008, Black males were nearly twice as likely as White males to drop out of high school—9 percent of Black males, compared with 5 percent of White males.

• In 2007, Black students were less likely to graduate on time from public high school (completing grades 9 through 12 in four years) than White students. Eight out of 10 White students graduated from public high schools in four years, compared with six out of 10 Black students.

• In 2008, Advanced Placement test takers were more likely to be White students than Black students. Approximately 60 percent of AP test takers were White, 15 percent Hispanic, 10 percent Asian and 8 percent Black.

• In 2009, the average SAT scores of Black males were lower than the average scores of White males in critical reading, mathematics, and writing. The gap between White and Black students taking the SAT was 104 points in critical reading, 120 points in mathematics, and 99 points in writing.

• In 2009, the average ACT score for Black students were below the average score for White students in English, mathematics, and reading. The gap between White and Black students was six points in English, five points in mathematics, and six points in reading.

• In 2009, few Black students met the ACT college readiness benchmark in reading, mathematics, or English. At least three times as many White students as Black students met the college readiness standards for reading; four times as many for mathematics; and twice as many for English.

• In 2009, Black males were less likely than White males to enroll in a two-year or four-year college after high school graduation. Three out of 10 Black males enrolled in a four-year institution, compared with four out of 10 White males.

• In 2004, Black high school seniors were less likely to participate in academic clubs than their classmates. About 45 percent of Black students participated in sports activities, 17 percent in academic clubs and 24 percent participated in extracurricular music activities.

• In 2004, students with a low socioeconomic status were less likely to participate in academic clubs, sports, and extracurricular music activities than their classmates. Sixteen percent of students in low socioeconomic status, 20 percent in middle socioeconomic status, and 28 percent in high socioeconomic status participated in academic clubs.

• In 2007, Black students and poor students were more likely to be retained during their K-8 school careers than their classmates. At least 23 percent of students who were retained were poor, and 16 percent were Black, compared with 5 percent who were not poor and 8 percent who were White.

• In 2006, Black students were three times more likely than White students, two times more likely than Hispanic and American Indian students, and five times more likely than Asian students to be suspended from school. About 15 percent of Black students and 5 percent of White students were suspended.

• In 2008, public schools in cities reported higher rates of violent and seriously violent crimes than did public schools in the suburbs, towns, and rural areas in 2008.

• In 2008, public schools with more than 50 percent minority enrollments reported higher rates of crime than did schools with fewer minority enrollments in 2008.

• The higher the rate of violent incidents reported in public schools; the higher the percentage of FRPL students attending those schools. In 2008, public schools with over 75 percent of their students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch reported three times more violent or serious violent crime than did schools with 0-25 percent of their students eligible for free or reduced-price lunch.

• In 2008, gang activities were more likely to be reported by public schools in cities; public schools with a high percentage of minority students; and public schools with a high percentage of FRPL students than other types of public schools.

• In 2001, graduation rates for White males were consistently higher than national averages. The graduation rates were at least 50 percent higher for Whites males than for Black males. Approximately 15 percent of Black males graduated in four years and about one-third graduated in five years, compared with 33 percent of White males who graduated in four years and half who graduated in five years.

• In the second quarter of 2010, the unemployment rate for Black males ages 20 and over was twice as high as the unemployment rate for White males of the same age. Black males had a double-digit unemployment rate (17.3 percent), while the unemployment rate for White males was in the single digits (8.6 percent) and below the national average

• In 2008, Black males who graduated from college were more likely to earn bachelor’s degrees in business than in any other field of study. Approximately 30 percent earned a degree in business, 10 percent in social sciences and history, and fewer than 10 percent earned degrees in all other reported areas.

• In 2008, nearly 50 percent of Black males receiving a professional degree studied law, while 17 percent studied medicine and 4 percent studied dentistry.

• In 2009, approximately 20 percent of Black males age 18 or over had either attained some college or had a college degree. Ten percent of Black males had earned bachelor’s degrees, compared with 18 percent of White males. Four percent of Black males had earned master’s degrees, compared with 6 percent of White males.

• In 2006, Black males ages 18 and over were more likely to have a lower income than White males with similar educational backgrounds. The wage gap between Black and White males not graduating from high school was approximately $5,000, compared with a gap of over $20,000 among those with a master’s degree.

• In 2008, Black males ages 16 and over in the labor force were more likely to have an occupation in the production, transportation and the material-moving fields (26 percent) than in the management and professional fields (about 23 percent). Some 13 percent worked in natural resources, construction, and maintenance.

• In 2008, Black males ages 18 and over accounted for 5 percent of the total college student population and 36 percent of the total prison population.

• In 2008, Black males ages 18 and over were imprisoned at a rate six and a half times higher than White males.

• In 2008, Black males accounted for at least 41 percent of the prison population ages 18 through 34; White males accounted for approximately 27 percent of the inmates in that age range.

A prediction …..anybody?

It only takes 2 weeks in the limelight to show your colours, ma’am…….

Is this lady the next embarrassment for South Africa?

Maggie Sotyu, did not take long to show her view on things extremely important to any South African, namely crime and the police.

Below are three excerpts from local news related to the lady.
• What is very apparent is that she was key to the disbanding of the Scorpions.
• That she is a racist of the highest order.
• That she is intolerant towards whites.
• That she has no respect for the law.

“Maggie Sotyu, who chaired Parliament's police portfolio committee during the last term of Parliament and was key to making sure that Parliament approved the disbanding of the Scorpions, is now deputy police minister.”

Deputy Police Minister Maggie Sotyu on Tuesday said government will not bin a long-awaited study into the nature of violence in South Africa.

The report was commissioned by the police ministry three years ago, but came under fire when it was tabled before Parliamentarians.

The study by the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation found South Africans are generally quite tolerant of violence.

However, MPs questioned the value of the report, complaining that it fails to explain why violent crime is escalating.

Principal researcher David Bruce became defensive when they tackled him on the report's "glaring omissions."

One said, "To develop a new explanation of violence would be incredibly unrealistic."

Sotyu went as far as to question some of the findings.

She said, "Where it is said that violent crime, the biggest portion, is from poor people, it's not true."

However, she said there are some bits of useful information the ministry will use to tackle violent crimes.

Deputy Police Minister Maggie Sotyu says South Africa's courts are racist because black criminals receive harsher sentences than their white counterparts.

Beeld newspaper reports Sotyu said a white farmer who dragged a black farmworker behind his bakkie got off with a fine of R10 000.

In contrast, when a black worker killed a white farmer he was jailed for life.

"So we are saying that those are politics of racism because our courts need to be empowered, they need to be aware that we are now in (the) new South Africa," she added.

The comments drew criticism from civil rights group AfriForum who said it had asked National Director of Public Prosecutions, Menzi Simelane, to determine whether Sotyu had transgressed her parliamentary privilege

"The deputy minister should rather devote her time and energy to the effective prevention of violent crime, than to polarise the community to an even greater degree with her racially-obsessed statements," said AfriForum's head of community safety Nantes Kelder.

Sotyu, a former chairwoman of Parliament's portfolio committee on police, was appointed deputy minister in President Jacob Zuma's major Cabinet reshuffle 10 days ago.

She reportedly made the remarks after a briefing to MPs on Tuesday on the Centre for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation's report on violent crime in South Africa.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Toozday Toot - Bloekomboom

Monday, November 08, 2010

Screw the Workers

Aurora: screw the workers

Aurora boss Zuma has to decide which of his 19 cars he'll drive today, while workers beg for food

Oct 17, 2010 10:38 PM | By JUDY LELLIOTT

Desperate workers at Aurora's Grootvlei gold mine are furious that their boss, Khulubuse Zuma, has been enjoying his fleet of multi-million-rand cars while they have not been paid for eight months.

Current Font Size:
WHAT'S FOR LUNCH? Khulubuse Zuma, chairman of Aurora Empowerment Systems Picture: DANIEL BORN
quote Its not right . they have no decency . it's shameful quote

Related Articles

The Times visited the mine in Springs, east of Johannesburg, yesterday and showed the miners a picture of Zuma, nephew of President Jacob Zuma, driving a new R2.5-million Mercedes-Benz SLS63 AMG Gullwing, on his arrival at the wedding of national police chief Bheki Cele last month.

The picture and details of Zuma's fleet of cars were published yesterday in the Sunday Times.

The miners' wives have left them and their children have been forced to drop out of school because their parents cannot pay the fees.

Khulubuse Zuma and Zondwa Mandela, grandson of Nelson Mandela, own Aurora Empowerment Systems, which took over the liquidated mine last year from Pamodzi Gold.

The miners last received their R1600-a-month wages at the end of February and say they have been abandoned by the mine's high-flying owners.

Simon Khanjane, a worker who lives at the mine hostel, said it was "shameful" that the workers have to endure squalor and hunger while Zuma drives around in one his 19 cars, including a R935000 Range Rover Sport.

Zuma also owns two BMW 750is, each worth about R1.1-million, and has been seen driving a Bentley and a Rolls-Royce.

"It's not right . they have no decency . it's shameful," he said of Zuma's arrival at Cele's wedding in the gull-winged supercar.

It is not known if Zuma owns the red Mercedes in which he arrived at the Cele wedding.

Khanjane has two children, aged 15 and 10, who have had to drop out of school in Lesotho because he could not pay the fees. His wife is unemployed.

His colleague, Sehohalo Mafalosa, is a widower who says he cannot afford to go home to Lesotho and has no idea how his two children, aged 17 and 13, are surviving.

"Everything I earned I used to send to them. I used to have a minder who looked after them. Now I can't pay the minder.

"I don't have anything to eat. I can't give my children anything to eat. I go out and beg for piece jobs to see if I can watch cars but there is nothing," he said, lying in a dimly-lit room he shares with 16 other men.

The hostels in which the mineworkers live have a sporadic electricity supply and no water.

Workers walk 2km to the nearest tap to collect water in drums so they can wash and drink. Many cook their food, donated by nearby businesses, on open fires on their doorsteps.

Another miner, Tala Sehlabo, said: "We have children. We have wives who are divorcing us because we have no money. Our passports are expired and we have no money to renew them so we can go home."

The mine kitchen has been stripped bare. Electricity cables litter the floor and menus pasted on the wall remind the miners of better times.

A dusty poster setting out the terms of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act hangs lopsided on a wall.

"Zuma and Mandela just closed and left us," said Sehlabo.

Friday, November 05, 2010

US $ the reason for all that is wrong in SA?

I am at a loss for words when I read something like this.

Europe is South Africa’s biggest trading partner, and not the USA.

It is very obvious that the US economy has a big impact on the rest of the world. If it goes badly in the US, believe me, it goes worse elsewhere.

But back to the criticism by Pravin Gordhan. This sounds like an ideal excuse for the high Rand value now, does it not?

Why should the US care for South Africa, if the South African government and the “average” South African are trying their best to be as unproductive as possible?

At least this is forcing South Africa to reconsider its exchange control.

Now for another question that is in the back of my mind. What impact is this going to have on Zimbabwe that only uses the US $ ?

S.Africa joins chorus of criticism on US Fed policy
– Fri Nov 5, 11:59 am ET
JOHANNESBURG (AFP) – South Africa's finance minister on Friday criticised the latest US decision to pump more cash into the faltering US economy, joining China and Brazil in warning the move would hurt emerging markets.

"Developing countries, including South Africa, will bear the brunt of the US decision to open its flood gates without due consideration of the consequences for other nations," Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan said in a statement.

"The move by the USA will force developing nations to take more steps to mitigate the impact of the increased flows into their financial markets."

Gordhan said he was "disappointed" the US Federal Reserve had decided to inject another 600 billion dollars (422.5 billion euros) into the economy without waiting for next week's meeting of leaders of the Group of 20 nations in South Korea.

"The USA's decision undermines the spirit of multilateral cooperation that G20 leaders have fought so hard to maintain during the current crisis," he said.

"Most of the 600 billion dollars that the Federal Reserve will pump into the USA's economy will find its way into the financial markets of emerging market countries, where these dollar flows will have the effect of strengthening emerging market currencies."

South Africa has seen its rand rise 47 percent against the dollar since November 2008, as investors seeking higher returns in emerging economies have poured capital into its financial markets and driven demand for the local currency higher.

The country's export sector is pressuring government to take measures to weaken the rand, saying its strength is hurting the competitiveness of South African products.

Gordhan last week announced the country would ease its exchange control rules in a bid to rein in the rand.

More ANCYL Threats Against "Reactionary White People"

Foolius strikes again. This time it's Twitter in the spotlight:

The ANC Youth League on Thursday vowed to trace the "reactionary, rightwing, white people" who impersonated its leader Julius Malema on Twitter, but would not divulge how this would be done.

"We'll trace them... that is very possible to do," African National Congress Youth League spokesperson Floyd Shivambu told Sapa, in reaction to at least 12 Malema impersonators existing on the social networking site.

"We are sure, when they get exposed, you will see it is white people. Reactionary, rightwing, white people."

Asked how the tracing would be done, he replied: "We don't want to expose our strategy on how we will get them. But we will get them and we are going to report them to the police. It's fraud, this thing, it's unacceptable, it's against the law.

"We will also institute civil claims against them and sue them.

"It is white people who are doing this because white people have a problem with the ANC Youth League."

Shivambu said the youth league had contacted Twitter's head office in San Francisco to complain about the impersonators. He said the US Embassy in South Africa helped the league contact the Twitter office.

"They [Twitter] made a commitment that they will close all those freak accounts as soon as possible. We are waiting for that."

But the ANCYL would continue with its own "tracing" and report the offenders to the police, Shivambu said.

By 2.45pm on Thursday, a search for Julius Malema on Twitter showed all 12 impersonators were still alive and well. Of the 12, six bear the picture of the firebrand youth leader.

The last post by one of them, JuliusMalema82, was around 2.30pm, which said: "Eish mamma... wot is all this about us wanting to close Twitter. These bloody agents again."

Twitter users were in stitches on the social networking site on Thursday morning following the news Malema wanted to close it down.

Tweets kept rolling in by the minute, with international news websites such as BBC, also picking up on the story.

"Julius Malema wants to shut down Twitter?" Hahahahahahahahahaha, best joke4 2day," several users commented in reply to a post by 5fm radio jock Gareth Cliff.

Another, user EarleneBSmith, said: "Today is create a juju malema account day... do it... you know your red sockes (sic) want to.... lol!"

Garethdv added: "ANCYL to close down Twitter... They truly are a bunch of gifted individuals!"

Another, kerryannerogers, pointed out grammar mistakes in the African National Congress Youth League statement: "In fact ANCYL statement called for 'closer of Twitter' following 'cretation' of fake accounts. Was that so we'd know it was the real Malema?"

The impersonators continued their work on Thursday morning.

One user, named JujuMalemaOZ, offered black empowerment "tips".

"Julius Malema empowerment tips#10 Friends = comrades, badguys = Agents, opposition = cockroach and Jonny walker = yebo yes!.

"Julius Malema empowering tips#9 Agents are everywhere, use a helmet to block brain scanners, no need for me, no brain to scan," the post read.

Another impersonator, called julius_m_jnr, wrote: "Trying to help Daddy find the Pedi word for 'satire'... Any help plz, how do I explain it to him? #malema."

Someone else suggested: "Funny We may just have found the ANCYL's weak spot. They're terrified of Twitter. Let's ALL start fake Julius Malema accounts!"



Friday, October 29, 2010

Midnight Train to Georgia: New Opportunity for SA Farmers

South African farmers consider move to Georgia. h/t Sarah

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

41 Shots

It was with absolute amazement that I read through the list of people Zuma wants to pardon.

I started to add up the various murders and mayhem this group of people is responsible for and inadvertently the song, 41 Shots, of one of our modern day bleeding liberals, Bruce Springsteen, came to mind.

I am not going to publish the list, but you can read it here.

So, some of the numbers.
149 criminals
343 murders
209 attempted murders
6 culpable homicides

At this stage I stopped counting.

41 Shots, indeed…….

This group collectively, should not walk the streets of freedom.

I have to admit that some of them had me chuckling, for instance, take number 37. Jasson Heinz Dietrich Guenter convicted of transgressing the Immorality Act in 1968. I hope for his sake that he is not still in prison? 42 years?

Here are the lyrics of 41 Shots.

(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)
[spoken:] We need some quiet

41 shots, and we'll take that ride
'Cross this bloody river to the other side
41 shots, cut through the night
You're kneeling over his body in the vestibule
Praying for his life

Well, is it a gun, is it a knife
Is it a wallet, this is your life
It ain't no secret (it ain't no secret)
It ain't no secret (it ain't no secret)
No secret my friend
You can get killed just for living in your American skin

(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)

41 shots, Lena gets her son ready for school
She says "On these streets, Charles
You've got to understand the rules
If an officer stops you, promise me you'll always be polite
And that you'll never ever run away
Promise Mama you'll keep your hands in sight"

Well, is it a gun, is it a knife
Is it a wallet, this is your life
It ain't no secret (it ain't no secret)
It ain't no secret (it ain't no secret)
No secret my friend
You can get killed just for living in your American skin

(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)

(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)
(41 shots)

Is it a gun, is it a knife
Is it in your heart, is it in your eyes
It ain't no secret (it ain't no secret)
It ain't no secret (it ain't no secret)
It ain't no secret (it ain't no secret)

41 shots, and we'll take that ride
'Cross this bloody river to the other side
41 shots, got my boots caked in this mud
We're baptized in these waters (baptized in these waters)
And in each other's blood (and in each other's blood)

Is it a gun, is it a knife
Is it a wallet, this is your life
It ain't no secret (it ain't no secret)
It ain't no secret (it ain't no secret)
It ain't no secret (it ain't no secret)
No secret my friend
You can get killed just for living in
You can get killed just for living in
You can get killed just for living in
You can get killed just for living in
You can get killed just for living in your American skin

(41 shots)
You can get killed just for living in
(41 shots)
You can get killed just for living in
(41 shots)
You can get killed just for living in
(41 shots)
You can get killed just for living in
(41 shots)
You can get killed just for living in
(41 shots)
You can get killed just for living in
(41 shots)
You can get killed just for living in [fades out]

Monday, October 25, 2010

Sick Bastards Rape Pregnant Women

h/t Ozzie Saffa

This one speaks for itself.

Bloemfontein - A traumatised Free State man has spoken about the horrific attack in which his pregnant 21-year-old daughter was raped by robbers.

Read on.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

How the Media Plays the Race Card: Adoption

Hat tip for this to the Irish Savant,

A short news item decries the shortage of takers for black babies put up for adoption in the United States. White adoptive parents are stubbornly insisting on white babies, which one African-American lady "expert" decides is RacismTM.

It is truly horrific to watch one mother talk about how much more "colourful" her family now is with black children in it, while others are clearly enjoying the 'shock value' of interracial parenting, not to mention the liberal prestige gained from such adoption.

What nobody mentions of course is that the vast majority of adoptive parents are white, and that according to these statistics, five percent of white women will adopt a child of non-white ethnicity, while only 2% of non-white women will adopt a white child (and remember "other" includes Asians and Hispanics).

So, only five percent of those racist white bitches are keen to mother a child that looks nothing like them?

Friday, October 22, 2010

Africa's New Masters Leave Their Mark

Story from The Propagandist.

Says the WSJ online:

Zambian locals rioted and blocked a road leading to Chinese-owned Collum Coal Mine Ltd. on Saturday to protest the shooting of at least 11 miners, allegedly by Chinese supervisors during a protest over low wages, police officials said Sunday.

On Friday, miners at Collum Coal Mine, in the Sinazongwe District of southern Zambia, demonstrated against low pay and poor working conditions. Gunshots followed, allegedly fired by two Chinese supervisors, wounding 11 miners, two of them critically, according to Zambian police and government officials. They were taken to a hospital.

Zambian police arrested the two Chinese supervisors allegedly involved.
None of that icky "human rights" nonsense from Africa's new colonial masters!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Genocide in the Making

This comes from a blog called Orwellian Culture., based in Canada. All publicity is good publicity so a big thankyou to Big Brother for posting this.

A REAL genocide in the making

I was doing some research into the faux genocide that our friends of the other religious persuasion, (that being them Episcopalians), keep insisting is taking place in Israel. Oh, the ethnic cleansing, the war crimes and of course the targeting of the children. The whiiiiiining, the screaming hysterically, the prostrating, Episcopalians get a grip. Think control. Think Truth.

On my journey I came upon a real genocide that is taking place. One that will erupt upon the death of one of that countries iconic father figures and indeed a world treasure that all world leaders, musicians, Hollywood misfits and vermin of all colours scramble to have their pictures taken with. That would be Nelson Mandela and the country South Africa. The victims of this genocide are white Afrikaners, the Boers, (farmer in Afrikaner) and Indian farmers.

read the rest here.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gareth Cliff Speaks

I do miss Gareth in the morning on 5FM. This one has been doing the rounds today but I have to hat tip Rooster for it.

Gareth Cliff tells it like it is.

Dear Government

OK, I get it, the President isn't the only one in charge. The ANC believes in "collective responsibility" (So that nobody has to get blamed when things get screwed up), so I address this to everyone in government - the whole lot of you - good, bad and ugly (That's you, Blade).

We were all so pleased with your renewed promises to deliver services (we'll forgive the fact that in some places people are worse off than in 1994); to root out corruption (so far your record is worse than under Mbeki, Mandela or the Apartheid regime - what with family members becoming overnight millionaires); and build infrastructure (State tenders going disgustingly awry and pretty stadia standing empty notwithstanding) - and with the good job you did when FIFA were telling you what to do for a few months this year. Give yourselves half a pat on the back. Since President Sepp went off with his billions I'm afraid we have less to be proud of - Public Servants Strikes, more Presidential bastard children, increasing unemployment and a lack of leadership that allowed the Unions to make the elected government it's bitch. You should be more than a little worried - but you're not. Hence my letter. Here are some things that might have passed you by:

1. You have to stop corruption. Don't stop it because rich people moan about it and because it makes poor people feel that you are self-enriching parasites of state resources, but because it is a disease that will kill us all. It's simple - there is only so much money left to be plundered. When that money runs out, the plunderers will raise taxes, chase and drain all the remaining cash out of the country and be left with nothing but the rotting remains of what could have been the greatest success story of post-colonial Africa. It's called corruption because it decomposes the fabric of society. When someone is found guilty of corruption, don't go near them - it's catchy. Making yourself rich at the country's expense is what colonialists do.

2. Stop complaining about the media. You're only complaining about them because they show you up for how little you really do or care. If you were trying really hard, and you didn't drive the most expensive car in the land, or have a nephew who suddenly went from modesty to ostentatious opulence, we'd have only positive things to report. Think of Jay Naidoo, Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi and Zwelinzima Vavi - they come under a lot of fire, but it's never embarrassing - always about their ideas, their positions, and is perfectly acceptable criticism for people in power to put up with. When the media go after Blade Nzimande, Siphiwe Nyanda and the President, they say we need a new piece of legislation to "make the media responsible". That's because they're being humiliated by the facts we uncover about them daily, not because there is an agenda in some newsroom. If there had been a free press during the reigns of Henry VIII, Idi Amin or Hitler, their regimes might just have been kept a little less destructive, and certainly would have been less brazen and unchecked.

3. Education is a disaster. We're the least literate and numerate country in Africa. Zimbabwe produces better school results and turns out smarter kids than we do. Our youth aren't usemployed, they're unemployable. Outcomes-based-education, Teachers' Unions and an attitude of mediocrity that discourages excellence have reduced us to a laughing stock. Our learners can't spell, read, add or subtract. What are all these people going to do? Become President? There's only one job like that. We need clever people, not average or stupid ones. the failure of the Education Department happened under your watch. Someone who writes Matric now hadn't even started school under the Apartheid regime, so you cannot blame anyone but yourselves for this colossal cock-up. Fix it before three-quarters of our matrics end up begging on Oxford Road. Reward schools and teachers who deliver great pass rates and clever students into the system. Fire the teachers who march and neglect their classrooms.

4. Give up on BEE. It isn't working. Free shares for new black partnerships in old white companies has made everyone poorer except for Tokyo Sexwale. Giving people control of existing business won't make more jobs either. In fact, big companies aren't growing, they're reducing staff and costs. The key is entrepreneurship. People with initiative, creative ideas and small companies must be given tax breaks and assistance. Young black professionals must be encouraged to start their own businesses rather than join a big corporation's board as their token black shareholder or director. Government must also stop thinking that state employment is a way to decrease unemployment - it isn't - it's a tax burden. India and China are churning out new, brilliant, qualified people at a rate that makes us look like losers. South Africa has a proud history of innovation, pioneering and genius. This is the only way we can advance our society and economy beyond merely coping.

5. Stop squabbling over power. Offices are not there for you to occupy (or be deployed to) and aggrandize yourself. Offices in government are there to provide a service. If you think outrageous salaries, big German cars, first-class travel and state housing are the reasons to aspire to leadership, you're in the wrong business - you should be working for a dysfunctional, tumbledown parastatal (or Glenn Agliotti). We don't care who the Chairperson of the National Council of Provinces is if we don't have running water, electricity, schools and clean streets. You work for us. Do your job, don't imagine you ARE your job.

6. Stop renaming things. Build new things to name. If I live in a street down which the sewage runs, I don't care if it's called Hans Strijdom or Malibongwe. Calling it something nice and new won't make it smell nice and new. Re-branding is something Cell C do with Trevor Noah, not something you can whitewash your lack of delivery with.

7. Don't think you'll be in power forever. People aren't as stupid as you think we are. We know you sit around laughing about how much you get away with. We'll take you down, either at the polls - or if it comes down to the wire - by revolution (Yes, Julius, the real kind, not the one you imagine happened in 2008). Careless, wasteful and wanton government is a thing of the past. The days of thin propaganda and idealized struggle are over. The people put you in power - they will take you out of it. Africa is tired of tin-pot dictators, one-party states and banana republics. We know who we are now, we care about our future - and so should you.



One helpful comment (the comments are well worth reading by the way) from a chap called

Moloko Molokomme - 20/10/2010
@Gareth, we want to make it clear to you,we will never 4get what Apartheid Regime did to us and me personally will never 4give and 4get.Success is the best revenge even if it leads to loss of Blood, i will avenge,and most of us we feel that way.
Gareth allow me to bring this to your attention,Apartheid affected not only Blacks but also Whites who needs serious HELP to turn them into human beings bacause they are Not.

To which another replied:

The Gadget Granzier - 20/10/2010
@ Moloko Coco

I cannot understand why you have such a problem with what happened in the past. i lost a family member because of a so called political farm attack ! If I had to keep holding on to that I would hate every black person in existance. Take a tip here.
1) Let go of the past, your struggle mentality is keeping you firmly in the grips of poverty. Your statement about white people being needed to be turned into human beings shows you narrow minded, racist attitude

And another:

Mitch Rapp - 20/10/2010
Referring to Gadget G's post....
It’s such a pity that these one-dimensional, naive ,basic individuals (Lazola Lekker and Moloko and their cronies) always bark things like, fight, kill, avenge, revenge, revolution, robust young lions, up in arms for JZ and the ANC..... So lack lustre hey!!!! We are not trembling, only laughing!

Well said, guys.