Tuesday, December 29, 2009

What Does It Mean To Be A Liberal or A Conservative?

I have often pondered these two juxtaposed terms; like with racism, I have come to the conclusion that the terms are very often used without a clear grasp of their definitions.

It has almost become an insult to be termed a liberal, yet the term liberal is defined as being synonymous with progress, freedom, open-mindedness and generosity.

Who can deny that these are wonderful virtues?

By strict definition I am a liberal, but in reality I am not. I am much more than that. The world is a complex place, and we are all expected to have opinions on a broad array of subjects. Like with astrology, we don't all fit into neatly defined boxes. I doubt whether there are very many pure liberals or pure conservatives. So what do these terms mean?

The origins of these political philosophies is the Enlightenment period which so influenced the American revolutionaries. The very idea of individual rights and freedoms never existed before and changed the political landscape. At this time of history liberalism emphasized individual rights, human dignity and the role of the individual in choosing their leaders.

Early liberals opposed strong, centralized government and generally favored change. Because of these ideals liberals tended to be the poor, minorities (racial, ethnic, religious, gender, etc.) and intellectuals. In general liberals were people who did not have power or a say in the major factors that influenced their lives. Why wouldn't they want change? Things couldn't get much worse.

Conservatives believed the opposite of liberals.

Conservatism emphasized the status quo; strong centralized government, rights for higher classes only, divine right of kings, etc. Conservatives were mainly the wealthy and nobility, the church and the military. The people who were traditionally in positions of power. Why would they want change? Things probably would get much worse.

Although the basic groups that made up liberals and conservatives still mostly apply today, the beliefs do not, at least not in the United States. Both liberals and conservatives proclaim the importance of individual rights, although in different areas. Liberals want more individual freedoms in social areas such as free speech, while conservatives emphasize individual freedoms in areas such as business. Both liberals and conservatives believe in the power of centralized government, but again, in different ways. Liberals wanting the government to regulate business and protect the minorities of society, conservatives wanting government to enforce societal norms and protect business. The emphasis on change and the status quo still generally applies but it depends on the issue.

The problem with the liberal and conservative labels is they no longer work. The world has changed too much, with too many new ideas to fit into the old monikers. A four sided graph is now used to describe political philosophies. In addition to the old liberal and conservative ends, there are now authoritarian and libertarian extremes forming a four segmented graph.

The addition of the two new categories emphasizes one of the most important aspects of a political spectrum. It is completely relevant to time and place. A conservative in California today is not the same thing as a conservative in South Carolina. A liberal in Texas is not the same as a liberal in Massachusetts. A liberal in the United States is not the same as a liberal in France and an American conservative is not the same as a conservative in Saudi Arabia. The Republicans like to call themselves the party of Lincoln, but in his time Lincoln's Republican Party was considered the liberal party.

Time, place and a growing and changing world all impact how the terms liberal and conservative are defined. It is difficult, and perhaps, inaccurate to label individuals in this way. The reality may be there are more similarities between us than the labels would suggest.

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Lime Lite said...

@Anon 3:55 - Africa doesn't know what pride is!