Saturday, December 26, 2009

Is there no end to what these uncouth bastards will do?


African Savagery knows no bounds.

I am sorry to have to report this story at a time like this. We should all be celebrating the festive season and forgetting the bad things, but I am absolutely sickened by the following story by David Blood of
Richmark Sentinel.

Living in Azania will wear you down slowly but surely. I know that abuse and torture exists all over the world, but the gratuitous nature of it that you find in Azania is appalling. To glue a cat to the tarmac as "bait" to play on the sympathies of random drivers is perverse and evil, beyond anything I could imagine. Only in Azania folks, only in Azania.

By way of disclaimer, I have added in a google image of abuse because there is not one available related to the story itself. But it is without a doubt a lot less macabre than what actually happened; read the story (Rooster, shut your mouth arsehole, and start facing the reality of the shithole that is Azania)

We have been subjected to all types of devious plots by criminals to make you stop your car, so that they can rob you: rocks on the highway to damage your wheels or undercarriage to force you to stop, dropping rocks onto your car from bridges to smash your windscreen, getting one of the thieves or another victim to lay in the road, hoping that you will stop to assist, faking a breakdown or standing a woman next to a supposedly broken down car, while her accomplices hide in the long grass – we’ve seen it all in South Africa, or so I thought!

The latest ruse is to glue a cat or a dog to the road surface! I listened in horror to 702 talkshow host Lee Benni describing how she and her brother had stopped to pick up what they thought was a dead cat in the road, only to discover that it was still very much alive, but had been stuck to the tarmac surface with some form of glue – probably what is referred to as “Rat Glue” – and in it’s effort to free itself had already ripped off half of it’s paws.

Lee was very lucky not to have been attacked, probably as there were two of them – these cowards like to go for the softest of targets – but it could have ended very badly for her.

So if you happen to see an animal in distress on a highway, make sure that you are well armed before stopping, or else call the authorities and report it immediately.

If anyone sees someone gluing an animal to a road surface call 10111 and let us know about it.

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Anonymous said...

This happened in the USA.,2933,580677,00.html

Exzanian said...

Anon 27 December 2009 5:42 AM -
Yeah, I looked at your link. But was that cat "bait" for robbery on an Interstate Highway, or was it just cruelty that we find all over the whole world, and the reason that Orgs like SPCA exist?
If it was, perhaps we can conclude a case of "convergent criminality"
However I doubt it, as I know the African savage well...Read the prelude to this act; It's an everyday occurance, literally: rocks in the road or thrown off bridges; human "victims" prostrated in the street, faked breakdowns etc, and so it continues. Everyday life in Azania..This is not just cruelty to animals, but cruelty as a second thought, using it to snare the emotions of innocent victims. It's abominable...

Anonymous said...

Well I assent to but I contemplate the post should have more info then it has.

Anonymous said...

The photo of the cat was very clearly taken in May 2008 but I'm inclined to believe the story as told to 702.

A friend of mine told me this story before she emigrated: her new black neighbours, a pharmacist and schoolteacher respectively, took on a couple of dogs to guard their property. They didn't feed the dogs, they insisted that the dogs scavenge the neighbourhood for food as that was "natural". When the two dogs predictably died, they threw them out onto the pavement. Municipal workers complained; they insisted the dogs be placed in black refuse bags. The "owners" reluctantly complied after being told the dogs wouldn't be removed if they didn't cooperate.

My friend and her husband are now in the Emirates, they have no plans whatsoever to return to South Africa. Can you imagine being in that situation; you don't dare say anything for fear of being called a "racist" or perhaps something much worse will happen to you. Or your own pets.

Ngudze said...

It's funny how all the years of dreadful white privilege, decent education, job reservation, wanton killing of black people in the army have done nothing but reduce you people to a bunch of useless whingers that need to fabricate stories based on your racial fears. Come on, grow up, the ANC is the best government South Africa has ever had, and stop wasting your time with all this whingeing, you bleat like a goat chained to a tree instead of making something of your life. This blog disempowers you people, stop this meaningless tirade against democracy and put your skills to better use. As for your friend in the Emirates, I'm sure he and his wife will be slinking back to South Africa as that part of the Middle East disappears in an ever widening debt hole. As for these stories you share with each other, you forget how you white people are all complicit in most cruelty in the world. Let me remind you, I bet your relatives were in Auswitzch, and Namibia, and Australia exterminating the Aborigines, and in Bosnia, not to mention 50 years of Apartheid. And you have the nerve to talk on behalf of cats. You fat Apartheid bastard, you make me want to puke with your hypocricy

FreeThinker said...

I see at least one savage stole a PC this Christmas...

Anonymous said...

Ngudze: My friend was a white woman, not a man. Caught you out for a sexist AND a racist, hey?

She was offered the job in the Emirates and took it because of the general crap flying around in SA.

Her husband was kicked out of his IT job thanks to affirmative action. He did his bit ferrying the kids to school and back while she worked at her corporate job because as a white man, he couldn't get another job.

She thought she could grin and bear it even when her black CEO handed over all reponsibility for his job to her (without handing over his fat AA salary, of course.) Responsible for a staff of 100 people and forced to work 14 hours a day, the final straw came when she was forced to waste her valuable time taking part in "diversity training".

How much "diversity training" do you still need when your husband's out of a job for good in SA, and you've got to the coon boss's job as well?

Anonymous said...

And there you see the whole problem with silly indoctrinated bastards like Ngudze: we whites are all Adolph Hitler saluting Nazis with "relatives in Auschwitz and Namibia (Namibia WTF?? Who the hell wants to live in Namibia? Namibia is full of ancient Nazis who refused to come to South Africa because the Allies bombed the hell out of them.) and flaying Aborigines alive in Australia, and typical white Muslim hotspots like Bosnia." (Bosnia? WTF?? Hare krisna to you too.)

The whole point is that whites are being persecuted. They can't get jobs, their women are prey to overwork and underpay and interracial rape, and we are fucking sick of it.

The ANC lied to whites about SA being a non-racial democracy.

Since the ANC came into power there has been one constant, ongoing argument about race because, guess what, blacks can't seem to cut it on their own, so they play the race card every time.

Exzanian said...

Ngudze, if the story is fabricated, I have provided links to the author, David Blood from Richmark Sentinel. Go and spew your vitriole there. I openly disclaimed the photo as there were none related to the story, because it was aired on 702 first hand by a presenter. As you well know, 702 is the beating heart of white liberalism in Azania, so could not have been a fabrication. Will you have us believe that bait and snare tactics of this nature are not commonplace in Azania? YOU are the one that needs to grow up. Your other vituperations do not faze me one bit old chap, water off a duck's back....

Tim Johnston said...

Bar a few spelling mistakes, your English is nigh on perfect, boet. You must be the most educated fellow in South Africa, and doing very well for yourself in one of the professions perhaps?

Anonymous said...

@Viking: Judging by the verbal flatulence and inability to spell the word hypocrisy, he's probably a blek lawyer.

We're not impressed with your law degree from Fot Heh, Ngudze.

Anonymous said...

Ignore the troll. There's better things to argue about.

Anonymous said...

The common myth that Europeans are particularly adept at genocide, seems to prevail. Perhaps Ngudze should read "The Blank Slate" by Stephen Pinker. There is no such thing as a noble savage, and in fact the savage has been responsible for far more killing than the "civilised" races.

What really strikes me, though, is how the useless races of the world have been so indoctrinated to believe that they really are the smart, peace loving, productive members of our planet; despite there being no evidence at all.

Talk about deluded.

I really want to believe this bullshit too; I just want proof. But no, the same heathen bunch have convinced themselves that we whites hold on to the spoils, because we don't want to share.

Ngudze is an idiot, with an ability to barely string prose together, albeit the usual provocative ones. If he is young enough, he will get to experience his African "utopia" in all its glory, in the not to distant future.

On the other hand, people like me have grown tired of Africa. I could care less about seeing another pot bellied, fly and maggot encrusted child, with the outstretched begging bowl in hand.

FreeThinker said...

Well said VI.

I've said it before - according to the savage, the white man represents everything evil. Until he is starving from self destructive ways and the same white man's aid is good enough for his consumption.