Tuesday, November 24, 2009

White boys neglected in Britain

It's unusual that this story came via the leftwing rag The Guardian (UK). Such has been the neglect of whites in Britain and the focus on minority rights and special privileges that indigenous British boys, that's WHITE boys, now fare the worst among all groups and classes. Well done to New Labour and multiculti social engineers. You've created a problem that will come back to bite.

It is also unsurprising that girls continue to do better since schools were geared towards making them more female-friendly environments, whereas its become intimidating for boys who have to navigate a quagmire of rules and regulations concerning interaction with the opposite gender. That girls are doing better is a good thing but one cannot call it "progress" or a success if all that has been achieved is substituting one problem with another. So what, you might say that white boys cannot read or write properly? Well, if the experience in South Africa is anything to go by, having hordes of illiterate and unemployable males is a far worse proposition and danger to society than roaming girls. This is a social timebomb and once again we have our leftwing friends to thank. They just don't know how to leave well enough alone.


Children who fail to reach level 4 leave primary school unable to write a proper sentence or do basic arithmetic.

Boys from poor, white families performed worse in primary school tests than those from ethnic minorities for the first time this summer, government figures revealed today.

Until now, black boys from poor families have fared worst in the tests, known as Sats, which are taken at the age of 11 in England.

But now white boys on free school meals – the key indicator of deprivation – perform the worst, the statistics from the Department for Children, Schools and Families show.

Just 47.9% of white boys on free school meals managed the standard expected of them in the tests (level 4), compared to 51.6% of black boys on free school meals.

The proportion of Chinese, mixed race or Asian boys on free school meals who achieved level 4 was 77.6%, 54.2% and 58.7% respectively.

Children who fail to reach level 4 leave primary school unable to write a proper sentence or do basic arithmetic.

The statistics were published as Ed Balls, the schools secretary, announced that Sats, taken by more than 600,000 primary school pupils every year, could be scrapped by 2012, under major reforms to the testing system.

Balls said today that he had accepted a plan put forward by headteachers to beef up a system of teacher assessments as an alternative to the maths and English tests.

Today's statistics reveal that overall, 61% of all pupils reached level 4 in reading, writing and maths – down 1% on last year. Today's figures show that children of Irish Traveller and Gypsy/Roma origin have the lowest attainment, although just 632 pupils fall into this category.

The figures also show the continued gap between the achievements of pupils on free school meals and those whose families earn more than £16,040 per year and therefore do not qualify for free meals.

While 53.3% of pupils on free school meals achieved level 4 in English and maths, the figure was a much higher 75.5% of those not on free school meals. The gap, of 22.2 percentage points, is almost the same as last year's 22.3 percentage points.

Girls continue to fare better than boys. Some 74.4% of girls reached level 4 in English and maths, compared with 69.3% of boys. Since 2008, the gap between boys and girls has widened by 0.9 percentage points. - Read full article.

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Anonymous said...

And guess what the British government will do about this? Sweet blow-all. They will once again place their bloated heads into the sand and ignore this problem they've caused.

Anonymous said...

Dobes, there are a fair amount of white brood sows popping kids for the benefit. They don't know who their fathers are and their mothers couldn't give a shit either.

Anonymous said...

The Guardian didn't publish this because of concern. It is called gloating.