Wednesday, November 11, 2009

UN declares World Terrorist Day on July 18

Evidence of a world gone mad. This is sick. This man led an outfit that planted bombs among civilians for decades, that killed hundreds by the heinous method of necklacing and REFUSED to abandon violence which would have led to his much earlier release from prison. In 1990 when he walked free, he still had not abandoned violence and this man is honoured as a peace maker?!

The Mandela Myth
History Lesson: Atrocities of the Marxist ANC

The United Nations General Assembly has declared July 18 "Nelson Mandela International Day" to honor the South African leader's contributions to global peace.

In a resolution adopted Tuesday by consensus among the 192 member states, the General Assembly hailed the former president's "promotion of a culture of peace."

It also noted the Nobel Peace Prize laureate's devotion throughout his life to conflict resolution, race relations, human rights promotion, reconciliation and gender equality.

"Nelson Mandela is an international icon and a symbol of hope for the oppressed and marginalized people across the globe," said South Africa's UN Ambassador Baso Sangqu.

"Mandela is not a god, or a saint. He is simply a man who has acted in manner that is a little wiser, a little stronger, a little better than the rest of us."

In anticipation of the General Assembly's vote, the United Nations had already officially paid tribute to Mandela on July 18 this year, for his 91st birthday.

Mandela was jailed for 27 years by the apartheid state but emerged from Robben Island prison in 1990 committed to democracy and negotiated a deal that led to universal suffrage and him becoming the country's first black president.

In 1993 he shared the Nobel Peace Prize with South Africa's then white president F.W. de Klerk.

Mandela served only one term as president during which he was seen as a multi-racial unifier amidst South Africa's post-apartheid uncertainty.

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Marwinsing said...

Good riddance to the late dearly departed Madame Kasrils. Died in the posh 'burbs of Konstantia nogal, the kommunist parasite.

"Psssst..." (ugh damn, the Doom's finished)

"Somebodeee... please chuck us another can of Doom!"

Anonymous said...

@ Marwin, yeah, saw the same report. Made my day.

Anonymous said...

They honour Mandela, because they had a deal with him and he stuck to his side of the bargain.

The deal was that they would support his party, the ANC, both financially and with weapons training and in return they wanted lucrative mineral concessions once the ANC took power. They also wanted control over the reserve bank.

Mandela stuck to his side of the bargain and provided them with all the mineral concessions they ever dreamed of. Since 1994 over 100 new mines have opened up, with many more applications pending. Mostly it is just those damn pesky environmentalists with their impact study requirements that are standing in the way of their materialistic dreams.

They love Mandela for sticking to his side of the bargain. They love him so much that they even gave him the Nobel peace price. They even placed a statue of him on their famous Trafalgar square.

Fortunately for Mandela the black sheeple are to dense to work out that he gave them political freedom at the expense of economic freedom.
Mandela did this because he knew that political freedom is better than no freedom at all and giving away these mineral concessions would at least benefit the country in terms of employment and taxation.

He is a realist and knew that on their own the blacks would never be able to extract the minerals in the first place.

Young guys like Malema have come to realise the disservice that Mandela did to his people and this is why they are clamouring for a 60% national share in the mining activities. They are after the money, but know that if they took a 100% share then 100% of the mining activities would cease.

How bitter must the taste of victory be for the traitors, when the talk of nationalization of the mines surface time and time again.
Talk that sooner or later will develop into action, because as the black sheeple demand their pound of flesh, more and more pressure will be exerted on the ANC to nationalize in order to keep the majority vote.

Let's just call it the ZIMBABWE scenarion and the Zim scenario is indicative of all Africa.

Zuma has effectively been gagged. He is also currently a puppet of the global order, because they have showed him that should he not comply with their wishes, they will tie him up in court and that he will probably end up in jail. This is why Zuma is not criticizing Malema, because Malema is doing exactly what Zuma would have been doing had his not been on the block. (so to speak)

Ron. said...

Great points Anon 3:31. Most folks have no idea what goes on behind the scenes & why some personalities are promoted or lauded as "heroes" by the elites & the mainstream media [ despite their often terrorist / violent past ] when in fact they act nothing more than the place-men for the ACTUAL oppressor power which never left. Certain folks were & are still always quick to blame the bulk of the local White population [ who are often part of the working class ] for actions which emanate from the financial based power structure which makes the decisions while most local White folks are out of the loop but sure get the misplaced blame by propagandists who never hold the European based corporate elite accountable for their control & machinations in the region.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I heard Zuma on the news, again reiterating that the justice system is in need of an overhaul.

Why do you think he would say that?

It is because he is currently being forced(blackmailed) in a political direction that is 180 deg. against the direction that he would have taken, had he political freedom.

They are using the hold they have over him, in terms of the fact that he is guilty of corruption in the arms deal, over his head like a sword. Zuma knows that should he step out of line SUDDEN PROOF of his guilt will surface.

Zuma is a socialist.
He is intimate bed mates with Cosato and the SACP.

He is being forced to act against him will.

THIS IS WHY HE IS NOT SHOWING ANY LEADERSHIP. He does not want to lead as a capitalist, but for self preservation he has to go through the notions of being one.

He want to lead South Africa into being a socialist state, but that his hands have been tied by the global elite.

His realisation that he has been sidelined, is why he praises Malema as the next leader.

Malema is saying exactly what the ANC desperately wants to do, according to their freedom charter. The ANC is currently unable to do what it wants to do, because of the fact that proof exists of their corruption in the arms deal.

For self preservation those in power cannot exercise the mandate as stated in the freedom charter.

Anonymous said...

When I heard of the closing down of SAS, I though it is wise to step it up a notch.

The truth must be heard.


Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised.

The UN LOVES terrorists. After all, they are a terrorist organization.

The UN: An organisation of terrorists for terrorists!

Anonymous said...

Well, I know what I'll be doing on 18 July every year and it's definitely not celebrating Mandela day.

Anon 3:31- Please continue to share your views. It's great getting behind the scene angles that we don't know about. Just one question though - if Zuma is being "gagged" why doesn't the ANC replace him with someone less likely to be blackmailed if they want to implement their socialist agenda? I agree that is where the country is heading, but if they want to get there then surely they'd go full tilt to implement?

evl said...

Classic title! Lol

Anonymous said...

Ah yes... It was coming from the day that Marxist terrorist coffin-dodger was set free.

The jewel of Africa was handed to the moneyed elites on a platter without as much as a whimper from the white populace who created it with their blood, sweat and tears.

Allow the blacks "one man one vote one time" to install the Marxist regime of choice that will bleed the tax-payers dry while the parasitic masters suck the real wealth of the country dry. Mines owned by foreign companies. Existing mining houses all listed overseas. Others setting themselves up to be able to dump toxic assets in SA and put all their efforts into South America, Ghana, DRC and Oz. The backbone of the economy destroyed beyond repair through "land restitution". Strategic national enterprises set up to give SA a competitive advantage despite the high unit of cost of production (thanks to KAK sleg labour and KAK sleg labour legislation) such as SASOL, Eskom, Telkom, Iscor, Transnet, SAA and Portnet all privatized and yet they receive billions in support from the tax-payers. WTF??? Municipalities and infrastructure siriaasly fucked all over SA. Look at the eskom pylons - when was the last time you saw so much rust on them?

We are deeply and 'siriaasly' fucked; the fundamentals of a democratic nation such as the police and judicial integrity are destroyed, and nothing short of a bloody revolution (and right soon) will fix things. The Zimbabwefication of SA is well on track.

The SA stage is set for one-world government. The peasants are stupid and shit poor with little hope of rectifying either situation. They are utterly dependent on the government to provide for them. The welfare state breeds crime like bunnies breed little rabbits - idle hands are the devils work tools.


Anonymous said...

Do you see the dilemma facing the global elite?
They currently have a hold over Zuma and many other ANC power players. This hold is slipping though and the ANC's hero, Mugabe has showed them that it is possible to stand up to the globalists and keep power.

Let's not kid ourselves, very often the hold that they have over people, by which they are able to force people to do their bidding, is provided by them in the first place. They make deals and provide kick backs and should you accept a kick back, then this is used against you. They bargain on the fact that certain groups of people are more prone to corruption.

This is why they want the justice system to be Africanized.
What they mean by this, is that they want the justice system to be controllable. Then should the elites provide proof of wrongdoing of a certain politician not willing to follow the elitist agenda, they can just ignore it.

It is becoming pretty obvious that the ANC are winning their struggle against the impartiality of the justice system.

The elites are calling the shots currently, but this authority is diminishing on a daily basis.
The ANC have a contingency plan and his name is Malema, BUT he may not even be required.

Once they totally control the justice system, then whether Zuma is guilty or not becomes irrelevant and looking at Shabir Shaik it becomes clear that they are very, very close to the point of shaking off the controlling grip of the global elite.

It seems as if the ANC will win in the end. The elites must be kicking their own asses for making deals with Dingaan's people.

WHY do you think ALL blacks are carrying on as if the struggle isn't over????????

Because it isn't. They will continue until they have reached their goals as stipulated in the freedom charter.

My prediction is that the ANC will soon have the power to be able to operate with impudence, without giving the elitist agenda much thought or concern. They will be able to create their long dreamed of socialist utopia.(sic)

The elitists must know this by now.
Probably the only way that remains open for them, should they want to keep control, is doing something that is totally, totally against their agenda of multiculturalism.
Something that is totally against their very fibre.

This would be to declare that the whites are entitled to their own territories and that these territories are those 2 republics that were recognized by the whole world just before the start of the Boer war. Thus they would be able to keep the control of the minerals, since most mineral belts fall in those two republics.

The question they have to ask themselves is how badly do they want to control the South African minerals?

The decision is a tough one and thinking about the agony it must cause them.........

1) A white homeland, keeping control of the minerals at the expense of multiculturalism?


2) Lose control of the minerals/reserve bank to a socialist group, but agenda of multiculturalism is in tact.

......provides me with great humour and merriment. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place.



Anonymous said...

Anon 3:31- Please continue to share your views. It's great getting behind the scene angles that we don't know about. Just one question though - if Zuma is being "gagged" why doesn't the ANC replace him with someone less likely to be blackmailed if they want to implement their socialist agenda?

They can't replace him until he has served his full term. They can't have another Mbeki scenario.

A possible replacement has been identified by the socialist wing of the ANC though and his name seems to be Mandela, make that Malema.

Not all ANC supporters are for Maleme though, because the ANC is itself faced with a possible rift between the socialists and the capitalist black diamonds.

The socialists are winning and they are doing so, by stoking unrest under the guise of service delivery and they have the dumb masses on their side.

Anonymous said...

The UN aren't the ones who (oficially) decide who gets awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, but does anyone else see the pattern as well? Recipients include Nelson Mandela,Yasser Arafat, Kofi Annan,
Jimmy Carter,Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and Al Gore and Barack Hussein Obama. They all have one thing in common- to promote socialism in one way or another. Who next? Hugo Chavez or Robert Mugabe?

Anonymous said...

The UN isn't the full extend of the control exerted by the elitists. you have to include the Bilderbergers and various other organizations.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 5:05 PM, I tend to agree with what you have to say, but I think you should not under-estimate the ‘global elite’ too quickly.
The Copenhagen treaty which is due to be signed next month is designed to lure the developing countries into signing it under the pretence that they will be given monetary reparations for the ecological damage that the developed countries are ‘creating’ (and being ‘taxed’ for, up to 2% of the GDP). By signing the treaty they will be handing authority in some respects (ie. emission controls) to the ‘authorities’, who in turn have SA’s (and other signatory countries’) industry (thus economy) by the balls.

Anonymous said...

@ anony 10:28 PM, it is impossible for outsiders to know exactly who these eletists are, but the bilderbergers and other wall streeters and federal reserve bankers sure seem to be the ones pulling the UN strings, just like they are controlling the US dems, who all seem to be on the same page, at leat for now.

Viking said...

@Anon 10:34pm,
thanks for heads up re:copenhagen. Am off to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Why did Moo Gabage throw the whites out if he was making a stand against the elites?

Would it not have been better to keep them so that he could still get export revenue and food?

The theory makes no sense!

Anonymous said...

Don't give Mugabe credit where none is due. He hates whites and blames not the elites, but the British and in his eyes most Zimbabwean whites are of British descent.

It makes sense, but you just don't want to open the cookie jar because you're afraid that you won't find cookies, but a spider.

Anonymous said...


"Why did Moo Gabage throw the whites out if he was making a stand against the elites?

Would it not have been better to keep them so that he could still get export revenue and food?

The theory makes no sense!"


You have to keep in mind that Mugabe fought the British and the whites in Zimbabwe are the remnants of the people that he fought and despise.

He does not have an idea as to the whole truth in terms of the globalist conspiracy. He is way to self absorbed for that. As a racist he, like millions similar, finds it easiest to blame all on the whites.

Now listen up. The modus operandi of the elitists is to play two parties off against each other.
It is in their best interest if the whites gets the blame. They love to fan the flames of racism, because it allows them to get away with a lot.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:34

You sure are switched on brother.

The Copenhagen treaty is the vehicle that will realise the globalist agenda. (in baby steps)

Think about it, an executive body that has no borders, but have ultimate power to influence behaviour and ultimately to enforce behaviour.

What is the most effective lie?
A truth that is twisted.

So what they'll do is to use the truth about climate change and create a crises. A crises of such epic proportions that the world would gladly give them the right to enforce.

Once you are in an enforcement stage, it is easy to shift focus.

Ron. said...
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Ron. said...

Anon 5:05. stated: [ Mugabe has showed them that it is possible to stand up to the globalists and keep power. ] I disagree that Mugabe has ever stood up to the globalists as he is an integral instrument used by the globalists. Mugabe rails against the "British" which is rather funny when one considers the fact that he was specifically installed by British elites for the express purpose of fulfilling a globalist agenda. The fact of the matter is that if he were to genuinely go against the globalist agenda: he would be removed from power.

Also do not forget: Mandela was named as an MI6 agent.

Also: F W de Klerk was alleged to have been installed by British Intelligence.

Westerners often do not realize that the old regimes were opposed due to becoming an obstacle to the globalist agenda not for any injustices because there were & are a lot worse regimes around the world who are never opposed by the elite & are rarely reported about. Mauritania - as an example - also had its own race based caste like Apartheid system [ & still largely does ] complete with atrocities which far surpass anything that ever happened in South Africa & even the USA for that matter but few folks have ever heard about it & them because there are no significant resources there worth demonizing the governments over hence the elites have no interest in overthrowing its government.

Anonymous said...

I think Mugabe is working for the elite. I also think that he is killing off his own people to be in the club. I however think that he and the ANC think that they can go against the elite.

Now lets recall:

1. When asked about the buying of the frigates. The ANC said that it was in the event that the US attacked the country. Everyone thought it funny - I did not.

2. Zuma wants all the blacks to go back to using horses and donkeys and start small farms. I heard an Asian leader say the same thing 5 years ago. Odd?

There is somehting brewing and we are not in on the deal. Maybe there will be no fuel? Maybe no fertilizer? Who knows?