Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tribute to the Rhodesian Defence Force

Yesterday I posted a tribute to our fighting forces which were the best in Africa but you cannot overlook our Rhodesian cousins which were also undoubtedly some of the toughest fighters you could ever encounter. If only there had been leaders in South Africa and the West with foresight that understood the importance of preserving Rhodesia and South Africa - for the benefit of the two countries in question and Africa as a whole, a beachhead of progress and civilization. Instead what we have is a rotten Africa in toto.

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Anonymous said...

The Rhodesian troops were awesome - God bless the members of the Rhodesian Defense Force!

Anonymous said...

That they were and as a South African, I am ashamed that my government did nothing to help Rhodesia. We could have stood together and the outcome for both countries would have been very different.

FreeThinker said...

Yes Dobes, but look at white South Africans today and they are no different.

The majority don't give a rat's bum about farm murders and the rest as long as they can save their cushy jobs and hide behind electrified fences. The super rich make sure their wealth is secured at the expense of everyone and everything else.

What I don't understand is what good they think their assets will do when the likes of peanut-brain is president and the total onslaught against whites has started.

Anonymous said...

Sadly you are right IS. We are such an insular, selfish bunch, I have to ask how we became like that.

FishEagle said...

@ Dobes, "I have to ask how we became like that."

It is our fear that leads us to believe that we have to do something. But other than try to convince people of your perspective there is absolutely nothing that you can do about their fate. You don't have the freedom to tell people how to live their lives. Unfortunately white South Africans didn't want to help Zim and nobody convinced them otherwise.

The worst thing that can happen is that white people stop the dialogue, which is pretty much the present status quo in SA and Zim, and it has been like this for a very long time - since before my time.

It is white guilt that stopped it. At the risk of sounding like a stuck record player, I believe it relates back to the Jewish Holocaust or German genocide during WW2.

VI and I had a conversation about this and I still need to convince him that European guilt will have an influence on me, as an individual, regardless of the fact that I'm a South African living in present time.

I've started calling it the 'what would I have done? syndrome.' We are asking the wrong questions. The time will come when the white race is back on the offensive but it will only happen when we get over our hang up concerning the extent of the deaths caused during WW2. It may be too late to save our civilization and we would have to start rebuilding it again from scratch after it's been destroyed by other races.

On the other hand, we may succeed. Every single one of us needs to acknowledge the impact of WW2 in our every day lives. NOW! Wrap your mind around the extent of the destruction (read, read, read) and you will feel the lethargy that has settled on our society like the smothering dust after a nuclear explosion. Once that negative impact has been identified it will no longer feel like a threat and the white race can get their confidence back.

"Despair is for people who know, beyond any doubt, what the future is going to bring. Nobody is in that position. So despair is not only a kind of sin ... but also a simple mistake, because nobody actually knows. In that sense there always is hope." - Patrick Curry (your quote again, Dobes)

Anonymous said...

..and you are correct IS. I don't know what it is, that has made South Africans like that. I can appreciate historical animosities, like the Anglo-Boer War, but this lack of compassion exists within communities too. Is it because we have always lived in an environment where no emphasis has ever been placed on the value of a strong community?

Anonymous said...

...and getting "rottener" with each passing year ... Wonder if things have to become "Mugabe-esque" before it will be at its "rottenest"

Thanks for the footage.

Anonymous said...

I think we are waiting for a consensus to form in the west that multi-culti-ethno-bullshit is precisely that - BULLSHIT. Then the pressure will be off us and on our erstwhile governing powers, and we should be enabled then to do our work of freedom.

Who knows... just a thought.

The Rhodesian army was great!!! My relationship with my dad is not quite what it should be having grown up in Rhodesia during the war there - saw him for 6 months a year, and then he had 12 months of work to do... so...

Some of the stories he tells of what those troopies did are UNBELIEVABLE.
4 of them would jump 50 gooks and kill 36 of them.

The Rhodesian fighting man is LEGEND. I hope the movie by the name bought the rights from the Rhodies.

"We were never defeated by our enemies; we were betrayed by our friends." - Ian Douglas Smith.

Anonymous said...

"The Rhodesian fighting man is LEGEND." Amen to that.

Anonymous said...

Pound for pound probably the finest fighting force ever seen. Their success generated out of unique circumstances where most of the men and officers were of the same educational standard and worked as close integrated teams without the traditional officer/troopie division.

May the many (and a number of personal friends) that gave their lives rest in peace.

Again there is behind the scenes info not commonly known but I will reveal some of what I know about this and you can draw your own conclusions;

Date 15 Oct 1976 17:00hrs Gatooma (now Kadoma) Rhodesia (I know the date and time because my first child was being born and I wasn't there); Closed confidential meeting.
Present all senior civil servants, police, army, prison and judicial officers from the district. Chairman; Local MP; Subject: Acceptance of Black majority rule with conditions.

In Aug/Sept 1976 Henry Kissinger, Sec of State USA, met with one "Pik" Botha, then minister of foreign affairs, in Geneva. At this meeting HK explained to Pik that the situation in Southern and Central Africa was spiralling out of control and the ratcheting up of cross border raids into surrounding states was increasing international tension with Russia et al and China and there was a real concern that the RSA development of nuclear material could lead to a major flash point in the region and they were not happy. Pik was requested to bring Smith into line and scale down tension by accepting a "moderate" solution to the problem. Such a solution involved the acceptance of majority rule and a black government.

Pik went off and discussed this proposal with BJ Vorster. Vorster was having none of it, and told Pik to tell HK to go to hell. At a subsequent meeting in Geneva HK made it clear to Pik that this was the wrong answer and that he was to give BJ the message that unless there was co-operation, SA might experience some difficulty in obtaining oil supplies from Persia (now Iran). The Shah was the major oil supplier to SA but was also suffering internal conflict for which he was very dependant on the USA for war material.

HK gave Pik an ultimatum that results must be forthcoming within 14 days and he insisted on meeting Vorster and Smith in Pretoria at the end of September for a positive answer. Smith was summoned to Pretoria but neither Vorster nor Smith were prepared to be bullied.

When HK arrived and met with Vorster and Pik the suggestion had changed to a threat. i.e. The Shah had been coerced and verified that he had no option but to support HK because of his own personal situation.

Smith was summoned and told to accept the deal. Smith declined. South Africa immediately cut the rail link at Beit Bridge and suspended the supply of fuel and munitions. After 2 weeks Rhodesia was running on empty and Smith acceded to the demand.

I think that Pik's later behaviour says it all. I believe that he is now a member of the ANC. If you are looking for a trojan in SA Nationalist political history and the eventual capitulation to the ANC then this man is a major player in the eventual solution.


Anonymous said...

I will buy you a sweet banana.....

White liberal South Africans???? hey these are the ones who voted the anc into power. Now it is the whites who bear the brunt of the racist/communist anc's incompetence.