Thursday, November 12, 2009

Time to say Goodbye

This letter was published today at News24, and expresses the frustration that many people feel in SA.

I am leaving the country with my family in three weeks time. Many of you would say good riddance, just another expat idiot. Who needs them?

I love South Africa, we have family and roots here that go back to 1750 and I am nothing else but African. I hold only one passport; I grew up on a farm and can talk Zulu like one of the many locals that depend on me for a monthly salary.

Like Arnold Vosloo said in blood diamond: "Africa is in our blood". Africa will never leave you, even if you leave it. I have two world recognised professional qualifications and I am fortunate enough to live anywhere in the world.

I chose to live here for many years, but I am fed up. I can't really say what the last straw was that broke this camel's back. I pay seven figure taxes every year, yet I have to fund my own security, private health, private postal services, I have to fix my own roads and sometimes remove my own waste.

I fund part of SAA, Eskom and all my local councillors' failings, and subsidise many people's houses, water and electricity and soon their health as well. Wrongs of the past? No, these are wrongs of the present, but paying for all of this is not the problem. I suppose we get used to it, even if you get nothing in return.

They say all marriages are based on two important pillars, trust and respect. I think that is also true for a citizen's relationship with the government. I do not think this government has any respect for the working class. We are just the cheque book for their crooked habits, failed policies and incompetence.

Has any politician ever thanked the working class once for subsidising the masses? NO. In fact, we are treated like second rate citizens and not only will I get blamed for everything that went wrong in this country, so will my children.

I love this country but many of the people that live here have a sense of entitlement just because of their skin colour - black and white. We are going backwards as a nation. Black and white people despise each other now more than ever and hatred is rife, even amongst the new generation. "Will God ever forgive us for what we have done to each other"?

I will not expose my kids to hatred spewed by people like Julius Malema and many others who use the race card as an excuse for spreading hatred. I do not want all this hatred to infect the minds of my children. They need to be respected, so that they can respect in return.

Many will say - Go, leave "our" beautiful country, we don't need you. I understand your feelings, but remember we all have a certain tolerance level and yours might not be that far away. The people that fund and believe in this country are beginning to turn their backs on it. All the best and May God indeed bless Africa.


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Anonymous said...

The kaffirs are forcing the whites, who have money, to leave South Africa - congratulations to those who are able to go to a country where it is safe.

Don't the stupid communist ANC kaffirs know when the whites leave, that there will be nobody left to pay the high taxes? All that will be left are the welfare kaffirs - who is going to pay for your BMW's and luxury homes, ANC?

FishEagle said...

Oh man, good for you! Come visit often as SA still has so much to offer. Love the hippo! :)

Anonymous said...

In a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

"All that will be left are the welfare kaffirs"

This is EXACTLY what they want. A nation of terrified sheep that they can easily control, just like in the rest of black Africa.
As for money, there will be plenty pouring in from their NWO masters to keep them 'heppi' and in power.


Interesting to read the comments on the original web site. Looks like the majority of people posting there either are leaving or would if they could. Congratulation to the ANC commies.
15 years is a short time to create such havoc. Your productivity in destruction is super high.

Anonymous said...

To be fair, the ANC is not completely useless. They do know how to turn a 1st World country into a 3rd world shithole inside 15 years. That's got to count for something, maybe the Guinness Book of Records?

Anonymous said...

Dobes - agree. They also know how to plunder the coffers; all about corruption (could write the 101 corruption book); how to support the crime spree; nepotism; communism; breaking everything that wasn't broken; dumb down the sheeple; and the list continues... So, actually they aren't totally worthless but they sure do smell.

Islandshark said...
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Islandshark said...

Adapted from another post I did recently.

I see so many people rejoice in yet another South African leaving. Whatever you think of them and the reasoning behind their decisions, the horrible truth is that there is far more fact in their logic than any person with the least bit of common sense should be comfortable with. Which makes me wonder exactly whom you are going to cry out to when all those who could have left have done so and it's your turn for some unwanted attention. Not by the police or national intelligence, but by the poor noble previously oppressed individual who has a problem with the fact that you are actually living in a decent house. Or that you have a car. Or your skin happens to be white. Or maybe even just because you are still alive.

Because if centuries of history in Africa has taught you nothing else, you should have cottoned on to the fact that it tends to repeat itself. With horribly accurate brutality. And the result has never been what those corrupt little officials want you to believe whilst they are stealing you blind, milking you for every penny until there is nothing left and you really are just in the way of return to jungle savagery.

A few wise words from a very dear friend of mine, the great Frank of Queens:

“If you are not a student of history, you are a victim of history.”

“If you cannot see the writing on the wall, you will soon be with your back against the wall, with a handkerchief covering your eyes, facing the firing squad.”

I’m afraid though that when my friend uttered these words, he propably had the “civilised” communist method in mind. You can make yourself ready for something a tad more brutal.

Think of that when you wave these expats-to-be goodbye.

Also try to remember to explain that to your kids in the few seconds before it’s their turn for the “handkerchief”…

Anonymous said...

god luck brother to you and the family.may all doors open for you where ever you go.please remember us who could not leave for finanacial reasons when you lie cozy in your warm bed listening to the raindrops tapping on your window.spare thought for those who could not make it.I respect your feelings for the betterment of your kin because nobody should have to pay for mistakes of the past...farewell

Exzanian said...

"Africa will never leave you, even if you leave it."
Soooo true. I still long in my heart for SA, for what was and could have been.

Exzanian said...

I have read some of the original comments on the original article at News24. WOW, all I can say is it is pretty much unanimous that almost everyone wants to leave SA. How terrible that we are forced to leave that beautiful land because of the arrogance of the black ruling ANC. It's terrible. One comment says it all "If the ANC could get away with dropping everyone that did not vote for them in the middle of the pacific ocean, they would do it"

Anonymous said...

@ Exzanian, you said...
"I still long in my heart for SA, for what was and could have been."

bring an expat myself, i can relate to what you're saying.
the SA you once knew is what i also smetimes miss. but i am sure the whites living in SA miss it even more than me!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 12:16, indeed, well said. We all miss the South Africa that was and more importantly, could have been. There is one name change I would be in favour of. Change South Africa to Azania or Baboonia, I don't care, this thing that it has become is not worthy of the name South Africa. The same goes for Rhodesia. We can differentiate the two countries by the names. Rhodesia which flourished and Zimbabwe that doesn't. We need the same in our country. It's time to close the coffin lid on South Africa.