Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Supreme comfort available nonstop, coast to coast.

Cover as much territory as the Citation Sovereign does, and you’ll soon come to realize that cabin comfort is an absolute necessity. As you speed across time zones and continents, the freedom to stand up, walk around, stretch out and relax is essential to keeping your mind sharp and your energy high. Not to worry. The Sovereign’s 68 inches (1.73 m) of stand-up comfort extends the entire length of its more than 25-foot (7.7 m) cabin. In all, this spacious 620-cubic-foot (17.56 m3) interior is significantly larger than others in its class.

A roomy 66 inches (1.68 m) of continuous cabin width gives plenty of seated head and shoulder room. For even more, the fully adjustable seats can be tracked laterally into the aisle for extra clearance. The seats offer passengers an infinite number of reclining positions, full berthing capability, forward and aft tracking – and they’ll swivel 180 degrees for a variety of conversational groupings. Simply put, you can’t get more comfortable in any comparably priced business aircraft.

Police ministry lambasted over purchase of R150m jet


JOHANNESBURG - The police ministry is yet again in the spotlight for more “wasteful” expenditure.

Yesterday the Democratic Alliance (DA) said a reply to a parliamentary question had revealed that the police force had purchased a Cessna Citation Sovereign private business jet costing R150 million.

The jet is being bought to fly Cabinet ministers and senior officials across the country and Africa.

DA shadow police minister Dianne Kohler-Barnard said this was a disgraceful waste of public money.

“We have a national carrier and an air force, and given the array of serious resource problems facing the police, it is unthinkable that such an enormous amount of money would be frittered away on a private jet,” she said.

She added that the money spent on acquiring the plane could have been applied much better.

In a reply to another parliamentary question, Kohler-Barnard said the opposition party discovered that lost and stolen police dockets amounted to 57%.

57% of Dockets Are Lost or Stolen

“We have long called for automatic information back-ups to be made mandatory, and for a real-time crime information system but the ministry of police have yet to give this proposal the attention it deserves.”

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Anonymous said...

New aircraft to match the main man's 3 million rand house.

Anonymous said...

The police can not afford to update their records system - they are spending all their money on luxury cars and jets!

Anonymous said...

The ANC's permanent flipping of the bird to the taxpayer and the poor.

Anonymous said...

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