Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Strike!

The Strike was the original title of Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, and makes reference of course to the central theme of the novel (which I have still not finished..).

Her ideas have made a comeback in Conservative circles, indeed in many they have never gone away, but given the recent strikes, riots and service delivery "protests" in South Africa, which has invariably led to such constructive behaviours as digging up roads, burning homes, looting and the like, it might be time to consider what has been happening alongside these events. The White Strike.

Silent (but deadly), the White Strike has been underway for at least fifteen years and has been gathering momentum. It has in fact increased in intensity since Zuma came to power. It is the slow attrition of the white South African population, those that control the economy, if not the country any longer.

Over a million whites have left, many of the professionals, business owners, industrialists and capitalists who made up the bulk of the productive class in South Africa. The events of Atlas Shrugged are in fact being repeated on a larger scale.

What are their demands? Recognition for one. Recognition that they have done all that was asked of them. Despite accusations that they are "not transformed", or have not "come to the party", white South Africans have done this and more. Have they not paid taxes so disadvantaged areas can be built up? Are they not complying with more and more restrictive regulation in regard to their businesses? Have they not handed over their country wholesale without provision for a homeland or escape route if it all goes wrong?

In the face of massive corruption and brazen arrogance by the ANC, whose ability to ensure that it's one and only function as a government is to keep its citizens safe and secure has been found wanting, to say the least, whites are silently trickling out of the country; often without protest, always with a deep sense of sadness and regret.

This silent Strike will continue until the strikers' demands are met. That is, until South Africa becomes liveable again for them. These demands come unaccompanied by violence, threats, or xenophobia, by mass destruction and extortion of government. The demands are made quietly, from the corners of the earth, and until they are met the Strike will continue and gather momentum.

viva la resistance!

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