Sunday, November 08, 2009

South Africa: Civilisation In Retreat

Why should anyone who is not South African care about what happens in South Africa? I sure do, but then I have strong family connections to the country, and financial interests there, as well as personal concerns about a country I have come to love. What about people in Britain, the US, Australia? What about other Europeans, for whom South Africa must seem a very distant and irrelevant place?

South Africa forced its way into our collective consciousness back in the 1980s, ironically towards the end of Apartheid, when really we should have been more concerned with the Soviet threat. When the Wall came down, we rejoiced - the West had won, but we immediately set about trying to liberate everyone and everything whether they wanted it or not.

As Mandela walked free, and the ANC seemed poised to take power in South Africa, how ready we were to forget that they did so with 68.73% voted support from white South Africans. We forgot too, or turned a blind eye to, the tactics used by the Communist ANC to force that referendum.

Once peace was achieved, and majority rule entrenched in the constitution of the New South Africa, how quickly we turned our attention to the next fashionable issue of the day. Most went back to picking on Israel.

The self-satisfied coffee-shop commentators of London and New York took their eye off the ball almost straight away, because once their 'cause' was won, they saw little need to follow through with anything resembling practicalities. They, the detached and intellectual latte-sipping ideologues, had no reason to get involved in the messy business of nation-building; once the battle was won and everybody got a vote, it was for "other people" to pick up the pieces and start again.

And messy it has been. 15 years into Democracy, the country is a state. A quick skim through many of the articles posted on ILSA will reveal a decaying, disorganised and fractured society that is modern South Africa. So there's little need to take my word for it.

I have repeated this ad nauseam to reactions of scorn and disbelief from white South Africans over the last couple of years, but foreigners actually do care. And many always did. Western governments took a beating from their own constituents for their support of the Old government in SA, although many South Africans, who feel betrated by their own cousins abroad, still consider all foreigners sell-outs.

There is talk, for example, of Britain deserving the Islamic invasion which threatens to cripple the country over the next generation. There are rumblings of glee from certain quarters, in the face of massive social problems caused by Third World immigrants in the West.

The truth is, the plight of white South Africans today is the plight of all of us. It is the first civilised country to become a Third World country in record time. It is civilisation in reverse. To stand shoulder to shoulder with white South Africans, as they try to emigrate for the sake of their families, as they choose to stay and face enormous daily struggles, as many just try to stay alive, is both a privilege and a duty of right-thinking people of European descent all over the world.

If you think 'racial solidarity' is too, well, racist, or the 'bonds of shared ancestry' sounds too old-fashioned, remember that it was our governments who beat them into submission, insisted on 'liberating' the masses, and then refused to accept them en masse as immigrants. These are our people, who left our countries to carve a civilisation out of a hostile environment, just as Americans, Canadians, Australians, Argentinians and New Zealanders did. Most of them didn't even go by choice, forced by religious persecution, political conflict, or just plain old poverty.

Well, in South Africa, that environment has become even more hostile, and it is time to let them come back. This is our history, our fight, and very much our business. What white South Africans face now in present - the encroaching of the Third World onto the First - is what lies in store for us in the future.

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AMB said...

Hi Viking - I agree with you 100%. I must admit that I have had thoughts that the UK deserves what it's getting now as do the Scandanavian countries. But, once you think about it rationally, we all need to consolidate and protect our people. Divided we will perish.

Anonymous said...

Very well written V.

Islandshark said...

Agree with Dobes - well written.