Monday, November 09, 2009

Security worth R300 000 a month for Malema but nothing for white farmers

Tell me there is nothing sinister going on with white farmer killings

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DA racist to complain about Malema's protection bill - ANCYL

ID leader Patricia de Lille said, “For someone who likes to make controversial statements in the media it is cowardly to now suddenly be afraid.”

ANC security 'selective'

Cape Town - The weekend murder of former senior government official Warwick Dorning puts into doubt the ruling party's selective security arrangements for its cadres, trade union Hospersa said on Monday.

ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema's reported security was costing the taxpayer R300 000 a month, which the league claimed was necessary as he had recently received death threats.

"The murder of Dorning on Saturday evening by two armed thugs occurred when he rushed to his screaming wife's aid only to be shot 'stone dead, in cold blood, without warning' according to close friend and fellow civil servant Peter Miller, as reported in The Witness [newspaper]," the Health and Other Service Personnel Trade Union of SA said in a statement.

Miller, a former finance MEC, reportedly said Dorning "served the new South Africa in a very high capacity for about 15 years. He was a highly educated man and an accomplished historian".

'Loud Mouth' Malema

Two men attacked the couple on their farm Adamshurst, near Pietermaritzburg, around 20:00 on Saturday.

"For how much longer, one wonders, are farmers expected to put up with the carnage experienced in rural communities, especially against one who 'made an immense contribution to ensuring food security for our people and building our economy', Agriculture MEC Lydia Johnson said in the Witness article.

"When one considers 'Loud Mouth' Malema's recent utterances there is little wonder that he has a need for protection," Hospersa said.

It was sad that senior civil servants such as Dorning, who had given much of themselves to rebuilding democracy, were left without protection while politicians like Malema were afforded taxpayers' money for security needs necessitated by their own "brutish" behaviour.

Hospersa expressed its condolences to Dorning's immediate and extended family. - SAPA

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Anonymous said...

Let's protect Malema the great instead of the ordinary SA tax paying citizen whose life is in danger every day through no fault of their own. The tax payers haven't asked for the crimes being committed against them whereas Malema has incited race hatred with his speeches and nonsense views. I wouldn't be surprised if it's his own people who want him gone - especially those rich, elite blacks who are being targeted to share their wealth.

Anonymous said...

Wow - another day, another ANC triumph. When the government can't separate it's roles between share holder and the board then there are dark days ahead. How dare they interfere in a boards decision to accept a resignation of the CEO - the same board they appointed to deal with the management of the utility....Donker dae voor mense...

Anonymous said...

Donker dae voor indeed..

Anonymous said...

Shit! Where is all of this going to end?

Anonymous said...

Is somebody making banana milkshakes?

I'm getting a VERY strong banana smell!