Sunday, November 29, 2009

SA Deputy President justifies farm murders

So you see, even though most farm attackers and victims DO NOT know each other, the second in command of the country feels that when people feel aggrieved that it somehow justifies why they may want to return later to brutally rape, torture and murder everyone including women, babies and defenceless old people. This is dangerous talk.


The FF Plus on Sunday accused Deputy-President Kgalema Motlanthe of attempting to justify farm murders.

FF+ agriculture spokesperson Werner Weber was reacting to comments reportedly made by Motlanthe on the causes of the recent De Doorns xenophobic violence against foreign farm workers and the treatment of foreign farm workers by their employees.

"No murder can ever be justified," Weber said in a statement.

"Some of the most brutal farm murders are committed by foreign nationals, who were brutally exploited and made to toil without any remuneration," Montlathe was reported as having said.

"Of course, they come back and they go back and commit the most horrendous murders. This is why
we need to condemn those who take advantage of foreign nationals in this fashion." [it's the farmers' fault, you see. The farmers are to be "condemned".]

Weber accused Motlanthe of making generalisations and claimed that
research had shown that in most farm attacks, victims and perpetrators did not know each other.

"Motlanthe is cautioned to show more discretion in his public comments, especially concerning such a highly emotional issue such as farm murders,” said Weber. - SAPA

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Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha, love the template. It works well.

Anonymous said...

What were we thinking? Of course, the farmers deserve this! Thanks Motlanthe - I always knew there was a perfectly good reason to kill, rape, murder and torture farmers and their families, including 4 year old girls. It has absolutely nothing to do with you support Mugarbage's fantastic government, forcing these same people to flee to SA, where they get to rape and kill our farmers. It all makes sense and I thank you from the bottom of my white heart that you've at least cleared up my racist misconceptions.

Anonymous said...

For about the last two (2) weeks farmers themselves have been blamed for the recent Xenophobic violence between their labourers in the Western Cape.

The SA wekkers say that the foreign wekkers are stealing their jobs, because the foreign wekkers are willing to work for less. This is not the case. The foreign wekkers are much harder wekkers than the the locals and the farmers know this. The only exploitation here is the fact that if you employ a foreigner, you get value for money. Now the guvmunt wants to slap farmers with a minimum sentence of ten years in jail for promoting hatred in our 'happy rainbow nation.'

I do not usually watch SABC News, but this Friday evening last I did. The reason being that SA was playing England in an ODI and that match was due to continue at 19H00, (it actually only continued at 19H20!)

On the bulletin Kgalema Motlanthe said that farmers exploit the foregin labourers by having them come and work on their farm. They work there for some unspecified period of time. When pay day comes, the farmer says, "I am not paying you - YOU work for free!" LIES - LIES - ALL FOOKIN LIES!!! If one YT farmer even did that once, you can bet we would have heard about it by now.

I know how farmers operate. They are not the evil slave masters that drive their workers into the ground and whip them into submission. Farmers, unlike most other employers in the business world/cities, know ALL their workers on a personal level - their first names, their wive's names, their children's names and ages and what standard they are in at school. The workers are given free board and lodgings on the farm. The workers are given the correct equipment to carry out their duties with - overalls, gum boots and dust masks, etc. When a worker (or one of his family members) falls ill, it's the farmer who takes the worker to the hospital/clinic and pays the bill. After the harvest, the workers are given a portion of what they helped bring in for FREE.

The government must pay ALL Farmers salaries for being Census Officers, as the amount of information they obtain from these border jumpers is uncanny.

Anonymous said...

The only thing that blacks are very, very good at is blame shifting and somehow it is the white man's fault that the noble savages kill them so savagely.

Anonymous said...

Yes, these damn evil farmers with their obsession for growing food and all that other despicable stuff.

I think that the black government should instigate a new law and that would be to hang all the white farmers that somehow survive an attack, seeing that they are to blame for the attack in the first place.


Max said...

If you want to understand what has happened and what is happening in our land today please go to this URL and download all the clips and spread them around. All of a sudden a lot of things start making sense.

Anonymous said...

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