Thursday, November 19, 2009

Police minister and the pyre of stupidity

Listen to the unadulterated crapspeak from the good munista. Picture chimp sounds in the background as he speaks. Apparently, one requires a luxury private jet to do police work.

Mthethwa defends cost of police jet

The cost and use of the police jet bought last year has been defended by Minister of Police Nathi

"This is an operational jet, it has been used several times in hostage [situations]," Mthethwa told the National Press Club.
["several" times, but you name just one..]

The jet was recently used to ferry a special task team to a hostage drama at the Mangaung Correctional Centre outside Bloemfontein where three wardens were taken hostage by three inmates.
[what's wrong with using the planes the airforce and indeed the police already possess, why YOUR special luxury plane?]

The jet was also used during the election period where intelligence had isolated violent hotspots.
[to ferry ANC election candidates you mean...]

National police commissioner Bheki Cele's spokeswoman Nonkuleleko Mbatha also defended the purchase saying the jet was "operational" and "cost effective". [who gives a shit it is "cost effective" when it isn't even necessary to have in the first place?!]

"The special task team [sent to Mangaung] intervened after 14 hours in hardly five minutes. It's through these resources that police are able to respond," she said.
[a R150 million plane for "hardly" five minutes..]

Mbatha said the jet cost about R8000 an hour, in fuel and landing fees among others. Last year the maintenance bill for the jet - bought in February -amounted to R152 000.

However Mbatha said it needed to be put in perspective that for commercial planes, services were undertaken every 200 hours, while the jet was serviced every 400 hours. "That's what makes it cost effective."
[wtf? Getting rid of it is the most cost effective]

She said for police to travel from commercial airports, using a local carrier and with the fixed check-in times, limited their effectiveness to get to an emergency quickly.
[But you just said the hostage drama was ongoing for 14 hours, plenty of time to arrive, order room service, watch a movie, catch a taxi to the scene... a whole task force using a R150 mil plane for three inmates?]

Mthethwa said the jet was more feasible as it was able to land on small airstrips. "South African Airways - they are not going to be able to land in certain situations," he said.
[There you have it, explained. In other words, stfu, we is clevah, you is stoopid and we no betta..] - Times Live

5 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

This morons have no comprehension at all about the true cost of anything. On their own they can create nothing. The RSA ship is going down and the looters scramble for the last spoils.

Unknown said...

I think this time you are attacking from the wrong angle on this one. With only a handful of really operational task force members left, the SAPS indeed need a jet to deploy where needed. In a hostage situation they do not decide from go to deploy the task force but will make the very difficult decision only after all else fail. So yes, maybe after 14 hours they need them ASAP. If the jet is “luxury” it will only be because it the only one on the market with the required specs. True, because of the extra bling the politicians will misuse the new “toy”. Attack that and not the very real need for such a tool. Great blog thanks, keep it up. Philip.

Anonymous said...

Philip, no one will ever complain if this Jet or any of the other millions that the top cops are blowing goes towards crime fighting. How many times will the task force get to use this jet? That is just a bullshit excuse. Their are many many private jets for hire, this was bought for joyrides, nothing else.

Anonymous said...

@PB - are you for real dude?

Anonymous said...

Like Loggi says, you could hire private jets at a fraction of the costs of maintaining them much less actually owning a depreciating asset which is really just for the minister and cohorts to travel around in. We all know that.