Thursday, November 19, 2009

PC Gone Mad: Now You're Racist Even When You're Not.

This is another classic from the Equality Industry, whose antics would be entertaining if they didn't leave such destruction in their wake.

We were recently chastised, too, for posting non South African -related articles. We must be "waycists" for criticising Obama etc. when he has nothing to do with South Africa.

But if you can't see the obvious connection between events in South Africa and those in other countries, in respect to PC-bullying, affirmative-action thinking, anti-white and anti-European propaganda, cultural Marxism, and the multiculturalist project, then there is really no hope for you.

Here are the Multicult ideologues at work:

Earlier this month, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario (HRTO) awarded $5,000 to a black female newspaper carrier who insisted she had been arrested by police in early 2007 only because of her skin colour.

Early one morning, Sharon Abbott was delivering newspapers to homes in Toronto's west end. Police Sergeant Stephen Ruffino observed her car double-parked outside an apartment. Then he saw her re-enter the vehicle, turn left without signalling, drive without a seatbelt and swerve from side to side. When she got out again, Sgt. Ruffino tried to stop Ms. Abbott and give her a warning, but she failed to stop and identify herself several times. So he briefly scuffled with her, handcuffed her and detained her for 45 minutes.

Although the HRTO found no "conscious" racism on Sgt. Ruffino's part, it nonetheless concluded his actions were motivated by a deep-seated prejudice ... of which he was apparently entirely unaware.

The Tribunal also stated, without substantiation, that white people in authority have "an expectation of docility and compliance" from black people they encounter.

We guess we're behind on the latest politically correct dogma, but hasn't the traditional racist stereotype of blacks depicted them as violent, unpredictable criminals -- which is to say, the very opposite of docile and compliant? The world of official human rights has entered such a surreal la-la-land that its mandarins can't even keep it straight in their heads what stereotypes and prejudices they're supposed to be fighting.

In fact, we'll be honest: Not a single person on this editorial board had ever heard of the "expectation of docility and compliance" that is supposedly rampant in the minds of white people. It's almost like the Human Rights Tribunal... made it up.

Government officials inventing, promoting, and publishing brand new racist stereotypes. Your tax dollars at work, Canada.

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Anonymous said...

Well said V, people need to start connecting the dots between what happened in SA and is still happening and what PC is doing to other Western countries. It is the same pattern, elevate the noble savage, ignore/downplay his excesses and failings while highlighting and overreacting to any white transgression. It is this steady pounding on the white psyche that they hope will lead to concessions and break the ability of whites to think for themselves.

Anonymous said...

That tribunal needs to jump off the nearest cliff so that mankind can be protected from these idiots.

Peter said...

The whole world has gone mad. Race is more important than ever.
Black on white crime is receiving very little attention in the media, that is to say if it gets any attention.
Should a white do anything where the black is the victim, the media and the polititians make a big fuss and they shout racism for weeks.
This is not only the case in SA or the USA but it is a world-wide problem.

M. Abbott said...

This is actually my moms case, and I find it funny how the Human Rights Tribunal has turned this into a Race thing. Initially it was about the arrest, inwhich she was never read her rights, and the bruises that she suffered. This was a horrible ordeal, and completely taken out of context. It could have been dealt with differently. Women working on a paper routes, by themseleves, early in the morning need to look out. It's hard to trust anyone, especially when they are being so aggressive. Regardless of who they are. W