Monday, February 22, 2010

The Bloody Onslaught Against Academics: An Update

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Melissa Steyn, to paraphrase a fellow blogger, you dirty bitch.

Your lies forced me to create a list of academics that have been directly impacted by crime, in order to bring a little perspective to your bullshit argument. I didn't realise the list would grow as rapidly as it has. In a macabre way, some of the recent additions may even have seen, and reflected upon this list.

Recalling your claims makes me feel dirty, like a violated victim of sexual assault. I have not, and will not forget the falsity of your claims and the peers that you have forsaken.

You are a disgrace to the profession.

Here is the updated list of academics that we know have been affected by black-on-white hate crime:

1. Prof. Willem Botha, University of Pretoria, shot (survived). Daughter Razelle, shot repeatedly (survived).
2. Prof. Alan Paterson, University of Witwatersrand. Wife Bronwyn, stabbed (survived), ribs and nose broken, part of her ear torn off. Daughter Jamie (raped).
3. Prof. Lisabe Smuts-Smith, University of Cape Town, stabbed to death with a screwdriver.
4. Prof. Brian Hahn, University of Cape Town, beaten to death with an umbrella.
5. Mr. Louw Rabie, brilliant and reclusive geologist, beaten to death with a pole.
6. Prof. Mike Larkin, University of Cape Town, stabbed to death whilst walking home.
7. Prof. William Papo, Tshwane University of Technology. Strangled to death.
8. Prof. Margaret Slabbert, University of Pretoria. Husband Gerhard, shot to death in her presence.
9. Prof. Kevin Rochford, University of Cape Town, shot to death during a hijacking in Mowbray.
10. Prof. Anna van der Hoven, UNISA, attacked with a garden fork (survived).
11. Miss Bianca Warburton, University of Witwatersrand, shot to death during a botched hijacking in Alexandra.
12. Rev. Clive Newman, The College of the Transfiguration, bludgeoned to death in his room.
13. Ms. Michelle Cocks, The Institure for Social and Economic Research at Rhodes University, brutally assaulted around the head and face, and left for dead.
14. Dr. Isla Grundy, Department of Community Forestry at Stellenbosch University, brutally assaulted around the head and face (including a broken jaw), and left for dead.
15. Prof. Johannes "Hanno" Boon, Department of Anatomy at University of Pretoria, and visiting Professor at Kingstown Medical College, brutally murdered during an armed robbery in Pretoria.
16. Mr. Dominic Giddy, a student in the Department of Social Science at UCT, stabbed to death near his University residence. UPDATE 
17. Mr. Benny Pakiso Moqobane, a medical student at UCT, shot to death near his University residence in Observatory. UPDATE

Notice how under represented the black victims are. Anybody with the inclination, email this post to Steyn. Let her know we will not forget.

Click here, to view the faces of those academics that readily went along for the farcical ride, without the slightest compunction to review the facts.

Hat Tip: KJ

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FishEagle said...

Great going VI. Interesting that there are no blacks in the list. I wonder what percentage of our academics are black and whether that information is available.

Anonymous said...

Well, the percentage is certainly more than zero.

Islandshark said...

Great post VI!

Anonymous said...

Prof. Johannes Marinus (Hanno) Boon

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the SACP getting rid of the bourgeoisie intellectuals.

Anonymous said...

More blacks are victims of crime simply because there are more blacks than whites.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 19:05. You are stating the obvious. Yes, blacks are predominantly victims of crime; if we are talking absolute numbers. But not when you look at proportionality.

Viking said...

In an age where "hate crimes" form part of our common vocabulary, it's always worth noting that violence and crime are inter-ethnic, not intra-ethnic, meaning that whites are targeted for crime by other ethnic groups....