Thursday, November 12, 2009

More farm killings than in Afghan war - union

Farm attacks in South Africa this year have claimed more lives than the war in Afghanistan, an agricultural organisation said in a report on Thursday.

A total of 91 British soldiers died this year in the war in Afghanistan, compared to 111 people who were killed in farm attacks in South Africa over the same period, said Chris van Zyl, assistant manager of the Transvaal Landbou Union (TLU).

Beeld newspaper reported that over the past eight years, 282 British soldiers died in Afghanistan, quoting numbers provided by the BBC broadcaster.
But in just four years, 292 people died in farm attacks in South Africa, said Van Zyl, adding that these numbers were "conservative".

Van Zyl said these statistics were given to the TLU by the police, who did not want the organisation to make it public. - Sapa

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Max said...

I have posted an article on Christine Amanpours Facebook discussion board under South African Genocide URL


Please go and tell your experiences or leave your comments there. Remember we are proud South Africans not hillbillies so please set a good impression in the use of your words)

FishEagle said...

@ Max, excellent. Get the word out.

Anonymous said...

Any minute expect CNN to ride into town..wait..any minute..wait..they're coming...wait..any minute..NOT.