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Microsoft Co-Conspiring With ANC Blogger Crackdown?

From Newsguy at The Right Perspective

In what may be part of a larger campaign by the ANC-ruling South African government against dissident bloggers, computer giant Microsoft has ordered an Internet journalist to remove her photos exposing the genocide of White Afrikaner and Boer from its Internet storage system.

South African ex-pat journalist Adriana Stuijt received a letter from Microsoft demanding she remove pictures proving Boer genocide from its Windows Sky-Drive system because some of the images depict “nude scenes”.

However, these “nude scenes” are forensic photos from the South African Police Service records, showing the horrendous injuries Afrikaner and Boer women, men and children have suffered in South Africa and prove these murders are fuelled by pure hatred.

The crack-down on dissident South African bloggers began last Wednesday after Uhuru Guru, the main writer of South Africa Sucks, was arrested and held overnight on a nearly-twenty-year-old case that was dismissed. Three other bloggers from the Boervryheid website were also arrested and released shortly after the Uhuru Guru case. In all these cases, all computers and cellphones were confiscated by authorities.

“Forensic experts believe that these images illustrate that these murderers of babies, women and men are motivated not by mere crime, but by hatred – and these photographs illustrate that fact,” Stuijt wrote back to Microsoft in an e-mail. “These are similar to the photographs showing piles of nude bodies from the Nazi holocaust which can also be seen on countless of your albums – but clearly are not deemed pornographic.”

“International genocide experts such as Dr Gregory Stanton of the UN-organisation Genocide Watch have also pointed out in TV-interviews that this small South African minority group is indeed being targetted by ‘genocidal violence’ and that such injuries – mutilations, extensive and repeated injuries – all indicate the genocidal intent of the perpetrators rather than mere ‘crime-of-greed motivation’.”

“As a matter of fact those ‘nude photographs of babies’ you referred to, were the SAPS forensics photographs of two infants who were murdered in the most horrendous way: one girl was wrapped live in newspapers and set alight; the second child showed injuries in the photograph which were consistent with her being grabbed by the feet, and swung against a wall, after which she was strangled.”

Stuijt has removed the photographs from her Windows Sky-Drive account to comply with TOS requirements.

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Anonymous said...

Well it stands to reason that Gates and his company are part of the New World Order dictatorship. You don't get THAT rich and powerful by working outside the system.

I wonder how they knew the pictures were there?
Does Micro$haft spy on all the data stored in its sky-drive system, or am I asking an obvious question? ;-)

Anonymous said...

The marxist, terrorist anc cage is being rattled. These savages hate been shown up and proven wrong. Mark my words they will want revenge and will find it in the form of liberal support...

World soccer cup 2010 will be the beginning of the end for the anc scum...the world WILL learn the truth about their evil plan aginst whites and of the ongoing silent genocide of our people..

Fuck the NWO and their lust for seeing us burn...your time will come!

Viking said...

F*ck Microsoft. There are other places to store online.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is a grand conspiracy, just the ubiquitous belief that we have a right to not be offended. If you raise the issue of Freedom of Speech, then it gets countered that such niceties do not apply to private corporations.

I agree with Viking, though; there are better places to host our material. Unfortunately it takes trial and error to find them.

ILSA also did not come away unscathed. The same images were posted on Scribd, and the account was deleted in less than 24 hours, along with all our other material we had accumulated. That said though, I believe it was removed because of repeated and malicious red flagging, despite my numerous warnings that the pictures were very graphic. I say this because the same images remain hosted by Scribd, by another blogger.

So I am not convinced, yet, that there is a grand conspiracy.

Anonymous said...

By the way, did anybody notice the very clever Microsoft logo?

Islandshark said...

@ VI - Yip, hence my comment at TRP - I think it is brilliant!!

Anonymous said...

Greg Berchenko is an evil little man.
He is going flat out to rubbish you guys.

Anonymous said...

I agree with VI. I'm not remotely convinced it's part of a grand conspiracy. I believe yes, that the ANC is acting against SA bloggers inside SA but beyond that, the rest is coincidental. I just thought you guys might be interested to know the censorship that we face out there.

I looked at hosting ILSA off blogspot so that it didn't run the risk of one day being deleted not that we do anything to merit deletion and you cannot believe the BS with regard to what we can and cannot post on most web hosts. If anyone knows a 'safe' hosting service for a politically incorrect blog, as mild as ILSA is, let me know because I will look at moving ILSA there.

blogger said...

Is the ANC threatening Microsoft?

That the ANC had to go the lengths of digging up some old charge against UG of SAS clearly shows the levels they are stooping to. This indicates that they truly fear the kind of success these blogs and websites are having.

The shutting down of the Boer Genocide blog is itself a "Genocide Denial" type of crime. This is the suppression of the ongoing murder of white farmers in South Africa.

I was particularly stunned that the Boerevryheid "Boer Freedom" website also had trouble and that computers were seized.

What is of interest, is the seizure by the Govt of the computers of certain people. Perhaps they are just snooping around, hoping to find things on those computers. The fact that they went after the computers of only a few people suggests to me that they have reason to do this. This in turn indicates that these people are being spied upon. I want to assure all of you, that each and every one of us is being spied on. Let there be no doubt that they're reading your emails, listening in to phone calls, or even monitoring the websites you go to and the books you buy from Amazon. ALL THESE THINGS ARE EASILY POSSIBLE TECHNICALLY - a piece of cake really. But you must not let these things bother you because, as long as you are merely engaging in free speech and you are not plotting any crimes, there is nothing to fear.

This is of course also Govt harrassment. Did Uhuru Guru or anyone else actually commit a real crime? I doubt it, in which case they are being harrassed and their freedom of speech is being impinged upon.

Consider President Jacob Zuma who ran a whole election campaign based on singing "Umshini wami" - "Bring me my machinegun" (to shoot the whites). Jacob Zuma is the President and he's more guilty of hate speech than anyone else except Julius Malema. Julius Malema has openly used hate speech, as reported in the mass media and nothing has happened to him.

So I think the ANC should look at the hate speech emanating from their own senior ranks, which is being spread openly, through all media channels to the 45 million people of this country. They are engaging in hate speech on a far bigger scale, and of a worse kind, than any of these bloggers or websites can. And they are doing it with Govt and party funds. Julius Malema got off the one charge merely by "promising never to say it again!" Since when have you heard such complete nonsense. Does this mean if I were to shoot someone dead that I could be let off the hook by "promising to never shoot someone else dead again?" Its complete nonsense.

The mass media has reported over the months many instances where Julius Malema has said many hateful things. Who is Julius Malema to run around saying that all the mines should be nationalised or all "assets" (of the whites) should be seized by Govt. How inciteful is that?

Viking said...


I only just noticed it now - brilliant! But I did read it very VERY early this morning......

Anonymous said...

@ blogger, well said. We bloggers must be having an impact - and good. They can harass all they want, it's like whack-a-mole, close here, it pops up there. No doubt it's just harassment, the ANC comrades are guilty of far worse hate talk than all the bloggers combined and like you said, done in public using taxpayer funded forums. As long as no incitement to crime is committed which I know of no incident, they have nothing.

Fuck them. We will never cower to them. As the song goes "You can touch this" (middle finger firmly in the air)

AMB said...

Hi Dobes - what about that Greg Berchenko comment from Anon 09 November 2009 5:56 AM. What is Black Coffee up to now??

Anonymous said...

BC is free to say whatever he thinks about ILSA and others. He knows from our many conversations in private what my views are and none of it is to attack blacks per se, but to hit the ANC and it just so happens they are a black government. I would do the same if it were a white government. I am obviously also pro-white and I make no apology for that and if that is 'waycism', tough titty. If this blog is flagged or closed down, it will pop back up again so it serves nothing to shut us down.