Saturday, November 21, 2009

Malema Labels Communist a White Supremacist. Nice.

O Dear. Commie shitbag Jeremy Cronin has got himself on the wrong side of Julius Malema. Not content to merely challenge the philosophical bases of Cronin's views on nationalisation of the country's mines, Malema stoops to hurling insults once again.

See how you like it, asshole.

The SA Communist Party on Friday defended its general secretary, Jeremy Cronin, after ANC Youth League president Julius Malema lambasted the former's stance on nationalising the mines.

"We find it very strange and politically dishonest that whilst on the one hand the ANCYL calls for a debate on the question of nationalisation, yet, on the other hand, it throws insults on those who are taking up the debate," the SACP said in a statement.

It condemned "in the strongest possible terms" the insults hurled at Cronin by Malema in a response to an SACP article on mine nationalisation.

Malema described the piece, penned by Cronin, as "openly reactionary".

Cronin provided an analysis of the issues surrounding the nationalisation of the mines.

In it, he criticised Malema and the league's calling for nationalisation, saying: "Comrade Malema hasn't always helped his case with off-the-wall sound-bytes.

"The impression of a policy being made on the hoof, individualistically, is reinforced by the fact that we are yet to see any serious attempt at a collective policy document on this matter from the ANCYL."

He added: "I suspect that comrade Malema and others are missing this bigger systemic picture because when they speak of mineral beneficiation they are thinking of bling... sorry, jewellery."

Malema responded to the piece by describing it as reactionary "clothed in quasi-Marxist rhetoric, with potential to make a sorry and sad reflection of the true character of the SACP's ideological steadfastness".

He said he did "not need the permission of white political messiahs to think".

Malema said it was "sad" that Cronin had "decided to isolate me" from a league resolution in which it outlines its stance on nationalisation: "... the State should be custodian of the people in its ownership, extraction, production and trade of mineral wealth beneath the soil, monopoly industries and banks."

On mineral beneficiation, Malema said Cronin had reduced the league's call for this to an "obsession with bling".

"It is sad that previously those who look like us were considered intellectually inferior by the white supremacists, and today Comrade Jeremy reflects the same sentiment, even before he interacts with the views of the ANCYL," Malema said.

The SACP called on Malema to discuss the issue in a "principled and comradely manner without resorting to the Mbeki-era type of insults against the leaders of our party".

It said it had invited the league to take part in its political school last month, where it had discussed nationalisation, but the league had not attended. - Sapa

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Anonymous said...

The Commies aren't stupid. That's why the Kremlin sent a white man to keep an eye on the SACP boons. His job is make sure that they don't stuff up the party just like they do everything else. Malema knows this hence his little "white supremacist" outburst.

Anonymous said...

This scumbag crony Cronin des not work for the Kremlin, he works for the Rothschilds and Oppenfookinheimers. I hope these anc nitwits uncrowned beasts of the field nationalize the banks and the mines and the mineral wealth and see how these stinking, thieving, bullshitting khazars start jumping up and down. Will probably call in the stoopid pommies to come and fight their war again.

Anonymous said...

The reason Jeremy Cronin writes such tedious crap is to wear the reader down to a state of mind-numbed indifference. It's like repeatedly being hit on the head with wet cotton wool.

In response to yet another of his ramblings, Zwakala sarcastically (at least I hope for Zwakala's sake that he is being sarcastic and has not suffered brain damage from reading Cronin's idiocies) comments:

"When we seek to drive cars like BMW's etc. suspecting people may think we have succumbed to the trappings of capitalism. It cannot be the case, as it is very much known that we do not place value on materialistic things. When we begin to drive these cars our purpose is simply strategic i.e. to gain a profound deeper understanding of the deceit of materialism. It is only when you have thorough comprehension of capitalism and its intricacies can you manage to defeat it. Against this background I do not see any wrong doing on the part of Blade Nzimande to have bought such an expensive vehicle as BMW - unless someone can provide evidence that he is not honest in conducting such an experiment. When all said and done the message must be driven home that materialism is against humanity and therefore should be rejected by all rational people."

Gambu doesn't get the irony but has the bullshit bag ready with:

I dont know whether to laugh or be saddened by your point. When rapists rape women can they submit to the victims that they were trying to understand what mode or state of mind rapists actual go in order to commit these atrocities on women?

This is absurd. Blade showed his colours and went for the price item BMW 750i. A 5 series, Audi A6, Lexus 450 could have done the same job at half the price. Ever since he became minister he started wearing suits I bet you they are not Habit, or Caducci most probably they Zegna, Armani, Gucci and Hugo Boss. He claims to be a communist? The day he buys his clothes from a dress marker down town johannesburg to assist that women put food on her family table I would believe him. The day he buys an Audi A6 and take the savings and send 4 poor kids to University I would respect him. Action speak louder than words and we can only be convinced by their actions not empty words."

Original yawn inducing tome:

Commie Blaster said...

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