Thursday, November 12, 2009

Japan team’s crime curfew in South Africa

Japan’s football team is subject to a security curfew ahead of Saturday’s friendly with 2010 World Cup host South Africa, reports the Sapa-AP news agencies.

Japan’s players have been instructed not to leave their hotel after dark while they are in South Africa for the match in Port Elizabeth.

“The players are free to go to the beach in front of the hotel, but we’ve told them not to go out after dark,” Ichirota Fukushi, the team’s media relations director, told The Associated Press via telephone from South Africa.

South Africa has one of the worst crime rates in the world, putting the government under pressure to show that safety isimproving ahead of next year’s World Cup.

South Africa’s murder rate – one of the world’s highest – has dropped slightly, but the country faces a distressing rise in rapes, robberies and hijackings, according to South African police figures released in September.

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Do you think South Africa can guarantee the safety of players and fans during the 2010 World Cup?

Yes! 22 %
Maybe 12 %
No! 60 %
Don't care 6 %


7 Opinion(s):

Anonymous said...

The communist ANC kaffirs can not, or will not guarantee the safety of the white farmers, so it is unlikely that they can guarantee the safety of the soccer teams.

Word of warning to white foreigners wanting to visit South Africa - STAY HOME!

Exzanian said...

They wil be safer indoors. The latest threat are the wild police bullets that will be flying around.

Anonymous said...

It's going to be an interesting world cup...

The Rooster said...

Why did you not post the follow up when the Japanese denied these comments ? I live in this city and to present is as danderous to walk around in reeks of drama queen bullshit.

FishEagle said...

Rooster, where can you walk around PE at night where it is safe?


I suggest the Rooster instructs the Japanese in RSA survival techniques.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rooster - Pray tell us where we can walk after dark? I've been to PE many times and I wouldn't walk there after dark...ever.