Saturday, October 31, 2009

I have a nightmare..

In a democracy, talking and openly debating a problem is a normal encouraged process that strengthens our society. This is how democracy performs its magic and ensures power is in the hands of governments who are held accountable for their actions through open debate. Look at the BBC as a prime example, they stood up in the face of huge public protest and invited Nick Griffin the leader of the right wing BNP party to openly debate their opinions and party ideologies in a media forum. All the BBC was doing was providing a platform for democracy to unfold and take care of what it deems as undemocratic in nature.

In South Africa we have an undemocratic problem called Julius Malema, and our democracy needs to look at this individual and his intentions with suspicion and doubt. All the media critics out there saying that the media makes him stronger by publishing his statements are ignorant of the fact that if we allow this man to go on unchallenged he will become a nightmare for all of us, including those who think he will be their liberator. Any extremist view in the hands of a youth leader is a recipe of disaster and can have a damaging effect on the youth's perceptions. The media has the power to expose the true nature and intensions of the darker side of Julius Malema.

The man is so full of hot air that it is making him swell up to near bursting proportions. His recent attack and threat on Nedbank for withdrawing sponsorship from ASA is a fine illustration of his psychosis and Nedbank to even consider engaging with him and cow tow to his demands is a mistake. They have every right to withdraw sponsorship if the sponsorships contractual obligations were not being met by ASA, and it is no business of Malema what Nedbank decides to do with their money unless he is a director or shareholder.

Who does he think he is?

Why this troubled soul hasn't been silenced by government yet is beyond my comprehension, his impaired cognitive abilities are so transparent and embarrassing that we are somehow drawn to this stupendous display of irrationality. The only reason I can think of is
that the ANC silently supports and condones his racially motivated comments, constant provocation of opposition leaders and call for mass action and other revolutionary babble. What does he know about revolution and the struggle? His biggest struggle was probably passing matric and changing gears in his luxury Mercedes.

The ANC through distancing itself from Malema's statements is not taking responsibility for this rogue satellite clearly out of orbit. He is the leader of the ANC YOUTH LEAGUE and is therefore part and parcel of the ANC through their name sharing. His controversial statements are intended to strike a negative chord in the disenchanted young masses and work them into a frenzy. Instead of having a leader that talks about dignity, respect for others and the acceptance of cultural diversity we have someone polluting young impressionable minds with talk of revolution, kill for your beliefs and mass action. Anyway you look at it; his message is filled with hatred and anarchy, produced in a troubled mind hell bent on power and privilege through mobilisation and 16th century tribalism.

All this talk about nationalising the mines for the people is another case of how Malema is trying to con the masses into believing it will enrich them. One thing the ANC are good at is enriching a few elite at the expense of everyone else. How on earth are we going to nationalise the mines and attract investors at the same time? This is paramount to economic suicide and will spell the beginning of the end of the republic.

If the ANC can't even manage Eskom properly how on earth are they going to manage our mines? If anything, we need to increase privatisation so our parastatals mired in mediocrity will pull themselves out of the doldrums. Mediocrity is a nasty by-product of nationalism, and a reason why Nationalist policies have achieved very little success in developing countries. It has been the chief catalyst in perpetuating the cycle of poverty, widespread corruption and the mismanagement of services and a collapse in infrastructure. When companies are not held accountable, the medium for incompetence is created and an attitude of tolerance of failure and outright stupidity becomes the norm. One needs only to look at SAA or Eskom for proof in the failure of nationalism.

The best leader

The ANCYL as it currently exists under Malema is an embarrassment to the hard fought freedom of this country. It is clearly
a product of the spoilt black youth and their misguided belief in entitlement and lack of understanding of the term struggle and wealth creation. You need to understand the value of money before you can create wealth.

Malema should be given clear roles and responsibilities that will keep him busy because he clearly has way too much time on his hands. He has an ill informed remark about everything, and those comments are usually saturated in ignorance and arrogance. Look at his comments about the word for hermaphrodite in Pedi or Ms Naledi Pandor's "American accent" to name a few on a very long list.

We are the laughing stock of the world, with Zuma's fat little Goebbels taking the main stage in this comedy of tactless errors. Is this what we voted for in 1994? Is this the best future leader in the ANC junior ranks? If he is then I am disappointed and highly concerned to say the least and the rest of civilised South Africa should feel let down and betrayed by the ANC's promises for the future. - Wayne G, News24

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Anonymous said...

It's all about control really.

You can only lead if you follow the rules of the globalist elite.
It rules through the money supply. All reserve banks fall under it's sphere.

Mandela was given a choice by the world order elite and that choice was that they(the NWO) would support his party financially and use propaganda through the controlled MSM to sway public opinion world wide in their favour.
All he needed to ensure happened once they (the ANC) got to rule, was to give generous mineral concessions and of course hand over the control of the resevrve bank to the NWO. Bet you didn't know that our reserve bank isn't a reserve bank at all, but a private bank with shareholders.

The elitists were delighted when Mandela stuck to his side of the bargain, after the ANC won the right to govern. For this they idolized him, gave him the Nobel prize and even placed his statue on their famous square in Brittain. He was the hero of the Rothchild empire.

Then came Mbeki. They used to call him a black Englishman, with hs tweed jacket and pipe he was more english than African. He continued along the course that is stipulated by the globalists.

Then along came Zuma and from the start he made it clear that he will change things. In return the NWO made it clear that should he attempt this, they will tie him up in court for the duration of his presidency and that he will probably end up in jail.

Understandably Zuma was quite upset at the jutice system for what he viewed as a transgration. Whether it was rape or not was immaterial to Zuma, he was cross that they had the audacity of trying to nail him for it.

Only when they started bringing the weapons scandall to the fore, did Zuma decide that perhpas it is better to comply with their wishes.

Zuma has since done an about face and is doing exactly what his handlers(the NWO) demands of him.

The fact is, that he is doing this as an act of self preservation and that this political direction has been forced upon him. It is not the direction he would have taken, if he had his own marxist ways.

This is why he views Malema as a great future leader. Malema is expressing exactly what Zuma would have, had it not been for the fact that his hands are tied.

This is why the ANC looks fondly upon Malema. Zuma knows that he has been neutralized by the NWO in his fight for a socialist state, so naturally all hopes now lie on the next king. At this point in time it seems as if the next king will be Malema. They have great hopes for him and they think tha he will be the man to realize their dreams at a socialist state.