Monday, November 09, 2009

The Worst Parking Job Ever

The ongoing quest to determine whether women make better drivers than men is neverending with some studies suggesting women are the better drivers. Of course that's not true, my wife can't park to save her life for instance, reversing is a no no and going forward creeps me out too ;) It's true women have less accidents which make their stats look good but less accidents is not an indication of competency, only that men take more risks and do most of the driving. Anyhow, that's not the gist of this post. What I want to show you is probably the worst parking effort ever - by a woman - in Canada.

One of the unfortunate victims is
a Todd Jamison, the owner of the crushed 2004 Hyundai Elantra that played a starring role in this recent viral YouTube video.

The security footage that was posted to
YouTube highlights one of the worst parking jobs you will ever see. While the video is actually quite hilarious(?), the reality is that this was a very real incident that took place on October 22, 2009 in an Ontario, Canada parking lot.

The video in question, included below, shows a BMW mounting two parked cars at an Ontario gym and then driving off without so much as a courtesy note. The original video has now amassed upwards of 1.6 million views, and the 62 year-old woman driver has been arrested for leaving the scene, but Jamison is still out one Hyundai.
Ladies, if hubby ever complains about the dents again, show him this video to prove you are not the worst parker.

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Anonymous said...

I happen to be a very good WOMAN driver - although I must say I'm in the minority. Just try getting caught behind one the asian ladies on the roads here in Melbourne and you'll quickly wish you had the biggest bull bar mounted to the front of your car. Back in SA, black women were the worst drivers EVER - fact.

Anonymous said...

I have been running an online survey, related to investing, for about 3 years. A few thousand have participated. One of the questions is "How do you rate your driving ability? Below Average/Average/Above Average".

The bell curve dictates that there should be an even distribution. Apparently not, when it comes to subjective self-assessment.

Men were grossly over-confident, with 71% saying that they are Above Average, the balance being Average.

Women were better, with 60% saying they are Above Average.

Nobody reported being below average, which is like parents and their children. All parents think their children are above average.

Women, by the way, make better investors. They are more disciplined, and less prone to egotistically based decisions. I wouldn't be surprised if the same applies to their driving skills.

FishEagle said...

OMG! Hahaha. I'd say this woman was given a toy too big to handle.

Men drive like they own the roads though - arrogant, reckless and dangerous.

FishEagle said...

By the way, she got it spot on with the second attempt :)