Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Climate Change and Economic growth

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Anonymous said...

I agree. But, no where do you get the governments of the world committing to population control as a way to help the climate and the future of the world. That is a meaningful start to tackling the climate problem - not just throwing money at it as they want to do with the Copenhagen treaty. We need to stop having so many children - you should only have one child to replace you i.e 2 children per 1 couple. Then we can start tackling this big problem - but when you have China and India having 2.5BILLION people between the 2 countries alone, there's a problem...and they are the ones ducking and diving the climate issue. Then you also have Africa out with their begging bowl demanding compensation from the rich countries. The world should stop feeding places like Ethiopia - where they can't even farm enough food to feed their booming population. If World Aid hadn't stepped in to play god in the 80's they wouldn't have the population they have today and STILL can't feed. First world countries need to stop playing god and let nature take its course.

FishEagle said...


"That is a meaningful start to tackling the climate problem"

Response - well said!!!