Monday, November 09, 2009

Bloggers arrest sets blog rumour mill abuzz

The Sunday Independent reports on the so-called blogger clampdown. The word is out at least, the msm is paying attention to the police shenanigans and further arrests will only backfire on the police and authorities if bloggers continue to be targeted. If it was co-incidental as they claim, further arrests will show they are lying. It might also be coincidental that no bloggers favourable of the ANC regime or the 'new' South Africa (same thing) have been targeted unless someone can show me otherwise.


The blogger-sphere was buzzing this week with claims that the South African police were clamping down on people critical of the government and crime.

This came after the arrest on Wednesday morning of Albert Oosthuizen who runs - a blog that has as its mission "to bring news to the outside world of the cr*p that has become of South Africa".

The confirmed arrest of the zasucks blogger and claimed arrest of two bloggers from the Boerevryheid website sparked fears of a renewed clampdown on rightwingers and rightwing groups critical of the government ahead of the 2010 World Cup.

The police refused to answer questions about the arrests or these allegations.

Oosthuizen, who writes under the name Uhuru Guru, was arrested by members of the Linden police, organised crime and cyber crimes units at his Linden home on a warrant of arrest that was issued in 1993.

Gauteng police confirmed that the officers were also in possession of a seizure order permitting them to confiscate Oosthuizen's computers.

A 9mm pistol and two loaded magazines, for which he could not produce a permit, were also confiscated.

Captain Julia Claassen, police spokeswoman, said Oosthuizen had appeared in court on the 1993 warrant issued by the Randburg Magistrate's Court for a fraud charge.

She could not say why it had taken police 16 years to effect the arrest.

The arrest of the blogger saw a flurry of chatter on the internet when word spread that he had been arrested on "trumped-up charges".

According to the posting, Oosthuizen's door was "ripped off" and his wife was prevented from making any calls.

"His children's cellphones were confiscated, his little daughters were ripped out of their beds; you cannot believe the cruelty," the blog read. "This arrest is motivated ultimately by the state. No doubt it has to do with zasucks."

The blog alleged that Oosthuizen had been extensively questioned about his blogs, his rightwing affiliations, which rightwing meetings he had attended, and about Dan Roodt, author and Afrikaans activist.

According to the site, Oosthuizen was released from custody after the state prosecutor refused to place the 16-year-old case on the roll.

This could not be independently confirmed.

In another blog, Peter the News Guy, said zasucks had been targeted by various leftist groups and the South African government since its inception in 2004.

"It has been banned from Google and other search engines and hacked because of its controversial political content," he said.

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Anonymous said...

I agree Dobes. This will back-fire horribly if they continue with this. The ex-pats are the most voiciferous regarding what the ANC is up to so the more they stir the bigger the negative impact on them. It's almost the reverse of the ANC being in exile....

Anonymous said...

The ANC getting what they dished out not so long ago!

Anonymous said...

yoo... thanks for thoughts :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's crazy man. They should really try to do something to fix that.