Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Black Swans, Misrepresentation and The Truth


Let me state my disclaimers first; my opinions do not necessarily reflect those of the blog owner, Doberman. Moreover, this article is an effort to bring transparency to an issue that is plaguing our efforts; and to uphold our policy of telling the truth. I hope the individuals involved will do the right thing.

You will recall that approximately 10 days ago I wrote an article, entitled A Warning To White South Africa. This article was written at the behest of Doodler, a contributor at Why South Africa Sucks (SAS).

Now, to place it on record. There is no association between ILSA and SAS, other than the fact that we blog in the same space, albeit stylistically different.

We, both Doberman and I, thought the cause was good, and therefore the article was published. Included in the article was a set of pictures that were acquired from SAS, with their express permission. To be precise, I was told I could "feel free to redistribute". These pictures were hosted offsite, in order not to offend our readers and to prevent any consequences with Blogger.

Subsequent to the posting of the article, Doberman and I were vitriolically attacked, in a profanity laced email, by the SAS web owner, Uhuru Guru, for allegedly "misappropriating" the pictures, because we did not publish any credit. I guess it depends on who defines the terms.

What subsequently transpired was that I was informed, by Lara aka Andrea (an independent blogger) that the pictures are fake (Click here to view her retractions). I was aghast, and equally surprised at the deafening silence in the blogosphere.

At least one of the pictures has been associated with the Boston strangler (I provide a link, but be warned it is very graphic). Although the authenticity of the Boston strangler picture cannot be verfied, it is without a doubt not what UG purported it to be.

Ever heard of the Black Swan syndrome? It revolves around the law of induction. The gist is that it only takes one observation of a phenomenon that is counter to your argument, to rubbish your claims. This means that it brings the validity of the other pictures into question, not to mention the issue of credibility.

If we are truly going to expose the ugly truth about the new South Africa, it is only fair that we also hold our own to account, and measure them by the standards we profess to espouse.

I would like to extend my sincerest apologies for this lapse of judgement. I should have known better. It seems ILSA, and perhaps many other bloggers, were intentionally misled. What the motive was, who knows. It does not escape me that perhaps SAS was also misled, however only UG will be able to shed some light on that, although at the time of this publication he remained unrepentant and combative.

South Africa is in a state of transition, and this state of flux is resulting in horrendous persecution, crime and cruelty. But it is no excuse to go to great lengths to fabricate the appearance of such ghastly crimes, and at the same time taint the names of the original victims. It is disgusting, and the despicable individuals concerned should be ashamed. Can you imagine what a foreign audience must think?

Has this blogging space been damaged as a result? Undoubtedly, yes. It goes to the heart of credibility. These blogs serve only one purpose, at least they should, and that is to dispense the truth about life in South Africa today. We have a responsibility to verify the source of our information, and in this instance it was not done. Hopefully we can look forward to explanations, by those concerned, in the immediate future, and a resumption of business as usual. If, however, my apparent piety is too much, by all means I will bow out.

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Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

I appreciate your 'piety' Vanilla. I wouldn't refer to it as such; I'd refer to it as practicing what you preach, as ethics, integrity.

It is easy to demand it in others, and difficult to practice, particularly when it requires us humbling ourselves and admitting errors.

However, I think it takes more courage to do so (which is perhaps what explains why it is so seldom sincerely done); than to pretend it never happened, etc.

You got my salute on this one!

Viking said...

I would want to ask, why was it necessary to pass off fake pics as the genuine article?

It seems a lot of us were duped.
It can only be added that crimes in South Africa do in fact contain the levels of brutality shown in some of those pictures, but even this claim seems less credible now.

We can only continue to tell the truth and carry on.

Anonymous said...

Well put and well stated. If we at ILSA have tasked ourselves with disseminating the truth about South Africa, we must ensure that the information we provide is factual and always the truth, to the best of our knowledge.

Our credibility and the veracity of our argument against the regime in South Africa is at stake. Where we err, we must admit it too.

You have done that VI and I'm 100% behind you. I applaud you for doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

@Andrea. Before I get all teary eyed, thanks. Appreciated. It has been difficult and I suspect we are not out of the woods.

Anonymous said...

Hi VI - thanks for putting the truth out there. I have learnt over the years that lies always come back to bite you - even years later when you least expect it. It's always the best to tell the truth. However, not everyone out there is of the same opinion and will use lies and deceipt to further their own agendas. It's very big of this site to admit it's made a mistake and own up. Hats off to you guys..

Anonymous said...

A couple of small problems with the picture of the girl with the broom:

1. Those plastic angle cut brooms were not available in 1964; if memory serves they have only been around for about 25 years.

2. The unfortunate young lady has a shaved pubic area...This practice was unheard of in 1964, as a matter of fact it was uncommon for a woman to even trim her pubic hair in 1964, much less shave it. A simple visit to early 60's Playboy magazines will prove the veracity of what I state here.
Women shaving their pubic area has only become common in the last decade or so. In the early 1960's the state of safety razor technology was such that to attempt to shave your crotch would prove to be a very painful and bloody affair.
The bottom line being that no matter who the unfortunate girl is, she most definitely is not someone who was murdered in the early 60's.

Anonymous said...

@Trey Cruz. Thanks for your comments. Yes, you are correct. We speculated, as you have. That is why I stated that we cannot verify the authenticity of the pic. The bottom line is that it isn't a South African victim, as purported.

Anonymous said...

I knew they weren't real right from the start. You can find other websites with the same image by doing a reverse image search at http://www.tineye.com

Also, not sure if you noticed yet but zasucks has closed down. Good work on helping make that happen!

Viking said...

@Anon 3:40pm

thanks for the info - but we would have been happy to hear that when they first were published. There is no attempt to deceive here. Secondly, I'm not sure if that's sarcasm there - but obviously zasucks having closed down has never been our goal.
All corrections, and criticism, are always welcome here, anon.

FishEagle said...

I suggest that you write an update on the original post, stating the new developments regarding the authenticity about the photos. People may still across that post if they did random searches on the web.

Islandshark said...

The irony here is that the real state of affairs in terms of torture and murder in South Africa is even worse than depicted in those pictures, so using fake pictures couldn't serve any purpose at all.

Let us also not forget that in decades of propaganda from the communist ANC scum, truth seldom mattered.

But I agree - we are better than that. Exposing the truth about South Africa is success in itself.

Anonymous said...

it really is a pity that, in addition to trashing zasucks in such extreme terms, (in spite of the wonderful work it has done over the years) you omit to point out that I informed you that UG was taken in.

Think for yourself - there is no way that one can publish false pictures and get away with it. Why would he destroy his credibility built up over so many years by publishing one false pic unless he thought it was genuine? Somewhat crazy, huh?

I must also point out that it is a further pity that your article is tinged with vindictiveness at being attacked by UG. This in itself impacts on your objectivity.

In any event, I have also had enough. My experiences over the last week have left me emotionally drained and last night, after my exchange with VI, resulted in me concluding that it is just no longer worth it.
VI, I assured you I did not place those photos. I still believe I'm entitled to an apology. If you still refuse to accept my word, fine.
I wish you well for your own futures in your new countries. You made the right decision to get out.

Anonymous said...

@Doodler. You are correct. I looked at a saved copy of the original article, and it states clearly that Lone Wolf added to your post. I apologise for accusing you of posting the pictures.

FishEagle said...

Everyone is highly emotional and it's because of continued exposure to an onslaught on our culture and values, as white South Africans. Maybe it's best that everyone that's been involved in the infighting pack it up until their emotions have settled down. Once things have settled people will see things for what they really are. I have never really been a follower of the ZAS website because there is much on it that I don't agree with. Still, I don't see the point of throwing in the towel completely. The lessons learned from the race issues in South Africa are invaluable to the rest of the white civilization. Getting the word out has nothing to do with the betrayal of friendships, or whatever. Those are personal issues.

Anonymous said...

@ FE, nicely put. Bygones. I don't hold grudges as most of you know because the aim of this blogging thing is bigger than us individuals. Doodler, as you know, I have no beef with you or UG and wish both of you the best and hope everything turns out right for you. Watch yourselves and get out of that place asap.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


To be honest, there have been times, when my criticisms here have not been welcome, and did not see 'the light' of publication.

Thats okay, if certain criticisms are not welcome as a comment, its Doberman's blog, and his decisions.

Am just pointing out that your representation, that all corrections, and criticism, are always welcome here, is not entirely accurate.


Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Island shark,

For me, my highest value is 'truth', and if the truth conflicts with my 'racial ideology', then my 'racial ideology' means sweet f**k all, if I don't have the intellectual courage to admit where it has faults, and where it practices deception, and lies, under the rubric of 'truth'.

The reason I stopped being a liberal, was because that was my painful conclusion as to what liberals did: when the truth conflicted with their liberal dogma, the truth was swept under the carpet.

They worshipped at the alter of thier ideological and liberal multicultural dogma; just like others worship at the alter of money, or status; I worship at the alter of truth; and that means that any criticism that is backed with evidence, I must confront. If not; I am living, eating breathing and speaking nothing but lies; and pretending that as long as a few others believe the lies i tell myself, I can continue worshipping at the fake alter of ideology.

The only racial or political ideology i am interested is one in which those preaching it, are interested in confronting their errors, when they are faced with the truth, about those in their ranks practicing and distributing falsehoods and conducting htemselves dishonourably.

That is why I respect Vanilla's decision to enquire into the evidence I shared with him, to place the truth, above and beyond any disagreements we may have had, and which we may have in the future. In my mind, that took courage.

But many received the same information Vanilla did, and behaved like the three monkeys; at the alter of 'white pride'.
What does 'white pride' mean, when it is based on deception, and manipulating people with false and fraudulent information?

Then 'white pride' is an oxymoron, is it not? Certainly for those whose 'white pride' is not founded upon their honour, ethics, transparency and honesty?


Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


I am confused; how can you be 100% behind Vanilla for exposing fraud and deception; and then wish the fraudsters all the best?


Anonymous said...


They say a truth is not a truth until you have experienced it.
What I experienced in terms of police action, family emotions as well as a host of other things, made me realise it is not worth it. Why put our families in the firing line - literally - for whom, for what?

You may read this with a degree of sympathy (which I do not want) but what I'm trying to get across, is that until the State handles you, fascist style, you have no idea of the horrific mental, emotional and financial impact it has.
You have to experience it to understand it.
Believe me, it is worth throwing in the towel.

We are actually all armchair warriors with good intentions, but irrespective of our bona fides, and our attempts to get the word out, people will not listen. The "R" word stifles all debate immediately.

The "majority" of whites will not accept what we say.
They excoriate us. They hate us for bringing it into the open.
And then to compound it, white Afrikaners nail their own...

So, what is the point of spending hours and hours (which one should far rather use to bond with your family and friends) trying to reach out to people when the reaction is to kick you when you are down?

Weird isn't it, that when Maroga of Eskom screws up every black organisation is behind him and backs him up. And there are several more instances.

Right now I have far more respect for them than for our own whites.

@VI - thanks for clearing that up. My own reputation has never been besmirched. I stand tall and say that whatever articles I ever contributed on the SAS and ILUVSA blogs was truthful in every respect.

I have just had a long chat with UG about the matter. He re-affirmed that he would never have placed that photo had he known it was fake. It would have been insane to do something like that. Why destroy his own cred for one photo?

To clarify, over the last two or so years, he was sent numerous photos of farm murders by wellwishers and "wellwishers" - persons who claimed they were police photographers or had access to dockets containing photos.

So my friends, anybody can screw up. Not one of us is perfect.

I have one last request to make of you all - remember him for what he achieved. Not for making one genuine mistake.
Balance that which he did for everyone, over a long time in the face of adversity, against one error.
Do think of him in the coming months. Things are going to be very tough for him and his family.

I bid you farewell.

Anonymous said...

I think you guys are a bit harsh on UG.

Remember the two women that were tortured to death recently. The Boers still had a rally at the court house. It was in the papers.

Now one of these women had a breast cut off whilst she was still alive and both had broken glass bottles shoved into their vaginas.

If these pictures were available then it would rival, or even top the broom murder picture in terms of sheer brutality.

So please don't freak out on the fact that a non authentic picture was used.

Because one picture was proved to be false, does not detract from the fact that the murders that do happen in South Africa, are just as graphic and cruel.

Anonymous said...

Fake photo or not, if one can understand that some of the murders committed in South Africa today are just as violent, if not more so, then the issue of whether the photo is fake or not, becomes irrelevant, because all it did was to wake blunted people up as to the graphic nature of these murders.

The fact is that these torture murders are very, very real in a very, very graphic way, but hearing about it is not the same as seeing it.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Islandshark said...

My comment was in no way an attack on UG - I merely wanted to point out that since the actual state of affairs in SA is much worse than those pictures depicted (real or fake), no purpose would be served by using fake pictures.

Both Doodler and UG acknowledged that they acted in good faith when using source material. That is good enough for me.

I have also stated previously on this blog that white South Africans have this terrible habit of just caring about their own well-being and couldn't care less about their fellow white South Africans. This attitude was also displayed with the fall of Rhodesia.

We seriously need to look at ourselves if we are intent on surviving. Because none of us will sure as hell survive ALONE.

Viking said...


thanks for the correction -

Nearly all..

Anonymous said...

@Andrea. Thanks for your words on truth. I doubt I could have said it better.

As for the various comments surrounding the picture. It was never my intention to publically crucify UG, but the picture issue had to be placed in context. I was actually hoping UG would clear up the mess and we could move forward.

Many of you may feel it is irrelevant given the level of violence in society, well that is a question of standards. To me the authenticity of material is very relevant.

When you assume a responsibility to report on the "reversal of civilisation" in South Africa, there is a responsibility to check the information prior to publication. Now one false picture is no big deal. You need to identify it, remove it, print a retraction, identify what went wrong and apologise to anybody you may have clashed with, as a result.

None of this happened, and in fact, an opportunity was granted for this to happen. Which made one question the validity of the other pictures, and indeed, the motives at SAS in general. What else is one to conclude, in the face of attacks, censorship and manipulation. And if I was not to conclude that, what do you think the blood lusting SAS critics would conclude?

We, the bloggers, have a responsibility to keep this space honourable. I don't know if it is possible, but I sure as hell will try. That was my only motivation. I am also not blind to the achievements of SAS, and it is in that shadow that we take the baton and move forward.

Anonymous said...

When this business of the dreadful pictures blew up, I contacted a blogger who had published the same photographs but who had received them from a source other than ZAsucks. I was informed that the pictures are indeed authentic and that the names of the dispatcher as well as those of the victims are known, but kept confidential to protect the source and the bereaved. The pictures were obtained from court records over the last three months and are presumably in the public domain.
With regards to the terrible impalement picture, it is doubtful that it related to the Boston Strangler. I followed the case in the 1960’s and in those days the police used black and white pictures. Whatever the truth, the photographs are a reflection of what is happening in South Africa and as horrifying as those of victims whose body parts were ‘harvested ’ as one newspaper quaintly calls it, for muti whilst they were still alive.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4:13. Indeed, the pictures are a reflection of the silent genocide in South Africa. But does not excuse the behaviour. Moreover, there are other details, when placed in context, that may suggest that there was some other sinister plot afoot.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...


To clarify.......So my friends, anybody can screw up. Not one of us is perfect

Sorry Doodler... I am not going to pretend that right now I am your friend.

Practice what you preach, about your honourable intentiosn and concern for your good name.... if you don't know how, let me give you a few hints...

1. Go and print a retraction and apology to your readers, in full on SA Sucks, front page.

2. Signed by all the SAS bloggers, who believe your apology to be sincere.., as a united statement of intention and apology to your readers and fellow ‘white patriot’ bloggers.

3. Include therein an explanation, for your strict instruction to me in massive bright red text, per email on 05 Nov, about the photo links:
From doodler
To JMCSwan
Date Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 5:37 PM
On Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 5:37 PM, doodler jassie****@gmail.com wrote:
Please do NOT forward those links.

4. Answer this question: Surely if you and UG are such white pride patriot leaders, and you stand by your honesty and honour about the truth about those 'Afriakner genocide Pentagon Paper Pictures' pictures, you got the balls that Daniel Ells had and would be honoured to spend time in prison, to show your commitment to your good names, to inform the world about what is going on to your Afrikaner farmer brethren? Or is your 'we are cowards' just a legal excuse, to avoid the truth of 'we took the photos down, cause we knew they were fraud'?

I mean you are two tough guys, spent time in the SADF, now you are petrified of spending a couple months in prison, with a few blacks? You expect me to believe this?

Shit I spent over a year, Oom Eugene over six years, Eugene de Kock is in for 212, in a South African prison; and neither of you asked one of your readers to stand in solidarity with us? You don't have much time for any Afrikaners who have gone to prison for their political beliefs; who aren't running around squeeling how 'what for?' 'nobody appreciates our efforts' crap? We did it, and carry on, cause we are committed to our truth, our beliefs, our values....

You piss on us, and then you do this shit!!!

You see, I am simply a little confused, cause your words and actions appear to contradict each other:

I am struggling mightily to reconcile, how publishing fraudulent crime scene photos of international crimes, pretending they are white south african farmers crime scenes, actually helps the cause of exposiing the very real afrikaner genocide?

More bluntly, I am exploring the option that you are agent provocateurs.. and its not a pleasant idea to explore.

Why do you think jews are so upset about a few photographs that appear to contradict the jewish holocaust? Now what do you think the world thinks of people pretneding to be white afrikaners or white south africans who publish fraudulent photos, and don't have the balls to do the right legal thing and publish a full retraction and apology and explanation for why it is taking you so go***am long?

These are just a few of the questions going through my mind...

Anonymous said...

Ok folks, with respect, I want to say I appreciate everybody's opinions but this thread will come to an end. This bickering is what went on at SAS and made it unsavoury. I know it did for me. The cause, being the one against the ANC thugocracy, is bigger than the sum of all us bloggers and our personal egos and vendettas and I won’t allow ILSA to degenerate to that.

Nothing we do is personal. We must not allow our personal feelings about individuals who blog to get in the way of the aim which is to act as a united front, doing it in our own way, to fight the regime. Bickering among ourselves achieves nothing.

Andrea, you ask how can I be 100% behind VI yet wish those two gentlemen well. Well, I am 100% behind VI doing the right thing and correcting an untruth. That’s what I said. I also have compassion for what those two individuals are going through and as much as they have perhaps been the cause of their own demise, and angered many people, they still fought on my side.

And yes, even though too ILSA and I personally have been the target of much vitriol from UG and SAS commenters, I didn’t retaliate because it just didn’t matter. I was not going to be distracted by personal attacks. I couldn’t control what they did, I can only control what I do.

I have probably as much reason as any of you to have a beef with them but I don’t hold grudges. They are insignificant to me.

I genuinely do not want harm to come to them and their families. They don’t need my sympathy but I’m offering it anyway. Everybody fucks up, we must learn to forgive. Not forget, just forgive.

The people in question have bowed out and whether or not we think it was done with "enough humility" is again, irrelevant. Now is not the time to keep sticking knives into these two individuals and I won’t allow it. UG/SAS is the past, it is done, it is forgotten, we must get back on topic. They are not the enemy. Move on please.

Islandshark said...

Well said, Dobes.

FishEagle said...

@ Dobes, well said.