Thursday, November 12, 2009

Another day, another black-run parastatal in trouble

Ag jirre, we need to be permanently on medication to handle the constant flow of shite emanating from this regime's mismanagement of the country. I suppose what all this means is that the point has been reached (had to come sooner or later, you can't milk the fu*king cow forever without feeding it) when all these crony-run organisations had to hit the wall and they are. We lurch, literally, from one disaster to the next. Today's parastatal with problems is: Armscor. I guess another meeting with LaZooma is next. Crony stays. Competent leaves. You know the drill.

Read also;
Armscor wants CEO to resign
- Chairman Popo Molefe says Sipho Thomo is "taking all of us down"

DA MP says Armscor CEO's tenure has been a disaster, CEO must resign immediately.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) believes that Sipho Thomo, Chief Executive Officer of Armscor must resign. Should Sipho Thomo not take the opportunity to resign, then Popo Molefe, Chairperson of the Armscor Board, must step in and take action to terminate his contract.

Popo Molefe confirmed that Sipho Thomo this morning at a meeting of the Portfolio Committee on Defence and Military Veterans had been asked to resign. Sipho Thomo's leadership and management style was, according to Popo Molefe, "taking us all down" at Armscor.

The fact is that Sipho Thomo's tenure as head of the acquisition agency has been a disaster and has caused a protracted "civil war" within Armscor.
Sipho Thomo was required to undergo counselling for his management style as well as a disciplinary hearing in relation to a sexual harassment case which cost the taxpayer more than R1.8 million to resolve.

He also caused a virtual "revolt" by senior managers who accused him of creating a "general atmosphere of intimidation and victimisation".

It is imperative that Popo Molefe, Chairperson of the Armscor Board must now act decisively to stop the bleeding and stabilise Armscor.

Statement issued by David Maynier, MP, Democratic Alliance shadow minister of defence and military veterans.

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Anonymous said...

Let us do a little list; shall we?

1. Cheapest distributed power supplier in the known world - FUCKED.
2. Best rail service provider in Africa - FUCKED.
3. Best Ports and Harbour handling and administration in Africa - FUCKED.
4. Most Innovative Arms manufacturer in developing world - FUCKED.
5. One of top ten airlines in the world - FUCKED.
6. Best education system in Africa - FUCKED.
7. Top twenty global tertiary education systems - FUCKED.
8. Best national health care system in the developing world - FUCKED.
9. Best primary health system in developing world - FUCKED.
10. Best road infrastructure in the world - FUCKED.
11. National telecoms provider (was always a little fucked) - FUCKED.
12. Biggest food exporter in Africa - FUCKED.
13. National food security - COMPLETELY FUCKED.
14. Top 3 man-for-man defense forces in the world - FUCKED (no seriously...).
15. Best animal health and agricultural research centre in the southern hemisphere - FUCKED.
16. 2nd cleanest tap water in known world - FUCKED.

Had to stop... I was ROTFLMAO!!!

What a bunch of waste-oids!!!

Exzanian said...

Remember, this long list of failures has nothing to do with race. The kaffirs in charge just happen to be be black.

Anonymous said...

@ EX... Jammer Ou Maat.

I really should repent of my cracker ways, but... "In all my years of judging, I have never had before me, some-one who is more deserving of the full penalty of the law... the evidence before the court is incontrovertible. There is no need for the Jury to retire."


Exzanian said...

Anon: Deep down inside you know it is actually apartheid's fault don't you? ;,