Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Zuma's new ministries to cost R500 million!

That's half a billion! Just so Zuma can cater to all his chums, keeping both his enemies and friends close to him. Basically the tax well is bottomless. Spend and account for it later. Don't shoot the messenger folks, I bring you these tidings so you know how much this Zuma presidency is costing you. Say it again, half a billion. Say it Carl Sagan style. BILLION. Billion. B-I-L-L-I-O-N. Read the breakdown. That's a whack of our moola to spend on Zuma's closest chums. Fork. South Africa. Insert. We're done.


R22 million spent on private security to guard empty buildings and on fancy lunches - Times Live 27 Oct 2009
Wasteful spending hits R318 million - 16 Oct 2009 News24

President Jacob Zuma's expanded and restructured government is to cost the taxpayer just over half a billion rands this year.

The adjusted budget provides for an extra R562-million - mainly for the eight new departments and the cost of setting up offices and homes for new ministers and deputy ministers.

The Presidency has incurred R93.7m in "unforeseeable and unavoidable" expenses, about 40 percent more than its main allocation for the year, while Parliament needs an extra 10 percent or R134m.

The lion's share - nearly half - goes to the new Department of Rural Development and Land Reform. It gets R259m to set up new minister Gugile Nkwinti's offices and to fund the new rural development programme.

That is in addition to R1-billion allocated for the recapitalisation of the Land Bank, which Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan said had "made good progress in turning around its financial position".

Another big chunk goes to new Economic Development Minister Ebrahim Patel's office and his functions, through an additional allocation of R29m to the Department of Trade and Industry, where Patel has temporary offices.

The biggest portion - R20m - goes to the new Minister in the Presidency, Collins Chabane, who is in charge of performance monitoring and evaluation.

Planning Minister Trevor Manuel's new National Planning Commission gets an extra R6m. The other new ministry in the Presidency - that of Women, Children and People with Disabilities - receives R4m.

The new Higher Education Ministry under Blade Nzimande gets R8m and the new Department of Mineral Resources, which has split from Energy, gets R10m.

The Public Works Department received R150m - for the express purpose of providing official homes for the extra cabinet ministers.

Other "unforeseeable" expenses in the Presidency include R8m for the "private offices of the president and deputy president"; a near-doubling of the estimated cost of setting up the presidential hotline, from R4m to R7.6m; nearly R12m for filling "critical vacancies"; more than R4m for additional staff; and just over R1m in "leave gratuity" for former deputy president Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka.

Parliamentary investments in language (R25m) and research (R20.2m) capacity and an "unexpected increase in international events" (R31.1m) account for the largest slices of the additional funding.

Provision is made for a R13.2m adjustment to MPs benefits, R14.2m for "hosting the fourth Parliament" and R17m for higher than expected pay rises.

A whopping R12m is allocated for "outstanding legal fees" in the Presidency. Details were not provided. - IOL

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Geez, I was able to build a factory, stock and staff multiple outlets; and drive a nice car for significantly less. What's wrong with these guys?

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