Friday, October 02, 2009

Zuma hotline 'dysfunctional'

Aw, who wudda thunk it? Barely a fortnight later and another newfangled idea from the ANC announced with much media pomposity including having the Big KaZooma hisself answering the phones comes to naught proving once more that when it comes to shit ideas, the ANC is full of them. Implementation? Well now, that takes using that ugly word - WORK - and comrades, the struggle was not about wekking, it was about other people wekking to keep one's lazy fat black arse in the lap of luxury. I predicted it wouldn't last so I guess we'll all wait with bated breath for the next big bright idea from the ANC to show us how "they care".

Again, my humble suggestion? How about they get public officials to um, y'know, do their work (I know, I know, where do I come up with these
craaaazy notions..) so that there won't be any need for stupid complaints centres.

South Africa's complaint hotline scores 40 calls a minute

The DA is seething about President Jacob Zuma's much-heralded complaints hotline, which it says is dysfunctional.

Having tested the hotline 46 times during the past three weeks, the party has been able to register only four complaints, and has not been given a reference number for any of them.

DA leader Helen Zille said on Friday that 42 calls failed to get through. And the callers spent a total 572 minutes on hold – a total of nine hours and 32 minutes.

"For the last two weeks, the DA has not been able to register a single complaint because not once has our call been answered," Zille said.

'Ethos of accountability'

She added: "When President Zuma launched the hotline, he said he wanted to create an 'ethos of accountability'. During his State of the Nation address he undertook to treat every complaint as if it were the only one. As every day passes, that commitment rings increasingly hollow.

"The President announced the hotline in his State of the Nation address, on 3 June. It was launched three and a half months later, on 14 September.

"At the end of the first week, it was clear the presidency had designed a system that could not meet the requirements of the undertaking. By the second week, things had not improved. And by the third week, the situation is completely inadequate and - at least in practical terms - dysfunctional." - (News24)

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Anonymous said...

The "hotline" was never anything more than marxist lies and deception. It is just a means to try and placate the masses and to deceive them into believing that the ANC cares and is trying to do their job.
Since when have communist thugs ever cared for anyone other than themselves?

Anonymous said...

How about a complaints hotline Ombudsman, so that we can complain about the complaints hotline. And while we're at it, why don't we give the tender to Oh Shaik.

Grumbleguts said...

If it wasn't so serious, it would be funny. On the one hand, it looks like Zuma is trying to do something, however meagre it is. Yet, on the other, he has yet to realise that he has to work with a stone-age mindset that has been thrust into a modern environment.
2 empty tins with a string joining them would be more appropriate.

When friends are dark, days are few.

Pensioner said...

Why am I not surprised about this, Dumnuts can never do anything right first time round. Bunch of arseholes:(


This hotline is just a feeble excuse so that the Zuma gang can reassure the feeble minded that they try to do something. At the same time i must say that all the delivery protests breaking out in South Africa smell a bit fishy. Mbeki fishy. Ysterday I watched on the news the re-run of some protesting boons jumping up and down in some shithole near Standerton I think. They wanted
" Service " . Sad that the commentator did not ask all of this mindless pricks if there was at least one of them around that had contributed as little as one Rand to it.

AMB said...

Soon no one will even try to phone to complain...just like with Telkom