Sunday, October 25, 2009

Yet more TKB from the ANC elite

They really do enjoy a high opinion of themselves, a sense of untouchability now that their main man is in power. It's the same with the hangers on: the Shaik brothers for instance, they've stopped bothering. We told you about the ANC big man in KZN who torched a R2 million truck, now comes the news of more TKB from a Deputy Minister who started playing the "Do you know who I am?" card aboard a small plane. Of course, nothing will happen, it won't be investigated and she flat out denies it, even though two police sources confirm, eyoh, it was she...

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Mystery surrounds a drama that unfolded on flight SA 8755 this week when a passenger was arrested after she caused a commotion and suggested the flight captain should be taken hostage, writes Bongani Fuzile. Police sources on Friday told the Saturday Dispatch that the passenger was Deputy Minister of Tourism Toko Xasa, a former Social Development MEC.

But Xasa vehemently denied that it was her, or that she was even on the flight.

The drama unfolded on an SAA Airlink flight from Johannesburg to Mthatha which had to be diverted to East London due to bad weather.

SAA spokesperson Karin Murray said one of the passengers became verbal about the situation while still on the aircraft – and the situation escalated when the plane landed.

She made verbal threats to the crew, saying those on board should hold the captain “hostage”.

“According to the Civil Aviation Act, a person who interferes with any member of the crew of the aircraft in the performance of his/her duties is guilty of an offence.”

East London Airport manager Michael Kernekamp said the flight captain gave passengers options of flying back to Johannesburg or staying behind and finding their own way to Mthatha.

“There was no way that the flight would have landed in Mthatha in that bad weather,” he said.

Police were called to the scene and the passenger was arrested as the flight landed.

Two police sources said the passenger was the deputy minister.

Xasa denied this but said she was aware of the chaos.

“I’ve heard about this from the VIP unit officers who took me from the (East London) airport on Thursday. I heard about the chaos and that the flight was diverted from Mthatha. Maybe it was another Xasa, you must do your checks about this; it wasn’t me.”

On Friday police officers based at the Fleet Street police station said they were briefed not to say anything about the case as it was “high profile”. - The Dispatch

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