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The truth is the real casualty of the Reitz video

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Afrikaans is my home language but I am deliberately writing this in English, because of my extreme levels of irritation with the distortions, half-truths and outright lies being perpetrated by especially the liberal media and the left wing about the Reitz students, who made the so-called racist video involving cleaners at the University of the Free State. Most of the perpetrators of these malicious lies do, of course, understand Afrikaans, but for reasons of sycophancy or anti-Afrikaner hatred, pretend they don’t.

The facts of this incident make a complete and utter mockery of the hysterical screaming of the liberals and left wingers. It is trivially easy, using the demonstrable facts, to completely demolish the pack of lies on which the entire Reitz House “case” against the 4 students has been built. Not that liberals and left-wingers have even the slightest interest in the facts or the truth, however, especially not when it suits their nefarious purposes to deliberately ignore or distort the facts.

1. The video is not racist. It was, on the contrary, made as a satirical response to anti-white racism, the ethnic cleansing of Afrikaans, Afrikaners and whites known as (racist) transformation, in terms of which the university wanted to force university students against their will to share their residences with those of other population groups. There is also a deliberate campaign to expunge Afrikaans as a medium of instruction at the university, and replace it with English. Whatever happened to the students’ constitutionally guaranteed concept of freedom of association, one might ask? Why are they forced to integrate, against their will? Where is the students’ constitutional right to be taught in their mother tongue? Where is the liberal media’s outrage about the injustice the Afrikaans-speaking students are being subjected to?

2. As a white former university residence member, albeit at another university, I was subjected to the exact same ritual that the cleaners were jokingly subjected to. We were forced to eat mouldy bread, for example, and had molasses poured over us as an initiation ritual. The difference is in the video it was a joke, but in my case it was for real. Think what you may about initiations (which is an entirely separate issue that has much more to do with bullying than with racism) but there was no question of any racism in the Reitz video, except for the anti-white racism it was protesting against. Once again, the makers of the video in question intended their video to be satirical, and to jokingly pretend to show cleaners subjected to the same ritual that I and many other lily-white students had been subjected to over the years.

3. The sycophantic left-wing media, for example Talk Radio 702, insist on continuously repeating an outright lie, i.e. that the students “urinated” (sic) on the cleaners’ food. Nothing of the kind happened. How many times must it be repeated before these liberal dullards will succeed in comprehending the simple truth: it was an orange cordial known as Oros. What is so difficult to grasp, people? I am again thinking of especially Talk Radio 702, that deliberately, knowingly and repeatedly spreads this lie in its news bulletins.

4. In spite of the bilge spewed by those intellectual giants and experts in carpentry of the ANCYL, the so-called victims very clearly did not think that their dignity had been trodden on at the time. Had that adult prodigy Julius Malema and his equally gifted Cosatu comrades taken the trouble to view the entire video, it would have been abundantly clear that the so-called victims participated voluntarily and indeed laughingly in the video. The so-called victims even drank a beer and jokingly played rugby with their “tormentors”, and clearly had a good time in the filming of the video. Once again: nobody was hurt in any way, shape or form. Nobody’s dignity was compromised. There was no racism. Those are the facts; except the facts don’t suit the liberals or the left, do they?

5. Months after filming the video, the cleaners clearly thought nothing more of it. They most assuredly never even considered laying any charges, or even complaining to the authorities. How could they, given that they were filmed while drinking on duty? It was only when the demagogues of the left stumbled on the video, that the insane screams of racism started, and the cleaners were brainwashed by others into agreeing that their rights had been trampled upon. This only goes to show up the extremely patronizing attitude that especially liberals have towards blacks. It is in fact not the students who displayed a racist attitude, but the liberals and left-wingers who decided on the cleaners’ behalf that they had not acted correctly by playing along and not pressing charges. How patronizing can one get? The cleaners are adults and as such surely could decide for themselves they had no problem with the video. Others, however, took it upon themselves to force the cleaners to “admit” that they’d been harmed. How much respect do those who imposed their views on the cleaners have for the judgement of the cleaners themselves? Are those that laid the charge not in effect saying the the cleaners, being black, are incapable of making a correct decision and require the assistance of external parties to realize when they’ve been slighted?

6. When it was finally decided to charge the students in question, nobody was quite sure with what to charge them. Is bad taste, which is the worst that the makers of the video can be accused of, a criminal offense? The best that the prosecutions authority could come up with, was the largely irrelevant charge of crimen injuria. It is unclear how exactly this can be proved in any reasonable court of law – once again, the so-called victims were willing and laughing participants, who didn’t even consider pressing charges.

7. Another egregious lie that keeps being repeated by the Nazis on the left (no doubt taking their lead from Adolf Hitler who famously said that a lie that is repeated often enough is eventually mistaken for the truth) is that the Reitz students showed no remorse. According to their lawyer, the truth is that they have attempted on several occasions to do so, but were not allowed to do so. Once again, one has to ask why not. The answer, of course, remains the same: in the Nazi-like propaganda war being waged on whites, the truth and facts don’t suit the left.

8. While the left and liberals are screaming hysterically about a non-event, the shocking hate speech and naked anti-white bigotry of black students at universities, including the Free State university, continue unchecked. A few weeks ago, black students at Tuks embarked on a criminal orgy of violence and uttered death threats against white students who were trying to prevent the former from trashing the campus (as the more radical black students have been wont to do on multiple occasions.) On the very same campus where the Reitz video was shot, black students recently threatened to “rape the white bitches.” Yet, there is a strange silence about this ourageous black-on-white racial hate from all quarters, including the liberal mainstream media. Why is this? Why not also splash this across your front pages for months on end, rend your clothes and scream your outrage to the heavens, as you did with the Reitz video? Perhaps the liberal media also subscribes to the bullshit that blacks are not capable of racism.

I must admit that, even in spite of the demonstrable facts that I have provided above, I hold out very little hope that the truth, as opposed to anti-white and anti-Afrikaner propaganda, will win the day. The loony left and liberals clearly have no interest in the truth or the facts, and the Reitz House video is too convenient a stick with which to beat whites and especially Afrikaners. Given the political pressure, should the Reitz house case ever come before a court, they have no chance whatsoever of a fair trial. Should this trial be adjudicated by a racist black judge such as the Afro-fascist, liar and piss artist, “judge” Nkola Motata, especially, these students won’t stand a chance.

All the while, black radicals are free to spout their hatred of whites with barely a whisper being raised in the liberal media. Somebody must really explain to me one day why white students are not allowed to make a satirical video in which fun was had by all, but it’s followed by an immense and immediate outcry by especially the media. On the other hand, the liberal media clearly views the malicious destruction of university property, death threats and threats of rape against white students uttered by black students as not only not newsworthy, but quite possibly acceptable behaviour on the part of blacks.

Source: SAmizdat

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FishEagle said...

Thanks for that.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Me too, Thanks. Well Said to Anton!

Anonymous said...

None of this tuth will see light of day on the BBC, CNN or SkyNews!
Maybe someone could send it to Fox or RT. They at least are unbiased!

Anonymous said...

What bullshit. Of course it was racist. Those cleaners weren't students, they weren't being "initiated". It was sheer hatred and humiliation from the Afrikaans students.

To those Afrikaners who still want monther tongue education at universities: catch a wake up. Afrikaans is irrelevant in the commercial and professional world, unless you want to be a dominee at a Dutch Reformed Church.

As for Jansen: he seems to think he's Jesus and that there's no faith other than Christianity. He should catch a wake up too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Doberman...

The english speaking viewers of this Web site
appreciate your excellent work on this blog.

God bless the white citizens of South Africa!

FreeThinker said...

@ Anon 10:41pm: You Leftist Liberal Loser Lackey drone.

What percentage of the tax-paying population in South Africa is Afrikaans speaking? So where do you come from saying these people have no right to communicate in Afrikaans? It's rhetorical - I know assholes like you emerge from the gutter.

Afrikaans is useless in commercial world? Funny, last time I did any business in continental Europe it was quite useful.

Yeah, it really, really looked like those cleaners were forced to play along...

Tim Johnston said...

Yes, Islandshark, how many times have I read how the staff were "forced" to participate. I actually found some of the video quite charming, I suppose might be the word. Particularly when they all played rugby together and what looked like goodnatured bantering in between. But then, I have no idea what they were saying...

As for anon 10:41pm
Pal, the definition of racist has kind-of been redefined by the majority population over the last few years don't you think?

Maybe in Europe you can talk about 'structural racism', 'mechanisms of privilege' blah blah liberal bullshit all you like while sipping lattes at Starbucks, but in South Africa there are more life-death issues at stake.

Tim Johnston said...

Just to follow on, when SAS posted those photographs the other day that Vanilla Ice linked to, some of the commentators were more scandalised by the use of nasty, awful, racist words by other commentators than they were by the sight of murde victims.
wtf, people?

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, I have found living and working in Europe a lot easier thanks to my ability to speak, read and write Afrikaans. However, isn't it disgusting that this idiot "Anon" thinks the survival of one's language should depend purely on its usefullness in the "business world"?

I was thinking the exact same reading the comments on that post. I swear I think I'm going insane: "black" people can cut up, shoot, rape, and torture "white" people BUT when a "white" person dare shed light on such actions, it is they who are evil... I mean, WTF?
(please excuse the language) I'm really mad right now! The only thing that keeps me from spinning out is that you guys see it too!

Common Sense
ps. I'm a Christian and should never wish harm on others but I'm very close to wishing rape, violent attacks etc on every "white" person who doesn't admit that these guys are deep down, very different from us, and that multi-cultural societies spell doom for the "white" people