Friday, October 30, 2009

Tribute to the SADF Troops in Angola

Watching this video filled me with immense sadness. South Africa did not have to become the hellhole that it has become. We had Africa's best defence force and police, whites and blacks fighting together. We had the military might to overcome anything the world could throw at us yet at the zenith of our power we handed it all over without so much as a street fight to a ragtag bunch of misfit terrorists that couldn't blow up public toilets. May you FW de Klerk and your cohorts rot in hell for what you did to South Africa and may that fighting spirit of the white tribe of Africa rise again one day.

For those who betrayed us, our families and have dishonoured our fallen for political exploit, the day will come when we are all together again and you will stand alone before the Almighty to explain!
- 32 Battalion

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Anonymous said...

I know; I can't believe that it is the same country. We were so proud back then.