Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Transport department spends R460,000 on lunch party

I know, I know, it's early morning and old Dobes is giving you some more news that won't sit well with your morning cuppa. Sorry, have ta. On the menu this morning is yet another one of the ANC chosen giving you the one-finger salute. Yessiree, these bleks, eish, anything for a jigga jigga good time. As long as we're paying, of course, your largesse as a taxpayer knows no bounds. We just lurve, lurve, lurve our politicians wasting our money on parties in the office in the middle of the day.

Seriaasly though one must keep asking,
why the effing need to celebrate budget speeches?! Did I miss that in the Karl Marx handbook?

The DA is probably the only organisation continuously making a stink about this wasteful expenditure because our news media and other political parties have dozed off on the subject. Even so it's done so, um, excuse me sir, "we call on Zuma to do something" Huh? Zuma? He of the twenty kids and half-dozen wives and blue-light convoys and 800 bribes and graft charges? Yeah, he'll do something. Nothing is something.

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Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga spent more than R250 000 on a party to celebrate her budget speech in Parliament.

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On the same day that Minister Gordhan called for an end to "wasteful extravagances", it has emerged that the Department of Transport spent R461,227.81 on a lunch party to mark the minister's budget vote speech.

The function was paid for entirely by the Department of Transport. It included R248 613.95 spent on d├ęcor and sound equipment, while catering costs amounted to R61 919.15. A further R138 486.71 was spent on an exhibition held at Parliament by the Department on budget vote day in July.

Regrettably, this appears to be yet another example of the ANC government saying one thing, and then doing precisely the opposite. How does Minister Ndebele justify this level of exorbitance at a time of economic recession, where ordinary people are battling to make ends meet? During this time of economic crisis, when hundreds of thousands of ordinary South Africans are losing their jobs and businesses across the country are shutting down, government should be setting the tone for austerity and sound financial management. This is R460,000 less to spend on the basic services and infrastructure our country so desperately needs.

We call, once again, on the Presidency, to act on the recommendations we submitted for changes to the ministerial handbook, which would immediately serve to clamp down on wasteful and fruitless expenditure.

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Anonymous said...

Hua!Thees DA is seriaasly irritating me. We are liberated bleks and we take da moniee for us. They mus stopp with thees storie telling to the newspapa's.