Thursday, October 29, 2009

Taking Up A Juxtaposition: A Canadian Home Invasion

With deadly home invasions a daily occurrence in the good old RSA, with little or no police response or protection; I thought it would be a good idea to juxtapose this with a typical response in a first world country - and this was only for an alleged invasion.

Source: Calgary Sun

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Anonymous said...

And it's how it should be. We used to have this in SA but then liberals decided criminals have rights even though what they are charged with is taking away other people's rights.

Anonymous said...

In a normal world, this is the type of stories that should make the news in SA - instead all we hear about is how wonderful the ANC and ANCYL are whilst people are being brutally murdered every day without it being covered on TV.

Anonymous said...

i have black friends too and all i hear out of their mouths is now its their time to eat.judging from what our palamuntaraains looklike id say that is the general eat yourself stupid