Thursday, October 08, 2009

South Africans Not So Stupid After All

Some of you will recall a debate between myself and an anonymous black academic, surrounding the issue of crime; particularly since I made the claim that whites are disproportionately targeted for murder. The debate took many twists and turns, but one of the claims that was made, was that white South Africans are not all that bright. To quote the academic "... to suggest that South African whites would succeed equally as well in any part of the world is just insane (hard test data from PIRLS, SACMEQ, etc)."

The test data refers to literacy and education results, where South Africa performs at the bottom of the heap. No doubt education standards have declined, but this has nothing to do with it. The poor results have everything to do with IQ, and the inclusion of the 67 IQ masses. We all know that an intelligent individual can go to a bad school, and still excel. Not the other way around. Why do you think Harvard is consistently the best university in the world? Not because of the quality of their professors, but rather because they get to pick the best students. The students make the institution; again, not the other way around.

But the black academic openly asserted that South African whites were of an inferior stock, even though anecdotal evidence suggested otherwise. So it pleases me to write this article.

Recently the South African Computer Olympiad was concluded, which received over 33,000 entrants. The top performers were as follows:

Gwylim Ashley - Knysna - Gold Medal
Kosie Van Der Merwe - Brackenfell - Gold Medal
Graham Manuell - Gauteng - Silver Medal
Francois Conradie - Kuils River - Bronze Medal
Sean Wentzel - Rondebosch - Bronze Medal
Schalk-Willem Kruger - Potchefstroom - Bronze Medal

Notice anything, besides them all being male?

Equally as important; South Africa recently competed in the International Olympiad in Informatics. We competed against 83 other countries and came third, winning a bronze medal.

The team sent to the International Olympiad was as follows:

Kosie Van Der Merwe
Graham Manuell
Francois Conradie
Schalk-Willem Kruger

Again, notice anything? Yes, some of the same guys from the national contest.

Now I know I shouldn't taint this with race, but hey, Pandora's box was opened long ago. So I can't help myself.

It must also be noted that these contestants were 18 years old. Wind back the clock to 1994; they have had to prove themselves within a system that works against them. Conversely, with all the advantages afforded darkie, there was no representation, zilch; all because it is based on brute intellectual horsepower. Guys, you make me proud. Well done.

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Congratulations to the presently disadvantaged. Despite of everything....

Anonymous said...

The fact is that South African whites are held in high esteem by the rest of the dirst world, not only for their high work ethic, but also for the fact that they are bright and work hard.

The idiot that thinks the South African whites do not compare to the rest of the world's whites, have obviously never experienced the level at which the top performers in Soyth Africa are being head hunted by international companies. Today there is a demand, they are in demand.

And stupid, head hunting does not involve getting your spear.


Anonymous said...

I love the way these stupid low IQ simians are forever trying to think up new ways of legally stealing from smart hardworking blacks.

I work for a owner driven company and it was interesting to see how these simains tried to get him to part with a section of his company.

In the end he relented and gave them a lucrative part of his business. Imagine how the rest of us (smart, hard working whites) felt when we saw the preferential treatment dolled out to these useless simians.

Did we feel resentment????

Do we still feel resentment???

Why not????
Because the stupid simians immediately proceeded to fawk up this once provitable venture.


The stupid simians still need to wise up to the fact that a succesfull company isn't made so by it's track record, it is made so by it's PEOPLE. The people are what makes or break a company. Giving Microsoft to a troop of baboons should not bring about exclamations of surprise when profitability vanishes.


IQ is like a money magnet.
You can do what you want, but if you don't have IQ, then on average you are not going to have any money and there is nothing in the world that will change that.

The blacks today are beginning to finally realise this. I know, I know, logical thought processes takes them ages, doesn't it??

Fact is that they are waking up to the fact that the whites have money, because they have IQ. Of course some blacks would prefer to remain in denial, like the one mentioned by the author, but the vast majority of them are waking up to the fact that they cannot compete with the white man, even when the playing field is slanted in their favour.

They have recently realised though, that the only way to legally steal from the white man, would be through an increase in rates and taxes.

This however isn't a tap that you can turn to full open without consequences, which begs me to ask the question:
"Are they going to misjudge this as they do everything else?"

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anon 3:28PM. That's why I think they're trying so hard to get rid of the whites - they know they can't complete with our brain power so they have to dominate us in every other way. As sad as it is, I think the only future is for the whites (who can) to leave as I can't see it improving in the future...

Stateside Expat said...

when I moved to the states, I skipped half a year of school and started grade 11 (standard 9).

Even though my standard 8 science class back in SA was a combined chemistry / physics class, I had to take chemistry and physics as separate classes.....and I knew 90% of the subject matter. Yup, 6 months of classes in SA was equivalent to 2 combined years here.

Let's not talk about how my first year of math was a joke.

For those looking for dates, I started school in the States in '99...and I was the proud product of a boarding school back in SA.

Oh ya, kids could not comprehend how I knew so much in chem, like the first 20 elements on the periodic table off by heart (all details), nothing like a teacher with a cane to motivate you!

Anonymous said...

@ VI... Excellent.

I guess everyone is now clear on why whites always tend to excel no matter the disadvantage they are placed at; and conversely, why blacks always tend to fail no matter the advantage they are placed at.

The poor little niglets just do not have the IQ ponies (or the work ethic) to compete.

I think the reflection of black uselessness, incompetence and failure from the mirror of white usefulness, competence and success is too much for them to bear and so... they must get rid of us by hook or by crook in order for them to feel good about themselves. They also need someone to blame for their dismal record... and we all know where that falls.

Thank God I am white, male and right!!!

Anonymous said...


WHITE Saffers have been sought after in the global business world for many years. They are generally highly skilled, hard workers that DO NOT have a union or collective mentality and generally have a wider skill set then their foreign counterparts.

As Example: In the IT industry they generally perform two or three or four of the functions in SA that the equivalent position in Holland would employ different people to do. (based on personal experience).

This "upskilling" is manifest in the comments that "your experience is too general - we are looking for people with more specific experience..." etc.

The ANC are forcing companies to import darkies from other african countries to meet the demands of BEE as the local blacks are not quite good enough. We currently work for a global company that has large operations in 6 nearby african states and they complain bitterly about losing good people to SA. After speaking to other people it seems that the best and brightest are being siphoned off to SA for BEE (stealing jobs from white saffers who could do it).

Insidious stupid ANC cunts!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice one VI. Despite their protestations the evidence is there time and again that whites will outscore blacks because they have a higher average IQ finito. And as the above commenter has said, white Saffas have done very well for themselves outside SA and are highly sought after as intelligent, diligent, with a good work ethic.

I had a realtor tell me just yesterday that in his one office he has four South Africans working for him and he is very pleased with them.

Then look at the CEOs of Rio Tinto, BHP and some other high ranking Australian P/L companies, they are run by Saffas. The list goes on.

Saffas are known in Australia and liked by the government because we are, quote, "independent" i.e. we don't want or seek the dole or state assistance (we've never had it so why want it), and we don't look to the government to sort out every little thing. We do what must be done to take care of ourselves which is how it has always been in SA.

Anonymous said...

Send your posts to Canadian immigration authorities under your real name VI.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 8:37, likewise you, comment here under your real name. You don't for obvious reasons and neither does he. Easy with the VI goading old pal, your comments will be banned. they added fuckall to the debate so no loss.