Friday, October 30, 2009

One golden handshake for me, one golden handshake for you ..

First example: Hit the road Jacob

The board of Eskom has asked the company’s Chief Executive Officer Jacob Maroga to resign after a troubled tenure marked by power shortages, Business Day reports.

Andrew Etzinger, a spokesman for the power firm said he could not confirm the newspaper report, but confirmed that an Eskom board meeting had been held on Thursday.

“I don’t know if it’s true or not, I have no information on the story at this stage,” he told Reuters.

The utility has been rationing electricity since early 2008 when the national grid nearly collapsed, forcing mines and smelters to shut and costing South Africa billions of dollars.

Eskom has also been widely criticised for fuelling inflation after it was granted a tariff increase of 31,3% this year and 27% last year, but the state-owned utility insists it needs to increase prices to pay for its expansion.

The utility has asked the energy regulator to raise electricity tariffs by 45% annually for three years starting next year, to help the power firm fund the expansion of its generation capacity to meet fast rising demand. - Times Live

Second example: Mushwana gets R7 million golden handshake

Former public protector Lawrence Mushwana has been paid almost R7 million as a gratuity, and R89,000 for leave he didn't take, according to a Johannesburg newspaper report.

Public Protector spokeswoman Kgalalelo Masibi told The Star newspaper that Mushwana was paid an additional R6,804,000 for his seven-year service when he left office two week sago.

ANC MP Johnny de Lange, the chairman of the portfolio committee on justice in 2002, said he could not remember the "rationale" behind the committee's decision to approve the gratuity.

Opposition parties often criticised Mushwana's tenure as public protector, claiming that he protected ANC officials from scrutiny. In August this year, high court judge Ntsikelelo Poswa criticised Mushwana for refusing to investigate the Oilgate scandal, which involved high-ranking ANC officials.

Mushwana is the new chairman of the Human Rights Commission. - Times Live

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