Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Off topic: Billy Connolly on religion

This one is dedicated to our good mate ExZanian from some of his fellow contributors, he knows what this is about and a word of warning to all of you religious types, this is not for you.

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Anonymous said...

Billy Connolly is and always has been a foul mouth, so this post just shows nothing new. but sadly it will only turn more people away from reading the blog,well done!! (sic) Christian reader....

Anonymous said...

@ anon 3:08, here's a newsflash for you. I'm NOT a religious person so what he says does not offend me and your views do NOT trump mine. That's the problem with religion, it tells others what they should and should not think, say or do. The man's a comedian, it's his job to joke about everything including holy cows (pun intended) so you have an option, like I do, like it or lump it.

Anonymous said...

How do you gather support, by shooting your supporters ? Re: mocking Christian faith....Just a thought.......

Anonymous said...

The vids mock all faiths and speaks to the core of free speech. We pulled a post earlier this week which we thought might have upset people so yes, we do exercise some control but the video requires you to click on it to hear it whereas the pic would not given you the option. Like all things, it's about different strokes for different folks and people need to get over themselves.

The post also says don't click if you don't want to hear Connolly talk about religion yet you did. You exercised that option despite the warning. The world is so full of serious shit that for people to feel offended by speech - WORDS - that does not advocate violence demonstrates a hypocrisy that says we the people demand free speech yet we also demand not to be offended when people exercise it. Do you not see the contradiction?

Free speech is exactly that, free speech in all its manifestations, good, bad and the ugly.

The post is not about attacking Christians (I was raised a Catholic) or muslims. It's about one man exercising his free speech and telling us his opinions. How you choose to interpret it is your decision but you really need to move past letting other people's views on any topic bother you. Just like issues surrounding race, sex, etc, taboo subjects.

As long as no violence is incited, then let the man speak. Pretending he did not speak or stopping him from speaking won't make it or the views go away. Ignoring it, for you, might.

FreeThinker said...

@ Anon: Do you switch off your TV which blasts filth into your home 24 hours a day? Have you stopped reading the newspapers because they don't bother to report the truth, or twist the facts beyond recognition?

What have you done about churches in SA giving Zuma a platform to spew his political propaganda nonsense? Or churches anywhere engaging in topics which have nothing to do with winning souls?

Have you questioned what your kids have been taught at school today to determine if it agrees with your religious views?

What have you done about government trampling on your Christian views and beliefs? - here it doesn't actually matter where you live, as most governments are bending over backwards to appease muslims at the expense of Christians.

Let me guess - not much.

StevenD said...

You've lost my support as well.
Take a look at history and the achievements of the past in both science and business. A vast majority of these great people were deeply religious, i.e. had christian beliefs.

Is it because white people are genetically superior that they have made so many advances, or because their beliefs have motivated them to unlock the mysteries of their creator, having done so as a result of Gods favor on them?

The rise and fall of the white race has happened in tandem with their rise and fall of faith in God.

Anonymous said...

Be serious StevenD, I can quote instances off the cuff where scientific and technical advancements was stymied by the church. Galileo was forced into house arrest because he dared to question the church's view on the sun revolving around the earth, and it remained that way for hundreds of years. He was not alone. The church controlled world views and perceptions and it was heresy to deviate from "the word". It is well documented.

It is this same church that tells people in 2009 not to wear condoms. And the Christian faith is not alone. Islam is the worst offender and retards the development of their believers with nonsense scripted 1500 years ago.

I knew a businessman personally that would open meetings with a bible quotation and based his business decisions on passages in the bible. He went bankrupt.

Like I have said, you have different views. Me personally, I'd rather believe in the tooth fairy. At least that gave me money in a shoe in the morning.

Anonymous said...

@ ExZ, do you see now what I meant?

AMB said...

Please people - stop being so serious. Like Doberman says, you can chose to open the link or not. I didn't, but not because I'm religious, but because I don't like Bill Connelly. His American TV show (forget the name) used to have an Anti-SA poster on the wall during the Apartheid years and I took offence - hence my dislike for him. Anon and StevenD chose to open (or maybe not?) the link and then take offence. Hello??

Anonymous said...

Thank you AMB. To each his own, isn't that right? We don't need to take everything so seriously.

FishEagle said...

Christians preach tolerance to others yet don't set an example.

Exzanian said...

Loud and clear Dobes!

T-Bone said...

You got my support doberman. You whites are being destroyed by the christian faith, that spread "love" and medicine to africa, that taught us that all men are equal etc. etc.

these right-winger christians are so boring In fact, as a coloured man, i always recieve the most hatred from them because they are the most ignorant, i receive this hate even though i am more educated and successful than some of these retards.

Anonymous said...

Thank you T-bone. Nice to have you on board.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! really got the comments going with regards to my first post, first of all I am white and am proud of my race, and I am very concerned as to where we are heading as a white race, yes I am a Christian but that does not mean that I have to blindly follow what any preacher says or allows to be said from the pulpit, or to remain silent when it takes place. as to being a right wing Christian, maybe so. "DOES THE SAYING DEVIDE AND RULE RING A BELL WITH ANYONE"
I rest my case...

Anonymous said...

Well we do know how Moslem's react about something as trivial as a cartoon. One would hope other religions that preach tolerance would deal with these issues with an open mind.
Apparently not.

Anonymous said...

I think Semenya got a mention there.

Exzanian said...

Go on Billy, tell 'em, religion is bullshit!!!!

FishEagle said...

Heh heh. Exzanian, you must be loving this. No worries, it's just at MY expense. Bugger :)

free said...

The myth of religion


RELIGION is man's attempt to please God by adhering to rules and regulations.

[ Galatians 1:6-7 ]

Why are people drawn to RELIGION?

- Provides a system of measurement

- It provides a false comfort

I am not a religious person because religion never works.

Problem with RELIGION:

- It creates confusion

[ Galatians 1:7 ]

- Religion focuses on man's work.

Break down the barriers and concentrate on the ONE thing that matters; that Jesus died on the cross for you.

[ Galatians 1:10 ]

JESUS. Not Jesus PLUS being religious. It is JESUS no matter what!

The book of Galatians is all about breaking down the myth of religion.

RELIGION is spelled "DO" :

"You gotta do this, you gotta do that, gotta do it do it do it"

CHRISTIANITY is spelled "DONE" :

There is nothing left to do, when Jesus died on the cross for your sins, and when you accept that free gift of salvation, THATS IT! PERIOD! You do not have to do WORKS to gain His salvation.

RELIGION is man's attempt to reach God.

CHRISTIANITY is the opposite. It is God's attempt to reach man. It's Jesus loving us SO MUCH, that when we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. NOT when we were so good, but when we were sinners.


If you look at every other world religion on the scene, every other religion that man has come up with, it all boils down to one thing, MAN trying to please the god. Man TRYING to gain approval, man TRYING to do this, man DYING, TRYING to please God.

Christianity is totally different. Christianity is God dying for the world, while we were yet sinners.

[ Galatians 1:13- 14 ]

- Jesus did not come into the world to put us in bondage (RELIGION)

- Jesus didnt come into the world for us to live by a set of rules and regulations, He came into the world for ONE purpose, to set the captives free.

- When you are free, you are free indeed!

Tim Johnston said...

Dear Anon (s) and Steven D.
very rarely does a post here represent the views of the many contributors and readers.

I am (vaguely) religious, if partly training for ministry qualifies me to be considered as such, (and am also a Billy Connolly fan.)

I just don't get offended; I know what atheists say about religion, it just doesn't affect me. I'm more of a Deist anyway, but I actually happen to agree that pro-atheist propaganda (of which this is not necessarily an example, being comedy) is divisive.

Steven, I happen to agree that some of the greatest accomplishments have been motivated by religious faith, and most of the horrendous, murderous ones through secular "faith".

I also strongly agree with T-Bone, who says that the West is being destroyed by the "all-loving" rainbow side of Christianity - but have argued before that this is one small aspect of the religion that has been grabbed ahold of and twisted by so-called liberation theologians who are usually Marxists in disguise.

Turning the other cheek has been turned into a sickening self-loathing attitude so popular amongst liberals, which leads to cultural suicide in the West.

Blaming "religion", an abstract concept, for anything is frankly no more sensible than blaming "politics".

Tim Johnston said...

very rarely does a post here represent the views of ALL the many contributors and readers.

Anonymous said...

As a Christian I find Connelly mildly offensive - He is basically calling me an idiot, which I am not. I might not be the most articulate person you'll ever meet but my IQ is in the top percentile, I have a mode 8 type E CPA (there about 19 of us in SA). People have said worse things to my face... Not all got the other cheek turned though (One must have limits..).

I agree - Religion is a pox. Most of what I hear preached, I struggle to find in the Bible. It grieves me that people look at the dogma (of people) and not at the clear teaching of God; then go and pontificate about Christ and his people like they know something. Sometimes the two are complete opposites. i know many people who call themselves Christian but merely do so because they are not muslims, or marxists, or atheists, or something else.

Regarding the church (religion) holding back science - agreed.
Regarding most important scientific accomplishments by Christians (faith) - agreed.
Regarding most destructive influences by non-Christians (religion) - agreed.

Faith in a higher power spurs man on to greatness. Religion and blind adherence to dogma kills.

The Bible is clear: "The people perish for lack of knowledge".

That is what led to the dark ages, the rise of marxism, abortion and "equalality".

Only when people are armed with knowledge and truth can they objectively make the right decision. Unfortunately for all the relativists out there, by definition there can be only one (truth)... The rest, by definition, must be false.

I am all for free speech... But when you call people idiots and run them down publicly, surely the bounds of freedom have been exceeded and you have earned yourself a good KLAP? And I think that is the point. Freedom of speech does not include incitement to violence or "hate speech" which is a hop, skip and a small jump from where Connelly is.