Friday, October 30, 2009

Move over Reitz 4, we now have the 'Mandela Insult CD'

Fifty murders a day doesn't stir these people but call someone a kaffir (even in jest) and it's the end of days! I left this story alone for a few days to see if it went anywhere and it seems to have gained momentum. The ANC, Cosatu, separate trade unions, everyone wants a piece of the action. This is manna from heaven for people like Malema to beat whitey with.

So once more unto the breach my white compatriots. Once more we shall be told how insensitive we are, how racist we are, how 'untransformed' we are. The actions of one white man speaks for all of us but a murdering black thug acts for himself and is unrepresentative of his ethnicity. Something is wrong with that premise.

Anyway, if anyone has a copy of the CD, please forward it to me. It's not against the law to call Mandela a kaffir where I am so I will happily post it here. Call it my middle finger salute to Mandela and the ANC on this issue.

It was not yet clear whether the Sun City security company employee fired over the playing of a CD containing racist lyrics would also be charged with crimen injuria, North West police said on Thursday.

Superintendent Lesego Metsi said it was also not clear whether the Falcon Security CEO Ben Burger, who said he had nothing to do with the playing of the CD, would have charges against him withdrawn.

He was arrested at a Sun International staff party after police received complaints that a CD was played from the company's stand "containing remixed lyrics of the national anthem" which called former president Nelson Mandela a "kaffir".

"It has come to light that one of the company's employees... placed a personal CD next to the sound system where it was inadvertently played for about 15 seconds by Falcon Security," the security company said in a statement.

Burger said the employee had said he was the owner of the CD and had left it on the table to be played. He was fired on Wednesday.

Burger said he was arrested in the heat of the moment, as he was not at the stand at the time, and that he was considering legal action over the "tarnishing" of his name.

Burger was expected to return to court in Mogwase for the matter on December 11. - SAPA

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Anonymous said...

If it's the song I remember then it's quite an old song. It's very funny but unfortunately I don't have a copy. We used to play it all the time and NO ONE complained. Shows you what a bunch of sooks these guys are and how PC against the whites its become.

Anonymous said...

Big deal just in time for the release of the film "Invictus", which glorifies this citizen of the Transkei, who was educated to the level of Legal Professional by South African Taxpayers and then thanked them by trying to destroy their own country!

Their are some evil people out there who will stop at nothing to destroy the white race!

Anonymous said...

Well the only thing to ask ourselves is whether Mandela is truly a kaffir or not?

Kaffir has the same meaning as infidel.

So what we are asking really is whether Mandela is a believer or not, for if he is an unbeliever then he IS an infidel which is the same as a kaffir.

I love how the unbelievers shit in their pants when you call them unbelievers.


Exzanian said...

Does anyone have a link to the song?