Thursday, October 01, 2009

Malevolent Malema

Just when you are finished laughing at the last outburst, along comes the next in the long line of Malemisms that almost daily infect the airwaves of political "discourse" in South Africa. Julius has recently had a go at Nedbank, for withdrawing sponsorship from Athletics South Africa. See here. JM is better known for his attacks on Nando's, who responded by ridiculing him even further.

Malema is not just your average village idiot, but is being groomed by the ANC to one day become president of South Africa.

Some leaders are shrewd politicians, able to mobilise large numbers of people for their own ends, by locating the lowest common denominator to manipulate them into action. Wily populists have been doing this for centuries, and it is tempting to place Malema in this category.

But, the truth of the matter is that JM
is the lowest common denominator. His IQ is no greater than that of his audience, and the screams of his female entourage in his presence is further evidence of this.

JM shot to infamy in trying to defend then not-president Zuma, by suggesting that the girl JZ was accused of raping must have "had a nice time":

"Those who had a nice time will wait until the sun comes out, request breakfast and ask for taxi money."

One can't help but wonder,
how would he know?

JM helpfully added,
"I was not trying to be an expert in the conduct of women after sex".

Just as well, Julius.

A new book has been launched by Max du Preez and the Mail & Guardian's Mandy Rossouw, entitled The World According to Julius Malema, a fitting title based around many of Malema's public comments and quotations. I haven't read the book (I fear it would make me too angry) so am not going to review it, but some of JM's most outrageous chatterings are worth discussing and commenting upon.

Malema believe he is part of the new ANC elite, and in many ways he is.
"we are the elite that has been deliberately produced by the ANC as part of its policy of closing the gap between whites and blacks in this country", he says, "It was the ANC that made it possible that, as part of the elite, some of us are now able to live in the suburbs".

This is of course a reference to Malema's home in Sandton, an upmarket area of Johannesburg. JM clearly considers his decadent lifestyle a success for the new South Africa, and that having a few blacks live in white suburbs is a greater priority than improving the black suburbs that Julius, as a member of the elite, no longer has to bother living in. He justifies his love of flashy cars in the same way:

"If we are going to refuse the youth to drive these cars it means they are only good for white youth. Ours will never drive those cars. So we must sit and appreciate the good things by whites and not by one of our own."

This must be read in the context of Malema's many racist remarks towards whites in South Africa. Malema hates whites, but loves the "good things by whites" which presumeably includes having them as neighbours. Largely because he knows that his white neigbours won't break in and rob his house. It seems achievement in the ANC is measured by how far away you can live from the "working class" for whom you are supposedly working. So far, Chris Hani is the only one who got to see the down side of living in a white neighbourhood.

Malema also does not believe in newspapers (he doesn't read them, he says) or hermaphrodites. Having defended lying liar Leonard "porky-pie" Chuene over his duplicitous and deceitful lying during the Caster Semenya sage (
"there is no apology!"), JM went on to attack the IAAF for "imposing" the concept of hermaphrodite on Africans, as there is no word in Pedi for hermaphrodite.

"She's a girl and why should we accept concepts that are imposed on us by the imperialists?"

Why, indeed. The same argument clearly does not apply to Champagne, cellphones and Range Rovers, all of which JM very much believes in.

He also seems to believe that the three South African athletes, including Semeya, are the first Africans to ever win any medals,

"For the first time, we bring three African children [children??] with medals in an African country, South Africa"

This might be news to the 150 or so African Olympic medalists listed here. But what do facts matter to Julius? he doesn't really believe in them.

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Anonymous said...

"...we are the elite that has been deliberately produced by the ANC as part of its policy of closing the gap between whites and blacks in this country..."

Hau! Bad news Julius. Not even another 10 million years of evolution could close the gap between black and white. In any country.

Anonymous said...

Pay me enough and I will do it...

Pensioner said...

He says in the same article "You are either a woman or a man. When a child is born you are announcing it's a baby girl or a baby boy. We have never heard in the village a child being projected, 'we are given a hermaphrodite'. There's never been such a thing in a village we come from." Well he has now finally admitted what we have been saying on ILSA, he IS the VILLAGE IDIOT, what an arsehole ;)

Anonymous said...

Gawd, this oke is a tool.

Anonymous said...

"...we are the elite"

IF that does not leave you afraid nothing will.

Prezuhdint MugApe said...

Julius Malema said:

"I was not trying to be an expert in the conduct of women after sex

Of course Julius, that's because you're an expert in the conduct of MEN after sex.