Monday, October 26, 2009

Malema is "ANC leader in the making" - Zuma

From the frying pan into the fire South Africa goes. You wondered why Malemamouth was allowed to spew his racist hateful vitriol, well, no wonder, he has the ear of showerhead hisself! Indeed, Zuma speaks glowingly of his young charge! Good enough for president he says! Yep, at this rate South Africa deserves Malema as president. Nothing else will stir people to action otherwise. That or get ready to leave the country.

Zuma's endorsement of Malema bizarre - DA

President Jacob Zuma has endorsed ANC Youth League president Julius Malema as a future leader of the ANC.

In his most emphatic display of support for the controversial youth league leader, Zuma praised Malema as a "leader in the making" and someone who would be worthy of inheriting the ANC.

Zuma was speaking in Malema's Limpopo home town of Seshego, near Polokwane, where he handed over a house and a church that had been built with Malema's help.

'The ANC recognises talent and leadership'

At the ceremonies organised by the youth league, Malema was introduced as "president"

Zuma, who has never before spoken so openly and boldly about his support for Malema, said older ANC leaders were "happy" to leave the party to leaders like Malema.

"Some of us are no longer young and when we go across the mountain in terms of age, we are happy that when we go on the organisation will remain in real hands of (those) who will think about the people," he said.

Zuma said Malema was made by the ANC.

"The ANC recognises talent and leadership and we give people an opportunity. Julius has illustrated that he is indeed a good leader and that he understands the people," Zuma said.

'That is an example of his love for his people'

He later asked the congregation to pray for the youth league president "not to falter along the way because here you have a leader in the making".

Malema said he built the church after his mother, Florah Malema, a domestic worker and regular churchgoer, had died before she could accomplish her dream of doing so.

He urged the congregation not to burn the church down again when they had disagreements, as had happened once when he was a child.

He had approached business people who donated building materials and their time to rebuild the church and quipped that "(former president) Thabo Mbeki had his own millionaires, and President Jacob Zuma is also getting his own millionaires".

The three-bedroomed house, donated to jobless Sophie Maruma, was built in a similar way.

The house and the church were both handed over by Zuma.

Malema reminded the community to always think of Zuma and the ANC when they saw these buildings.

Speaking in English after Malema made fun of his "Zu-Pedi", a mixture of Zulu and Pedi, Zuma said yesterday he was "very happy" about Malema's projects "because this demonstrated what type of a person this young man Julius Malema is".

"He is a young man who is in the process of growing up."

Making fun of Malema's expanding girth, Zuma said "he is a bit bigger now and he can intimidate bigger people".

Zuma went on to say Malema did not merely speak about theory, he also did things and he was "real and not artificial".

"He shows that when he leads the ANC Youth League as its president and uses the opportunity to ask business people to help with this project.

"He could have used the money to buy (flashy) suits, but he chose to do this."

Zuma said Malema not only made an impact in his community, but in the whole of the country. He was glad Malema had introduced him to his grandmother, who had raised him and who was present at both ceremonies, because it showed Malema never forgot where he came from, Zuma said.

By helping to build the church, Malema showed his love for his late mother, Zuma said.

He said Malema would always remember where he came from.

"When he moves in the big roads in Johannesburg he can easily say, 'I am from Orlando, Soweto,' and nobody will say, 'You are wrong,' but he has decided to maintain to say that he is from Limpopo, Seshego.

"That is an example of his love for his people."

Commenting for the first time on Malema's controversial criticism of the appointment of "minorities" to key positions in the country's economic ministries and state entities, Zuma said he could understand why Malema did so.

"He really thinks he is an African. He really knows what he is," Zuma said, adding that those who read and wrote essays still did not have the same knowledge as those who grew up with poverty. - IOL

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Anonymous said...

This is the beginning of the end for SA. This is the start of de-sensitising the SA citizens and puting a spin on Malema becoming president in the not too distant future. This is the new president of SA in waiting - someone who is on record as saying that he doesn't answer questions from whites....

Anonymous said...

The writing is on the wall!
SA is going from bad to worse.

For anybody with an average intelligence it is impossible to understand that blacks can think as they do. For us it is so very clear to see where all of this will end but Africa is getting the leaders it deserves and SA is no exception.

Africa is no place for Europeans, it can never ever work.

To all those liberal minds that still believe all will be well I say: Just keep on dreaming, if you don’t see the danger then just carry on as before, to all others: see this as another, maybe even the last, wake-up-call.

FreeThinker said...

Now you know why peanut-brain can say and do what he wants. He is showerhead's sock-puppet.

The biggest joke of course is that these communist bastards use religion to further their ideals, praying for Caterpillar-piehole to be "guided".

I just wonder if the "guidance" being prayed for is to stay on or deviate from current path. If it's the former, they might be in for a surprise. Even if you don't believe in the existence of a Supreme Being, there is always the assurance that karma will get to them sooner or later.

Pensioner said...
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Pensioner said...

It has been shown in the past that jz is very good at saying the things that people want to hear. Look at how he spoke to the Afrikaans community recently. The things he said about julius dilemma were spoken at dilemma's home town of Seshego near Polokwane.
If I was julius I would watch my back very carefully, you can't trust these commie bastards, and he should know this very well as not many people trust the little doos either.


We certainly cannot ever say we were not warned. Fact is we were warned time and again in the last 20 years. Zim is a glowing example.I feel sincerely sorry for those whites that cannot get out of South Africa.

Anonymous said...

Why do you guys in SA refer to whites as "Europeans" when here in the UK, ALL ethnicities are considered "British" and "European"?

Anonymous said...

Oh IQ, oh IQ, wherefore art thou IQ?

Anonymous said...

Talking of "Leaders", headline news here in the UK this morning:
"a poll of school children across the UK reveals their top three leaders throughout history to be Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Barrack Obama!" (BBC and SKY News)

Now, I've often argued with most contributors here as to why this sort of thing occurs. I am of the opinion that the major capitalists, who own the reserve banks of the UK and US as well as the media and Hollywood, are behind creating the illusion that "white" is "evil" and (it) should worship "black" which is "good"; while the main contributors here claim that socialists are behind promoting "black" as good and "white" as bad!

My question to those of you here is, do you really think that the socialists are more powerful than the capitalists?

Kind Regards,
Common Sense

Anonymous said...

Capatalism and socialism are two arms belonging to the same body.

The MO is the same, whether it is in the first world, or here. Whites are racist and the very, very few white on black incidents are highlighted and milked for all it's worth, whilst blacks are non racist and the thousands of black on white incidences of racial hatred is ignored.

The capatalists still rule South Africa, as they do the rest of the world. This is why the MO is identical. The capatalists used the black masses in the past to get their hands on the South African minerals and banks.

Thy did this by backing the socialist blacks. Today they are beginning to realize that they may have backed the wrong horse.

The capatalists have the agenda of multiculturalism and the dumbing down of the white populations through propaganda and race mixing.

The socialists are the stupid puppets that are being used to dumb the populations down with.

Your comparison is therefore flawed.

Anonymous said...

The Bilderbergers want to create a NWO and they can do so best through promoting egalitarianism and multiculturalism.

This is why they are so focussed on mass immigration of non whites into white homelands.

The Bilderbergers are capatalists.
The socialists were puppets being used by the capatalists.

Your comparison is flawed as both groups have the agenda that white is bad and black is good.

Tim Johnston said...

@Common Sense
please provide a link, bud. I can't find the details.

Unknown said...

God help South Africa!

Anonymous said...

@ Viking: sorry Boet, no link just saw it on tv - I have 24 hrs Sky News and BBC News next to each other on my freeserve box. Switch on every now and then to catch up with World events and saw this news this morning!

Anon 11h34 and Anon 11h37: What you have written is exactly how I believe things work but every time I suggest such things on this Blog, most of the regulars (whose opinions I respect on most other matters) laugh me off as a "conspiracy theorist" and on at least one occasion posted and then removed my comment! Hence my open question to see how others felt. Thanks for your replies!

Kind regards
Common Sense

Tim Johnston said...

- found it, posted it, with due thanks.

Anonymous said...

No worries Viking, just thought the guys back home should know how public opinion has been changed by media in the so-called first world!

Good job on the post! I was equally shocked by "Moses", but the top three being "black" was sadly of little surprise!


Exzanian said...

O fok, kollie hond. Hier kom groot kak nou...

Anonymous said...

This is Zuma preparing the groundwork for when he leaves office. He knows he has skeletons in the cupboard that will come to the fore if his enemies, i.e. his non sycophants come into power and go for him as payback for Mbeki's treatment. Malema is being groomed to protect the old man. Zuma is making sure he stays on everyone's good side that has or may have influence in the future. Malema is an insurance policy. That's how it works in Africa.